Steelers working Kelvin Beachum at center


This spring, on every NFL team, there are players being asked to learn new skills — and quickly.

We come to the case of Kelvin Beachum.

As a rookie in 2012, Beachum started the last five games at right tackle for the Steelers.

However, a starting spot doesn’t seem to be in the mix for Beachum in 2013. The Steelers figure to go with Mike Adams and Marcus Gilbert at tackle and David DeCastro and Ramon Foster at guard. At center, the Steelers have Pro Bowler Maurkice Pouncey.

That said, Beachum can still earn an important role on the Pittsburgh line — that of a swing backup who can play multiple positions. He now has experience at tackle, and the Steelers list him as a guard.

To top things off, he’s now getting some work at center, the team’s website said Thursday.

“I understand that it’s something that the team wants me to do, so I’ve got to get it right,” Beachum said Thursday about center, according to the club. “My livelihood depends on it, so I’m working hard to get it and working hard on it every day. There are some growing pains but I’m going to get there. It’s going to work.”

Including the postseason, Pouncey has missed time with injury in each of his first three NFL campaigns, so having a capable backup center is a must for Pittsburgh. Doug Legursky held that job a season ago, but he’s an unrestricted free agent.

Beachum said he’s worked with Pouncey on learning this new position. Now, Beachum needs to work on his snapping — the biggest hurdle for him.

“Blocking and working in space and communicating, that’s not a problem. It’s really the basic fundamentals, snapping the ball and being consistent snapping the ball,” Beachum said.

Now is the time for teams to experiment, to see what they have. If Kelvin Beachum proves capable of going in at center in a pinch, team and player will benefit.

10 responses to “Steelers working Kelvin Beachum at center

  1. These circumstances are the reason that at least four preseason games are important, so players like Beachum can hone their skills. I’d say knowing how to snap a football might be important to a potential center.

  2. he should learn as many and as much as he can. knowing these guys one of them will he hurt by week 1. so he better get it poppin now because guess what fellow Stinkie fans there is no Maxwell starks or willie colon or kemo Eat U coming to the rescue and all this uncertainty around big bums protection doesnt sit well with me.

  3. “This O-line will be dominant this year.”

    Although the O-line is big, young and is anchored by a future Hall of Famer in Pouncey, they are not yet going to be dominant. You have a very young crew that needs to play together and learn each other’s nuances first. They have the POTENTIAL to be dominant but there should be a worry at left tackle. I do not think that either Gilbert or Adams are geared for left tackle. But I guess that is what training camp is for. Beachum was a steel.

  4. Ravens are going to slice and dice that O Line like it as an overripe avocado. Better hope there’s a pretty moon on Thanksgiving night because that O Line is going to be doing a lot of star gazing after being laid out flat on their backs.

  5. Nice trash talking, I like your style. Too bad it was B-mores offensive line and secondary star gazing last time Charlie Batch torched the ravens in their own stadium. This year it will be Big Bens turn to slice and dice that secondary again. Cheers!

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