It’s Eagles Mt. Rushmore voting time

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The beginning of the final Mt. Rushmore voting process ends in the NFC East, with the Eagles.

Philly fans, good luck narrowing the list of 12 finalists to four.

And to the youngsters in the crowd who may skew the vote toward more recent players, Google a few of the names you don’t recognize before casting your ballot, please.

Otherwise, “Concrete” Charlie Bednarik may come to your house and knock you out with an elbow.  We’re pretty sure he still can.

64 responses to “It’s Eagles Mt. Rushmore voting time

  1. Bednarik
    Van Brocklin
    Van Buren

    It was hard to leave off the first three iconic NFL Hall of Famers and although there was no Super Bowl win the Eagles had tremendous sucess with McNabb and he was the face of the franchise for over 10 years. Without McNabb I don’t think Reid has that same success.

  2. Superbowl Virgins. The Redskins should have 8 faces on it’s mountain. The Philadelphia Eagles are an embarrassment to professional football. #REDSKINSarethestandardofexcellence

  3. An empty trophy case, Vince Young, A dog, & Michael Irvin? The caption under the mountain should read “Dream Team”

  4. Not voting for McNabb or Reid…just can’t do it.

    I know all about their accomplishments, which includes winning a lot of games.

    But there’s a difference between winning a lot of games and being a winner.

    They’re not winners. And they’re not what I think of when I think of what a football player or coach is supposed to be. They never handled themselves the right way.

    My votes:

    Steve van Buren, Concrete Charlie, Harold Carmichael, and Brian Dawkins.

    Each of those guys were the among the best at their positions during their respective eras. You can’t say the same about Andy or Donovan. There were always at least four or five guys, if not more, who were better than them at their jobs.

  5. McNabb was a great player, but he couldnt carry the jock for old timers, Chuck and a pair of Vans.

  6. Serious issues with the names on the PFT ballot. No Tommy McDonald, or Pete Pihos, or Greasy Neale, or even Bert Bell? They at least have to make the ballot!

    Instead, we have Tom Brookshier and Harold Carmichael? Both nice players, but (possibly) on Rushmore ahead of the men (3 are HOFs) above? Ditto Jerome Brown, who only played a few years before his untimely demise; great for a while, but really, not enough for all-time greatness.

    You might even say the same for Van Brocklin, who although a great QB and NFL Champion, only played 3 years in green. Maybe even Reggie, who is a Packer as much as he is an Eagle.

    Also, no Dick Vermeil or Wilbert Montgomery? Each as least as good as Reid and BWest (who does belong on the ballot at least), respectively. More importantly, each was critical to turning a traditionally bad Eagles team around in the ’70s and finally taking it to its first SB appearance. Reid had an easier task – the Eagles were a pretty good team until a year or 2 before he arrived.

    Stats are always a consideration, but they can also be quite deceiving, especially when comparisons are made among different eras. Witness Reid, a solid but flawed and stubborn-to-the-point-of-stupidity coach, who due to the loyalty of his owner served to coach (and thus win – and in terms of winnable games, IMO also lose) more games than any other Eagles HC, and DMac, a good but never great player, who holds team records due to the length of the season when he played and loyalty and longevity of Reid. These guys are good, yes, but not all-time greats in any meaningful sense. Neither should be on a ballot that excludes the far more important quartet of names above, or even guys like Vermeil and Montgomery.

    All that being said – from the PFT (rhymes with “pffffft”) ballot, Bednarik and Van Buren are the only easy choices. After that, in the absence of the quartet above, you probably have to go with White, and then either Van Brocklin or Dawk.

    If Reid or DMac makes it, I’m going to throw up. Repeatedly. On a WVU flag….

  7. Bednarik, Van Buren, Carmichael, Dawkins, McNabb, Reid, MacDonald, Cunningham, Montgomery, Westbrook, Dick Vermil, Bergy, Buddy Ryan, Eric Allen

  8. how about freddie mitchell and todd pinkston along with TO and a philly fan puking on a poor kid. you can also add the great rich kotite to this mix.

  9. Wierd that Pete Pihos isn’t even on the ballot!

    The DE led the NFL in receiving from 1953 through 1955

    6× Pro Bowl selection
    (1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955)

    5× first-team All-Pro
    (1949, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955)

    2× NFL Champion
    (1948, 1949)

    NFL 1940s All-Decade Team

    3x World Championships
    (1947, 1948, 1949)
    Caught winning TD pass in 1949 NFL championship

    Inducted into Hall of Fame in 1970

    United States Army seal U.S. Army
    US-O1 insignia.svg 2nd Lieutenant
    35th Infantry Division SSI.svg
    35th Infantry Division
    World War II

  10. Not even an Eagles fan, but as someone who lives in the Philly area, I have to ask how Ron Jaworski is not on this list.

  11. Bert Bell, Pete Pihos and Tommy MacDonald should all be on the ballot, and are more deserving than most in the Andy Reid era, with the exception of future HOF’er Brian Dawkins who, IMO, belongs on there.

