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The final voting process for the Mt. Rushmore series on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk remains in the NFC East, with the four-time Super Bowl champion Giants.

So who makes it onto the mountain?  Folks from the most recent Super Bowl runs?  From the teams that won in 1986 and 1990?  Or guys from the pre-Super Bowl era?

The 12 finalists appear below, as determined by the Pro Football Talk crew based on your nominations.  Vote for four of them and tune in Tuesday, June 4 at 5:00 p.m. ET for the official results.

86 responses to “Vote for your Giants Mt. Rushmore winners

  1. I’m a Skins fan, and I know this is a tough one for fans of the G-men. LT is a lock. But I don’t know who else should get the nod. Lots of great players over the years.

  2. LT and Mara are no brainers in my opinion. I took Michael Strahan as the third, he is a lifetime Giant and went out on top. The last one was tough because Eli still has so much ball left while others have a great history. I took Eli because in the end, he will go down as the greatest QB in team history.


  3. Raiders, Steelers, Cowboys, Patriots need Mt. Rushmore and nobody else. Can we just leave it as the elite teams in the history of football?

  4. I wonder if they were able to find 12 finalists for the Eagles Mt. Rushmore. They’re probably resorting to Santa Claus.

  5. The “Original” L.T. Simms, Strahan, Tiki Barber (Sike) Plaxico Buress (Sike) David Tyree w/out a Doubt, Harry Carson, Mark Collins, The Tuna, Keith Hamilton, Jessie Armstead, Coughlin, Kevin KillDrive, Eli, Bavaro, Mark Ingram, The Mara’s The Tisch’s. So Proud 2 be a GIANTS FAN!!!

  6. That’s easy!!

    and regretfully Taylor
    Fifth choice Strahan

  7. Some tough decisions there in choosing just 4, and I’m not sure I fully agree on the 12 listed here. But I am wondering how can I submit a write in vote for Scott Norwood?

    In all seriousness though, the tough part about the choices is her that with the long tenure of this team in the NFL it is easy to overlook some truly great players of bygone years in favor of more recent success. But without those early guys contributing the lagacy of the team is not the same. I actually Huff and Gifford the first two votes for that reason. LT got my vote only because. The guy had an impact on the game like few others and I’m looking at this from football perspective only. The 4th choice was the one I really struggled with.

  8. I actually think that PFT ought to create a mythical Mt. Rushmore by position. The four greatest QBs of all-time, the four greatest RBs of all-time, etc., etc., etc.

  9. It seems like every team has 3 locks and the last one is a personal choice, the Giants are Taylor, Parcells and Manning.
    The 4th would be a toss up between Carson and Strahan

  10. Wellington Mara
    Sam Huff
    Tom Coughlin

    Kind of a coin flip between Coughlin and Parcells and I just chose Coughlin to represent the current era Super Bowl winning team and LT to represent the 80s/90s era Super Bowl winning team.

  11. @njsteeler it’s hilarious cause pierce and Thomas each have won a ring with us and played key roles in both those SB titles.. But don’t worry when redskins time is up I’m sure the greatest coach ever Jim zorn will be there with Jason Campbell Albert haynesworth and Graham gano lmao good job Dan Snyder

  12. Come on, this is easy:


    I would’ve picked George Young or Ernie Acorsi over Wellington Mara. I don’t think you can throw an owner in there, unless they have direct say on player development. The Mara’s have always let their GM’s/personnel people do the work.

  13. The younger generations rule the world. Some true greats in the history of football – let alone the Giants – didn’t make the cut. But they were all old timers.

  14. Tim Tebow
    Oh Wait wrong stupid New York Team. or is it new jersey? who friggen knows!

  15. Damn what about Emlen Tunnel.. how soon people forget the trailblazers! He was ONLY the first black to play for the Giants Ranking as the 79th best player in NFL history by

    * 2-time NFL world champion

    * 9-time Pro Bowl selection

    * 8-time All-Pro selection

    Round out the voting with Sam Huff, Harry Carson, Strahan and LT.. there is no one better to bleed blue

  16. WHERE ARE MEL HEIN & EMLEN TUNNELL IN YOUR POLL? They’re good enough to make the NFL All-Time Top 100, but not worthy of inclusion in PFT’s Giants Mt Rushmore poll? Preposterous!

  17. NY Giants Great / Rank on NFL All-Time Top 100

    Lawrence Taylor / #3

    Emlen Tunnell / #79

    Sam Huff / #93

    Mel Hein / #96


    These players IMHO ought to be the four faces on the NY Giants’ Mt Rushmore.

  18. LT, Manning, Gifford, Carson. Hate leaving off Simms, Coughlin and Parcells.

    And where’s George Young?

