Arthur Brown hoping to be back by training camp


The Ravens are expecting a lot from rookie linebacker Arthur Brown, but they probably won’t see it until training camp.

After undergoing surgery for a sports hernia recently, Brown’s been on the sidelines, but hopes to be 100 percent in about six weeks.

“It’s going well and I’m making progress daily, that’s what it’s all about,” Brown told Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “It’s unfortunate, but mentally I can stay prepared. It’s not ideal, but there’s a little bit of a positive. I make the most of the opportunity I have with the mental reps.”

The second-round pick said he’s on pace to be back on the field when rookies report to camp on July 21, but said it was important to get the problem fixed,.

“It bothered me throughout the season, on and off,” Brown said. “It got to the point during minicamp where I had it checked out and got it taken care of.”

He’s expected to win a starting job, but he’ll still need some time on the field to be ready, beyond those mental reps he’s getting now.

9 responses to “Arthur Brown hoping to be back by training camp

  1. just another cog in a well oiled machine…he”ll be ready to help ravens repeat….

  2. Guy was a steal in the late 2nd. I was hoping my team would take him in the late 1st! Going to be the best LB in this draft class, me thinks.

  3. Future star?

    IDK…I didn’t think he jumped off the film in the draft, but Matt Elam sure did! I love the FB/TE they got called Juice too….the rest of the fellas IDK but those two guys Juice and Elam Im already sold on.

    Ravens Vs. Falcons Superbowl

    Flacco vs. Ryan

    Flacco reigns supreme….

    End of the day the Ravens have more brains in the coaching staff then any coaching staff in the league. The value of coaching is taking players from point A to point B as fast as possible and whether its Marchibrota, Pees, Spags, Harbs, Wink or Caldwell.

  4. As the only team in Maryland that plays and consistently wins at the he of professional football, it is up to us raven maniacs to teach certain redskin fans board etiquette. This is an example – minimize discussing other teams unless they are real rivals

  5. For what it’s worth…ever since Lewis was involved with that murder – I’ve hated the Ravens…and will do so for quite a while. Honor an accessory to murder (at a minimum) and that about says all that’s necessary for a team…

  6. Dude will come to camp overweight and out of shape. Hope he gets it together by Wk 7, or he’ll be pancake batter for Pouncey.

  7. Brown is going to flatten that old P-burg Oline like a pancake, that’s for sure. After that, he’ll turn Roethlisbooger into his own personal doormat.

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