Still no Nicks at Giants OTAs, Coughlin still unhappy


Give Giants coach Tom Coughlin credit for consistency.

He still doesn’t mind flaunting the notion that voluntary OTAs are anything other than mandatory.

Via Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, Coughlin was asked again today if he was disappointed in the absence of wide receiver Hakeem Nicks, and replied: “Certainly I am.”

He also said that Nicks “at one point” told him he’d show up, but then offered no explanation for his absence.

So far, we’ve heard that it’s not because of his contract, but it’s clearly about something. And the longer it goes, the more complicated it gets.

And Coughlin clearly isn’t happy about it.

36 responses to “Still no Nicks at Giants OTAs, Coughlin still unhappy

  1. Good. I wish all the starters would stay away. OTAs are dumb. He broke his foot last year at OTAs.

  2. Players sometimes especially after success (2 SB wins) think that they can run the asylum. Okay they want to put pressure on the organization to begin negotiations. I can see their point to a point. The Giants don’t cave in and Coughlin doesn’t cave in.

    Hey DC fans-21 years and counting since you last won a SB. How about going for 22?

  3. These are voluntary. I don’t work on Saturday unless I really need to get something done by a Monday deadline.

    Rest your legs and feet Nicks. You and Eli are already synched up.

  4. Amazing how some people have a problem w/ Nicks not being there but are okay w/ Cruz holding out of OTAs. Especially when both are healthy Nicks is the better WR. Fans complain about Nicks always being hurt but he rushed back last year trying to help his team and it derailed us. Now he’s being cautious and he’s a jerk. People also forget Nicks is younger, played more seasons, and missed fewer games than Cruz (Cruz missed his entire rookie year) yet know one brings that up. I like both wideouts but Nicks is the one getting doubled teamed and playing the best DBs in the league not Cruz. Not to mention Nicks is more physical, blocks better, has better hands, runs better routes, is as explosive, and had one helluva postseason in 2011. When healthy Hakeem is the dominant receiver. People thought Steve Smith was the man, but I think Eli could pad a lot of guys #s in the slot.

  5. Besides last year when Nicks had the 2 injuries almost all year look at the #s. Victor’s #s were slightly better and that was w/ him playing more games those 2 seasons, not getting doubled, and playing the weaker DBs. Hakeem could easily have them #s if he got that type of treatment. Besides stats don’t tell the whole story either. There are other things a WR must do besides catches, yards, and TDs that Nicks does much better. I love both WRs but as a Giants fan I say Nicks > Cruz.

  6. He broke his foot at last year’s OTA’s…. The longer Nicks stay away, the better.

  7. Poor old Tom’s always unhappy about something.

    Other than for about 30 seconds after beating the unbeaten Pats in the SuperBowl, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Coughlin smiling and bubbling with happy life.

    I did, however, see Rex Ryan at the Taco Bell once and he was grinning from ear to ear as he was handed a double pack of tacos, a burrito with all the trimmings, and a 36 ounce Dr. Pepper.

  8. its his contract year, last year he broke his foot in OTA’s, put the two together considering OTA’s are VOLUNTARY

  9. Much ado about nothing. Just because Coughlin is upset doesn’t mean there is any real issue. He always wants 100% attendance. Nicks cannot afford an injury of any sort, particularly one not suffered during the season, with a potentially huge payday coming up. No one in their right mind would do anything different than what Nicks is doing.

  10. pakmanjones says:
    May 30, 2013 1:38 PM
    RGIII continues his RG3urrection


    LOL! Took me a minute but when you actually say RG3urrection it is funny.

  11. logicalvoicesays says: May 30, 2013 12:53 PM

    Meanwhile in DC, 100% player attendance as RGIII continues his RG3urrection back to the top of the NFL Mountain. #DCstandsforDivisionChampions


    Well, duh! Kirk Cousins will need the reps for when RG3’s leg falls apaRG3t about 3.5 games into the season.

  12. cwill99 says: May 30, 2013 1:14 PM

    Amazing how some people have a problem w/ Nicks not being there but are okay w/ Cruz holding out of OTAs.
    Nicks is under contract to the Giants right now – Cruz is not. Until Cruz signs either the 1-year tender or a long-term deal, he is not employed by the Giants and they can’t make him do anything.

  13. phiddysent says:
    May 30, 2013 1:11 PM

    Skins fans are getting pretty loud from one decent season after more than a decade of putting absolute garbage on the field.


    You have to excuse them. Poor bastards ain’t got nothing else goin’ on down there other than the whole Griffin (super human) rehab and the whole team name debate, they have to rehash an “almost” playoff win.

    It’d be looking for these same fools and their “proclamations” at the end of the season when the skins go back to being their usual selves.

  14. Lightning in a bottle can’t happen every year for this franchise….

    Prediction for them this year is 3rd

    Redskins Last

    Giants 3rd

    Eagles 2nd

    Cowboys 1st


  15. Nicks and Cruz are the best WR tandem in the league.

    Jones and White are the only challenge to that statement .

    This seems to be the start of another NYG, “boot caughlin” eruption.
    So, in turn, they will win the SuperBowl..

  16. I disagree with Nicks > Cruz mostly because I value health more than most. To me, they’re equal. Cruz is a horse whereas anytime Nicks runs a route or touches a ball you have to pray he makes it back to the huddle without limping. Give Cruz enough snaps from the outside (which is where he goes when Nicks is out) and he’ll be effective as long as one of these other WRs step up at all.

  17. If my employer offered for me to come to work this Saturday with no extra compensation I’d say no thanks. And I’m not in danger of injuring myself and therefore hurting my career. This is a non-issue. Coughlin didn’t say (or even imply) that OTAs were mandatory. He just said he was unhappy that Nicks was not there.

  18. Nicks takes pressure off of Cruz –

    When both play – Cruz averages 20 yards more per game then he does when Nicks was out. (74.36 vs 54.8 yards per game)

    Nicks – 2 drops or 3.64% of catchable balls

    Cruz – 12 drops or 12.2% of catchable balls (Cruz had 4th highest number of drops in league last year – anyone who saw him play against the Cowboys or against the Bengals would have seen this)

    Cruz is not under contract – so he can skip OTA

    Nicks should be at OTA as he is under contract

  19. ponderthedumpoffking says: May 30, 2013 3:06 PM

    NYG – one of the largest free falling franchises in recent memory.

    Super Bowl champs to worst in the division in two short years.


    Laughable. Eli is on the roster.

  20. Cruz didn’t miss his first season to injury, the Giants just stashed him on IR and the league investigated but couldn’t prove that his hamstring was OK.

    Nicks is correct in staying away in a contract year, but he should not have told Coughlin he’d be there.

    He is the better receiver and the Giants know it. He is not as durable as Cruz though, he’s a porcelain doll. But he has a great pencil mustache.

  21. The funny part is, if Nicks did/does show up to these OTA’s Coughlin wouldn’t even put him on the field due to the risk of hurting him again. He wants Nicks there to study film, to watch the 3rd WR and down the depth chart from there to give pointers (Randle, Barden, Murphy, Jernigan), he also wants him there to be able to anaylize stuff with Eli. If Nicks did anything on the field it would be something simple like getting on the training bike. Coughlin knows just having him in camp gives everyone a little boost.

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