Pead suspension will result in four-figure fine for Rams

Getty Images

Earlier this month, the Seahawks provided a reminder of a five-year-old rule that imposes fines on teams having players with multiple league-imposed suspensions in the same season.  Though the league wouldn’t confirm it, the available facts indicated that the Seahawks paid more than $60,000 in fines last year, as a result of three suspensions under the performance-enhancing drugs policy.

Another team in the NFC West will be paying money to the league under that same principle in 2013.  As pointed out by Howard Balzer on Twitter, the suspensions of Rams guard Rokevious Watkins and running back Isaiah Pead for one game each will result in the Rams forfeiting 25 percent of the money Pead loses during his suspension.

It equates to only $8,434.56.  However, for the next suspension in 2013, the percentage climbs to 33 percent of the lost pay.  Then to 50 percent.

Then again, owner Stan Kroenke can afford it.

Meanwhile, the Rams have experienced multiple problems with multiple members of a supposedly stellar 2012 draft class.  We’ll be breaking it all down in detail on Saturday morning.

Some would call that a tease.  I prefer to call it an I’m-tired-and-I-wanna-go-to-bed cop out.