    The first three were easy: Steve Van Buren, Chuck Bednarik and Brian Dawkins. The last remains a difficult choice because some are worthy of consideration but not enough to make it. Had Reggie remained an Eagle, he would have been another easy choice. Vermeil and Reid both turned a hapless loser into a winner, but didn’t win the SB. Cunningham redefined the QB position but never won it all. Likewise with McNabb. Van Brocklin did win it all, but he’s more known for being the Rams QB, even though he won as many championships with the Eagles as with the Rams. The others were Eagles greats but not good enough for the fourth spot.

    The fourth should be Bell or perhaps Pihos. Since they aren’t on the ballot, it’s probably White.

  12. Seriously, no love for Ron Jaworski? I’d even give an honorable mention to Herm Edwards just for returning the Pisarcik/Csonka fumble for a TD. Good times.

  13. Jim Johnson should be on this list and in the hall of fame. He’s a major reason for Andy’s success in Philly (see 2009-present)

  14. brown
    b. dawk
    van buren

    these are the philly icons when it comes to football. I know and remember white wearing kelly green very well but, after his career and death I dont think of him as an eagle but a stikin packer and like so many other players that left philly and win a title they do so with such distain for the city or team treat him as such. personally white doesn’t even belong on this list.

  15. Was this tough. I had to change my vote a couple of times. Hard to think that Jim Johnson isn’t up on that list.

    Hard to not go with a couple of the first picks, but its a hard argument that….

    McNabb, no matter how much of a hate/love relationship with the city had with him, was the key piece in the Eagles winning record over the last decade. He and Andy go hand in hand, but with out McNabbs success, I dont think Andy would have stuck around as long as he did. And I still have made respect for coach and wish him the best of luck in KC.

    Cunningham, although he did not have the same success as the McNabb did, its hard to deny the talent and athletism that was Randall. One of the first of his kind.

    Westbrook, prob the most under rated back in the league, if you aren’t from Philly. He put everything into the game, and played 110% on every down. So entertaining to watch, one of my fav’s of all time.

    Reggie. Is there really anything that needs to be said?

  16. I am upset that Dick Vermeil did not make the ballot. He really turned the franchise around and led the team to a superbowl. A look at the roster he did it with makes it even more impressive.

  17. Jerome Brown was Philadelphia
    As good as Reggie, maybe better, but we will never know.
    Jerome was the heartbeat of the city while he was here, and the too few games he played should be remembered forever.
    Mt. Rushmore is only almost enough tribute.

    The ultimate weapon deserves it too. Randall could have been one of the greatest of all time if he had a real offensive coordinator (remember what he did coming off the bench in Minny after retirement?).

    Chuck Bednarik.

    Brian Dawkins too.

  18. no Ty Detmer? Mike McMahon? Jim McMahon? Rodney Peete? AJ Feeley? Koy Detmer? Doug Pederson?
    How about the Andrews Brothers? Ritchie Kottite? Brahman? TO? Even Drew Rosenhaus..

    Man, Philly, we’ve had to endure some mediocre talent since the 70’s started..

    The guys on the list are definitely our bright spots. And i’m sure there are more than just this list of 12..
    I’m really hoping Chipper has the secret to finally getting that monkey off our backs..

  19. How can anyone vote for Reggie White? When the dude left town for Green Bay he said how he was always embarassed to walk around the streets of Philly as a member of the franchise. Its bad enough the Eagles ownership has a banner up at the stadium in tribute to him.

  20. Van Buren, Bednarik, White, Dawkins. The exclusion of Bert Bell, Tommy McDonald et al actually makes this pretty easy.

    Anyone who thinks Reggie White is *really* a Packer doesn’t know what he’s talking about. 124 of his 198 career sacks came as an Eagle. He had 14 or more sacks 6 times as an Eagle, once as a Packer. He’s one of the three best defensive players in NFL history, and he did his best work with the Eagles. He clearly belongs on the Eagles Mt. Rushmore.

    Steve Van Buren is the greatest offensive player in the team’s history. He won two championships and is in the Hall of Fame. Putting Reid, McNabb, or Westbrook (and I love Westbrook) on ahead of him is absurd.

    Chuck Bednarik is the iconic Eagle, and has to be included. I don’t even like him personally, but he has defined the franchise and the city more than any other player, for better and worse.

    Brian Dawkins is the most popular Eagle of the modern era, and a probable Hall of Famer. He has a clear edge over the rest of the recent players and coaches. Jerome Brown probably comes the closest to taking this spot.

  21. Bednarik
    Van Buren

    I’m relieved Jim Johnson is on the list. He was an excellent coordinator, but I’m so tired of the people who prop him up mostly because they can’t bring themselves to give Reid or McNabb any respect.

  22. No way McNabb or Reid deserve to be on the list. No chance. If you have followed the eagles for years you can not put them on the list. Reid is not the best coach and McNabb is not the best QB in franchise history so they’re out.

    Van Buren

    Van Brocklin

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