  19. “logicalvoicesays says:
    May 31, 2013 8:48 AM
    LaVar Arrington, Devin Thomas, Ryan Torrain and Antonio Pierce. #YoucansignourleftoversbutyouwillNEVERbeasgreatastheREDSKINS”

    Remind me again, when is the last time the Washington Racists won a Super Bowl? Where as the Giants won one with Antonio Pierce and one with Devin Thomas (much love to Kyle Williams for those fumbles).

  20. @sicklife1 who said:
    I would’ve picked George Young or Ernie Acorsi over Wellington Mara. I don’t think you can throw an owner in there, unless they have direct say on player development. The Mara’s have always let their GM’s/personnel people do the work.

    True but … without Mr. Mara’s backing of revenue sharing – probably the most selfless, forward-thinking thing any owner has ever done – it wouldn’t have happened, and the NFL wouldn’t exist as it does today. That alone puts him not only on my Giants’ Mt. Rushmore but also on my entire NFL Mt. Rushmore.

    So my Mt. Rushmore is Mr. Mara, LT, Tuna, Em Tunnell.

  21. I voted for Lawrence Taylor and Sam Huff and would have also voted for Mel Hein and Emlen Tunnell if they were on the list. Instead, I picked Mara and Strahan.

  22. Any list that doesn’t include Eli, or does include Tiki, gets a thumbs way down the toilet

  23. I think if we do this vote again in 10 or 15 years Tom Coughlin Makes the Giants Mt. Rushmore. Don’t think he’ll make it now.
    Don’t know what you got till its gone.

  24. A lot of great candidates to choose from but what has me commenting are the Redskins and Eagles fans trying to belittle the New York Giants.

    Neither of those organizations have been relevant in the last 10 seasons.

    The Redskins had a productive season but at the end of the day they didn’t win the Super Bowl.

    The Eagles fans are excited about the Chip Kelly era but you still have Vick under center.

    Try not to belittle one franchise when the franchise you root for is irrelevant.

  25. I view this the same way as I view the HOF inductions. You should have 3 separate classes. 1 for players, 1 for coaches, and 1 for executives.

    In this case, I chose players only (although Mara, Parcells and Coughlin as well as Jerry Reese and George Young are all deserving). However, as I chose players only, it was simple.

    The two greatest defenders in team history:
    1. Sir Lawrence of the Meadowlands, The Crazed Dog, The Greatest LBer and maybe the greatest defensive player of all time…LT – yes, the immortal Lawrence Taylor.
    2. Michael Strahan (sorry Harry Carson)

    and the two greatest QBs in team history:
    1. Eli Manning (2 time Super Bowl MVP)
    2. Phil Simms (1 Time Super Bowl MVP)

    Go Giants!

  26. What kind of list is this to choose from?

    Where’s Y.A. Tittle? Where’s Emlen Tunnell? Where’s Tucker Fredrickson? Where’s Ron Johnson? Where’s Homer Jones?

    You need four?


  27. I wanted to include Bavaro and Strahan, but in the end I went with


    I also wanted to do a Honorable Mention to Steve Spagnuolo. I don’t ever remember Tom Brady looking as rattled as he did that day. In some ways, that led to the emphasis that the pass rush has in today’s NFL.

  28. You people have no idea how to pick a Rushmore. It’s not about the top 4 players. It’s about what the giants are built on and how they are remembered through history.


    Skins fans- take a hike. Our 3rd string honorable mentions would crush your pathetic Rushmore. Riggins? Lol. He may have gained 100 yds total in his career vs nyg.

  29. I picked Taylor, Parcells, Mr. Mara, & Gifford. Eli and TC might be selections five years from now. I also forgot to list George Young during the nominations. He’s probably the most important GM or executive the Giants ever had.

  30. I chose men who were innovative and unique; men who changed the way the game was played:

    Wellington Mara

    Sam Huff

    Bill Parcells

    Lawrence Taylor

  31. 1. Wellington Mara- Obvious, any real Giants fan has him on.

    2. LT- Greatest defensive player in NFL history.

    3. Eli – Greatest QB in Giants history (Stats and Super Bowls).

    4. Coughlin- Greatest coach in Giants history (Parcells had more pieces in place, Coughlin also has more wins and majority of HC time with NYG).

    Parcells didn’t coach long enough with purely the Giants, he isn’t even going into Canton as a Giant.

    Strahan was incredible and a true Giant no doubt (had most games played as a Giant ever), but his numbers aren’t that good for his era (although I hope he gets in the HOF) and only was on one Super Bowl winning team. (Eli and Coughlin have done more for the organization).

    If you are going to era this might be different but I think Owner, Coach, QB, and Defense represent the main parts of a football team’s history.
    GO GMEN!

