RG3 focusing on studying more while knee recovers


There’s little question that Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III came into his rookie season as one of the more physically gifted players at the quarterback position. Griffin threw for 3,200 yards and 20 touchdowns while completing 65.6-percent of his passes en route to winning offensive rookie of the year honors.

When a play broke down, Griffin could always rely on his physical skills to create a play out of thin air – until he injured his knee in December that is. Being hobbled late in the year made Griffin realize how much more he still needs to learn about playing the position at the NFL level. According to Mike Jones of the Washington Post, Griffin has focused more on film study and the mental side of the game with his leg still recovery from ACL surgery in January.

“A lot of film work, watching the film – alone and with the coaches, within the rules of the CBA,” Griffin said. “That part of it helps, and I was talking to the guys about [it] toward the end of last year, being slowed down kind of slowed the game down for me, because I had to slow down, and it made me have to get through all of my reads. That’s what I’m getting forward to doing this upcoming season: getting through every single option that I need to get through, and while at the same time, being able to use my legs as a weapon.”

At times Griffin was quick to break the pocket and take off running because of his faith in his ability to make a play with his feet. If Griffin can add an element of increased patience in the pocket with more awareness for his reads in the passing game, Griffin can still take another sizable leap forward as a player.

With Griffin still limited by his recovery on the field, Griffin hopes the increased focus on the mental side of the game will help pay dividends in the fall.

17 responses to “RG3 focusing on studying more while knee recovers

  1. that’s just plain bad news for the rest of the NFL. if RGKnee can add a cerebral element to his athletic skills, he will be everything Mike Vick was SUPPOSED to be and never was.

  2. The kid is bright and works hard, no doubt. Keep him clean Shanney! …..And now for the inexplicable, and unwarranted RG3 hate. By the end of the day this post will be filled with “…he’s a bust / china doll / he sucks….” comments. Can anyone explain why so many love to hate on what appears to be a legitimately good kid?

  3. When a player has relied on speed since he started playing the game. Survival instincts will kick in at the time pressure is being applied. unfortunately for him everybody in the N.F.L. is fast for the position they play, unlike the 3 or 4 on the college defenses. this runaway from disaster will catch up with him. can you say R.G.III.= Mike Vick.

  4. I will actually be surprised if he has another knee injury and doesn’t take one more step towards greatness in ’13. He has all the tools and the head to match. Now please slide Bobby!

    Cautiously but excitedly optimistic.

    RED-SKIN fan

  5. Robert you are the greatest. Hands down a bonafide savior. If you threw a ball at my head it would decapitate me and my last action would be to mouth the words “thank you”

  6. Washington will be so bad this year the NFL will take away their name.

    IRG III one season and done!!

  7. He should enroll in law school. He’s going to need a new career now that football didn’t work out.

  8. im glad its not a news story when russell wilson studies…he just does it because he wants to.

  9. It’s sad that people hate on this kid and want to see him fail for no other reason because he is very good. This country is funny your fine with us as long as your not to good then we will come after you why because he makes you realize how bad your teams qb is

  10. Like I said, Why cut down a good kid? Andrew Luck doesn’t get this kind of hate! If RGIII was the same QB only slow, would he get some love then for being a stand up guy? Man there are some unhappy people in this world.

  11. It isn’t just this most recent incident, the kid has a history with them. To expect that the knee will ever be 100% again, is simply naïve. There is no reason that he can’t be a competent, successful QB for several years, but conversely there is also no reason to expect that he won’t be taking some major hits along the way. Shanny has to hold him back a little, to let him run free anytime that he wants to, is just asking for trouble. I for one don’t want to be reading of some season (and maybe career) ending injury, to one of the great talents in the game today.

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