Andy Reid praises former basketball player Demetrius Harris


The most inexperienced football player at the Chiefs’ Organized Team Activities has caught coach Andy Reid’s eye.

When Reid was asked by reporters today to name a player who has stood out at OTAs, he at first said he didn’t want to single anyone out. But Reid then reconsidered and mentioned Demetrius Harris, a former Wisconsin-Milwaukee basketball player who didn’t play college football but signed with the Chiefs as an undrafted free agent.

“I’ll give you one: Harris has done a real nice job,” Reid said. “He came in as a basketball player and he’s just gotten better and better every day. You see him out here making plays, I’m sure you guys noticed that. I’m proud of him for the way he’s worked. That’s not an easy transition.”

Chiefs G.M. John Dorsey loved Harris’s potential and was eager to sign him after the draft, and the 6-foot-7, 230-pound Harris is now hoping to follow in the footsteps of Antonio Gates and go from college forward to NFL tight end. Reid said the Chiefs’ mantra with Harris has been, “Just learn,” and while there’s still a lot more for Harris to learn, through his first month with the team he has made a good impression.

“He’s making the most of it so far,” Reid said of Harris.

Harris is still a long way from being able to contribute on Sundays, but if he keeps improving he has an excellent chance of staying with the team into the regular season, if not on the 53-man roster then on the practice squad. Harris has the athletic ability to make it in the NFL, and now he’s showing his coach that he has the work ethic to make it in the NFL.

18 responses to “Andy Reid praises former basketball player Demetrius Harris

  1. 6’7″, 230lbs?

    Man, this kid could be a WR! I wonder what his 40 speed is?

    Dump Moeake and keep this kid. Moeake will be on the IR by week 3.

  2. KC likely keeps 3 TE’s, but there is a chance they actually keep 4. articles like this make it really hard to slide a guy on the practice squad. harris turned down the Baltimore ravens and more money, because KC gave him his first tryout, and Dorsey gave him his first real chance.

    KC has locks at TE as follows: Kelce, Fasano
    they have Tony Moeaki, constantly hurt, but one heck of a 3rd guy to have on roster.

    if they want harris to stick in KC, he has to make the 53, which means either kc carries 4 TE’s, or we see tony moeaki traded or released.

  3. 4.52 40, 36″ vertical. long arms and knows how to use his body for leverage. could turn into a very productive receiving tight-end.

    keep moeaki though, he will be very good a second year removed from his ACL tear, and in a more efficient, productive passing game. i can see andy reid keeping 4 TEs.

  4. OTAs whoooopdie doooo ….. He is wearing shorts and a helmet, wait till he is playing live ball with hitting, a moving pre-snap defense and pass protection calls, crowd noise and pressure.

    diff game

  5. In 2006, King Andy wasted a 5th round pick on Olympic mogul skier Jeremy Bloom and tried to sell the same drivel to Eagles’ fans. When do you know when King Andy is lying? Whenever he speaks. (Grunts, throat clears and coughs included.) Have fun with him KC.

  6. Harris had a football offer from Arkansas St. He was all state i believe in football !

    I talked with him at the UWM basketball banquet for a bit, I think practice squad this year, than the team the following year. Pretty explosive ! If he gets his strength up, he could be starting soon enough.

  7. I’ve been saying for years that basketball rejects could very well be the most dominant receivers and tight ends out there. You can’t cover that height, and most of them have big time verticals.

    Rodney Williams of the Minnesota gophers can’t shoot worth anything but he is tall and can jump atleast 40″

  8. It really is hilarious to see Eagle fans talk about & treat the best coach in that franchises history like he was Ray Handley. Sounds a lot like how they talk about the best QB in the teams history Donovan McNabb as well. Silly ungrateful fans…

  9. Andy knows quite a bit about the players of other sports. Its just football players that are confusing to him.

    I wonder if he’ll insist on wearing black at the games this year? He likes black as it “hides” his extensive girth.

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