  32. Eli Manning 2 SB MVP’s
    Tom Coughlin 2 SB titles w/ teams under 11 wins
    Phil Simms the perfect storm 21-25
    Lawrence Taylor our “crazed Dog”
    if I could vote for 5 I would include Parcells, but didn’t like the way he left us and “bounced” around to Jets, Pats, ‘Boys, and Fish.

  33. Wow, some Giant fans actually nominated Mark Bavaro? And no Y.A. Tittle? Perhaps some Giant remedial history is in order for their own fans.

  34. Wellington Mara – enough said
    Lawerance Taylor – greatest defensive player in NFL history
    Rosey Brown- One of the best O- lineman of all time one of the reasons why Y.A Tittle, Frank Giford and Charlie Conerly were so great
    Bill Parcells – Tough choice between him and Coughlin but turned one of the bottomfeeders of the NFL to one of the greatest defences of all time

  35. I had to leave Mr Mara off… he doesn’t equate to the faces on Rushmore but rather the solid mountain, the immovable foundation on which the giants were built.

    We miss you mr mara.

    For players & coaches….

    A) Easy E. 2 championships and 2 of the great plays in SB history. AND COUNTING 🙂

    B) LT. Revolutionized his position and arguably top defenseman of all time. I absolutely worshipped LT as a kid.

    C) Coughlin. For showing how a coach can change and still retain his old effectiveness. And the 2 SB…

    D) Strahan. The epitome of the quick athletic defensive lineman. Might have been ya tittle if he was an option.

    Thx for reading

  36. This comes down to a vote for just two spots on the mountain. There are two obvious locks. You can’t have a Giants Mt Rushmore without Mr. Wellington Mara in the first spot. Anyone who does not get this concept simply does not understand the question at hand, and their vote should be immediately disqualified as such. The second lock is the only Giant player to be, most likely, unanimously voted to the all-time NFL starting team….Lawrence Taylor.

    The other two spots come down to voting and that would work like this….
    There is only one logical answer to this question…
    Allow me to explain.

    Voter age is critical to this equation. Obviously, someone watching the Giants play for 50 years is much more equipped to vote than one who has been watching for 15 years.

    So, the first item I propose is to eliminate all the votes from those age 30 and under. Immediately, that removes Eli, Coughlin, and Strahan from the process. (With all due respect to Eli, who someday may take his rightful place on the mountain…he just isn’t there yet).

    That leave two groups of voters. The ones from 31-49, and the ones 50 and over. Because of the “experience” factor, the 50 and over votes count twice as much as the 31-49 votes.

    The Giants of the 80’s undoubtedly brought the team out of their long trend of losing and back to glory. However, none of the individuals, with the exception of #56, can be considered to be the best at their position at the time with longevity as well ( I do understand that a very good argument can be made for Mr. Carson). Here you will find most of your Simms, Parcells, Carson and (lol) Bavaro votes. Simms was very good but often injured during his carreer. Parcells was also very good but the way he left the Giants hurts his long term image (not to mention taking jobs with the Jets and Cowboys). Carson comes the closest but is edged out by older more meaningful Giant carreers. Bavaro being here is comical. And I loved him as a great Giant for a very short time.

    I think I can speak for most long term fans as I believe the other entries on the mountain go to Gifford and Huff. For these reasons…Both in the HOF and both members of the all-1950’s team. Great Giants that were the best at their respective positions during their playing years and long tenure with the Giants..

    I know not everyone is going to agree with my logic (especially the under 30 gang), but it is what it is.

  37. I’m barely over 30 and I’m embarassed by the lack of history on this list. The Giants are one of the original teams along with the Bears, Packers, and the Pennsylvania teams, so there’s got to be more representation than people just 1980 and after!

    Emlen Tunnell (first African-American player on the Giants and in the Hall of Fame–tremendously overlooked and forgotten by history)

    Wellington Mara (nuff said)

    Lawrence Taylor

    Mel Hein (anchored the Giants in the 30’s and 40’s and is also largely forgotten)

    there’s a LOT of players to choose from who will deserve it and get left off (Parcells is my favorite coach ever and ended the Giants damn near 20 year stretch of irrelevancy), Gifford, Huff, etc.

  38. I had to go with Parcells instead of Coughlin for the fact that he was The Giants first & second Super Bowl Winner but dang Coughlin is definitely there. Definitely LT and Mr Wellington Mara, he is the head etiquette of the NFL and Eli Manning simply because he has been twice Super Bowl MVP and I say he has a couple of more coming

  39. Parcells, LT, the Giffer, Wellington Mara.

    Parcells and LT because they defined the rebuilt Giants of the 80’s and 90’s.

    Frank Gifford because he defined the Giants in their 50’s glory years.

    Wellington Mara – because without him there is no NFL.

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