Bears’ Evan Rodriguez arrested for second time this offseason


Bears fullback Evan Rodriguez was arrested for drunk driving early this morning.

Chicago sports radio station WSCR reports that Rodriguez was ticketed for driving under the influence, speeding and improper lane usage after he was pulled over on I-90 at 3:30 a.m.

The Bears have released the standard boilerplate statement that teams usually issue about player arrests about being aware of the situation and gathering more information.

This is the second time this offseason that Rodriguez has been arrested. In March, he was arrested in Miami for resisting an officer. That charge was later dropped.

A fourth-round draft pick out of Temple last year, Rodriguez played in 12 games as a rookie, starting five.

27 responses to “Bears’ Evan Rodriguez arrested for second time this offseason

  1. See ya. Good thing Bears picked up Bennett, but now they’ll need another TE to fill this guy’s shoes

  2. What a waste. Bears give him a shot after character issues in college and he blows his opportunity. Moron.

    Oh well, he was pretty much just a FB for them anyway.

  3. Two strikes and you’re out…It’s a shame, because the dude was supposed have a featured role in Trestman’s offense…No sympathy for driving under the influence.

    I could see mandating alcohol treatment for him, but if he screws up again, that’s it…And you hope he learns his lesson before he injures or kills someone behind the wheel.

  4. another on the long list of criminals and drug lords that play for the bears.The same things that make you laugh always are the exact same things that make you cry.GO LIONS!

  5. I don’t know if I should be more pissed we drafted a fb with a 4th rd pick or that we drafted this dude with it. either way ud think this guy wouldve seen how blessed he was to play for the bears and just decided to not screw up. how hard is it to just not screw up?!

  6. He’s a draft pick…..They cut him and he doesn’t get the help he needs and you all will be screaming that the bears should have helped him, not cut him.

  7. Some of these guys get more and more stupid everyday. Everybody makes mistakes but when you get arrested twice within the span of 2 and a half months, you can’t call them mistakes. Hopefully these guys start learning to be grateful for the gifts they’ve been given and realize they’re not worth throwing away over something so stupid.

  8. They never should have drafted this guy. He’s not only a bust, but he’s one arrest away from being suspended.


  9. I love how when a Lions player gets arrested and the team makes a general statement to the media about it (most likely because they really don’t have details yet) the headline of you post reads “Lions dust off same old statement blah blah blah…” but when it’s a Bears player you wait until the 3rd paragraph to feign your dislike for the situation.
    At least you aren’t biased.

  10. Give him a break. It was I-90. He had to speed to take advantage of the two hour summer there.

  11. Evan needs a wake up call. BM15 needs to sit down with this guy and explain to him about chances in life. He should serve his suspension and turn his life around.

  12. I have realized that 98% of all postings are from the mentally challenged! I like reading the info from PFT but dammnnn! get a life!

  13. bdshaffer20 says:
    May 31, 2013 4:58 PM
    another on the long list of criminals and drug lords that play for the bears.The same things that make you laugh always are the exact same things that make you cry.GO LIONS!
    Dude. If there wasn’t even a spec of sarcasm in that post, then you need to leave this site. I wouldn’t even waste my time trying to correct you, because attempting would actually make me lose brain cells.

    In case you’re serious, just go look up crime stats.

    And look at the current lions roster.

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