Ed Dickson signs restricted free agent tender

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The deadline for restricted free agents to sign offer sheets with other teams passed more than a month ago, leaving most players in that position with little choice but to sign their tenders for the 2013 season.

Tight end Ed Dickson is part of that group, so it’s not a huge surprise to see the Ravens’ announcement that Dickson has signed his tender. It’s even less of a surprise since Dickson has been participating in OTAs with the team after signing a waiver allowing him to practice without risking losing the $1.32 million he’s set to make under the tender.

Dickson had 21 catches for 225 yards in 2012, a big drop from his 54 catches and 528 yards the previous season. Dennis Pitta, who signed his own restricted free agent tender earlier this month, will again be the team’s lead tight end, but the loss of Anquan Boldin could lead to a bigger role for Dickson on the offense this season.

If it does, he’ll be in line for a bigger contract after the season when he’s set to become an unrestricted free agent and the Ravens probably won’t have to dip into the veteran wide receiver market for help in the passing game.

10 responses to “Ed Dickson signs restricted free agent tender

  1. With Q gone Dickson will definitely have a much bigger roll. Which will be Good News & Bad News for us Ravens Fans. If he has a breakout year like I think he will we wont be able to sign both him & Pitta next year. Still looking forward to seeing what he can do this season, Good Luck Ed!

  2. imagine that…crown is the first to post. well he is on football’s best team. and with little competition in western pa on the horizon the glory years will continue

  3. Crown is a comedy act. Read his posts with that in mind and the posts are much more tolerable. I can understand his viewpoints if he actually lives in Pitt. What an awful place right up there with Cleveland!

  4. Manos DI piedras. Hands of stone. That is why pitta gets most of the TE work. He rarely misses a catch

  5. Dickson’s reliable for 1-2 drops/game…….

    I’d like to see him get his act together & hope he’s catching 1,000 balls/day to work on those frying pan hands of his. But, he came up big when needed last year. Gotta give him credit for that. But, my enduring memories of him mostly involve dropped passes.

  6. What’s hilarious is Dickson’s breakout game a couple years back was against the Steelers in which he abused Polamolu.

    But I would expect nothing less than ignorance from a Steelers fab.

    And for the Pitta fans… How easily you remember a drop but how quickly you forget the games he contributed.

    Pitta has the luxury of being Flacco’s next “ray rice,” meaning he’s the first guy the qb looks at and often throws to even when triple covered.

    Flacco STOPPED doing this in the playoffs and that’s a major reason the offense picked up!

  7. @watermelonhead, what’s hilarious is your definition of a breakout game. I wouldn’t call one good game followed by a steady drop-off “breaking out”

  8. I would think all the Steeler fans would be vacationing down by the river this week…OH GOD WAIT THE RIVER IS ON FIRE AGAIN!

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