From pay cuts to traded friends, Pace sees the business


Not that he didn’t know already, but Jets outside linebacker Calvin Pace learned first-hand the realities of the business side of the NFL.

From the trade of close friend Darrelle Revis, to being cut and brought back for minimum wage, he’s been smacked upside the head with it all offseason.

I was disappointed,” Pace said of the Revis trade, via Jane McManus of “I consider Revis a friend since the day I got here and and I just kind of watched him grow into what I feel is the best corner in the NFL.

“And to not have that is disheartening, but again that’s the way of our business.”

He has plenty of personal evidence of that as well. Instead of making around $8 million this year, he was released for salary cap purposes, then brought back on a veteran minimum benefit deal, which pays him a $65,000 bonus along with his $940,000 salary.

He said he had chances to go elsewhere, but decided it wasn’t worth moving.

“I try not to think about it too much,” Pace said. “It’s not a happy topic getting fired. It happened, I’ve moved past it. I think they have too. . . .

“Nowadays I guess it’s the way of football. I guess it was good while it lasted. They going to have to kick me out of here.”

Pace might not have played up to his old contract, but he still have value to a defense undergoing massive changes this year.

He’s also a great lesson for the many young players coming in about the realities of the league.