Keyshawn says Bieber is a menace to the neighborhood

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Former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson says Justin Bieber’s reckless driving and mistreatment of neighbors has made him a danger to the gated community where both men live.

Johnson wants the district attorney’s office to thoroughly investigate Bieber. Johnson says he called the police on Bieber for driving his Ferrari at high speeds through residential streets, and that Bieber’s entourage needs to step in before he kills himself or someone else.

“He has to answer to the D.A.’s office, not me,” Johnson said. “His handlers, his goons, whatever they are, his henchmen, they have to protect him.”

According to Johnson, Bieber has become a major problem for people who live in the gated community specifically because they don’t want to be bothered.

“You got a 19-year-old kid feeling entitled, speeding up and down the highway,” Johnson said. “That’s why all the neighbors is mad. Then you got him spitting on people in the neighborhood. You can’t do that.”

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s detectives are investigating Bieber for reckless driving and for battery as a result of complaints from Johnson and other neighbors.

“We take this very seriously and if this actually did occur, which it appears that it did, it is unacceptable behavior from anybody, anywhere, anytime,” Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

If Bieber goes to court, Johnson is ready to testify against him.

121 responses to “Keyshawn says Bieber is a menace to the neighborhood

  1. Going to be fun to watch this kid get strung out on drugs and become an even bigger joke than he already is over the next few years.

  2. as hilarious as this is you dont think Johnson was once an entitled 19 year old, on his way to be the #1 overall pick

    That being said, Ellen Degeneres must go

  3. From YouTube musician to world class pain in the ass, all in five shot years. He needs an intervention even more than Charlie Sheen did at his worst.

  4. Not that Keyshawn isn’t 100 % right in this, but it’s still kinda weird for him to be the “GET OFF MY LAWN”-type of guy.

  5. Lets talk about the elephant in the room.

    Am I the only one that finds the thought of a supposed onetime cute, parent approved and angelic white kid terrorizing the loud mouth black dude from South Central to the point that he has to call the cops and calls him a menace hilarious?

    That’s done irony for y’all behinds.

    It’s funny to me

  6. Why doesn’t this former South Central hood rat know what he’s dealing with? So what… who cares how tough Keyshawn was growing up the youngest of six children on welfare? It’s not a big deal that Keyshawn was homeless at times growing up without a father…

    Nothing could ever prepare him for … THE BIEBS!

    Doesn’t he know who he’s messing with? This dude is from Canada, he’s 19, he’s a tiny little white guy but he sings like an angel and dances like the devil… Keyshawn is no match for Bieber Fever!
    End of idiotic rant. On a serious note, it is funny to see a guy like Keyshawn, who did indeed grow up without a father, on welfare, on the mean streets of South Central, snitching on a fellow millionaire about driving too fast in his gated community. Money does indeed change everybody. Seems to me they’re both a couple of rich jerks.

  7. You know it’s bad when a guy who was given money to NOT play the second half of a football season for bad behavior is complaining about this kid’s bad behavior.

  8. How ironic. Rumor has it that Keyshawn used to race his Ferrari on the neighborhood street in Tampa while playing for the Bucs. Perhaps he can be an advocate of aggressive restraint for current and future NFL-ers.

  9. The jealousy shown towards Justin Bieber is unbelievable. People lie and make up all kinds of crap about Bieber because they’re so jealous of his success. Keyshawn Johnson is just one of the insanely jealous hypocrites. Johnson wants to be a hero to the haters.

  10. I just want to know where Keyshawn Johnson and the morality police were, when “Meshawn” decided not to pay any of the people who did two million dollars worth of renovations on his same home in the same neighborhood 2 years ago. It’s funny that he would choose the call someone entitled when he will happily ignore and choose not to pay bills from people with normal middle class jobs who showed up to his home at his request to do renovations for him. Stay classy “Meshawn”

  11. According to Johnson, he grew up robbing people, selling drugs, getting arrested, on the streets of South Central. Those are the same streets where the term, “Snitches get stitches,” originated. Oh how times have changed.

  12. Keyshawn just wants the world to know he can afford to live in Justin Bieber’s neighborhood.

  13. johnnyb216 says:
    Jun 1, 2013 7:00 AM
    Going to be fun to watch this kid get strung out on drugs and become an even bigger joke than he already is over the next few years.


    Hopefully, he doesn’t die at 27 and be made out to be some ledgend. I certainly don’t wish death on anyone but he doesn’t have the talent to be apart of that club either.

  14. Hello? Football are you in there? I think I just entered the Cosmo chat line by mistake!



  16. I wonder if Meshawn and Joe Theismann are twins and were separated at birth. However, I do think that Justin Bieber with the right coaching and his new menacing behavior could become a safety in the NFL.

  17. Keyshawn needs to watch his mouth before Justin beats his fat ass up. He knows where he lives. Watch your back Key…

  18. For those of you bagging on KN, how would you feel if your kids were outside playing and anyone drove by at Monaco pace?

    I would talk to him once, then try the cops, the get a bunch of people together to kick his ass, and his bodyguards too.

    KJ is doing a mature thing here and should be applauded for his maturity. He inserted “use my media presence to shine the light on the situation” into my list.

  19. bigdawgdaddy says:
    Jun 1, 2013 7:29 AM
    He/she/it Bieber needs to die…..go back to Canada and get ass raped by a moose…

    No one individual should wish death to another.

    Now, regarding the possible Moose interlude, that’s a different story. Hopefully the moose will shield up, can you imagine what the offspring would look like ?

  20. Well he is already a menace to music, fashion, style, art and culture and masculinity so I guess I do believe Keyshawn. Oh and as a Canadian I would like to add that the rich person who made Bieber his fame pet does not represent or lead me.

  21. This is like watching the raiders and broncos play each other.

    …I just hope they both somehow lose

  22. We should just have the little guy take his car and go after all the Muslim jihadists…

  23. If you read the article Keyshawn chased him down with a Prius. Seriously? How fast was he really going and Keyshawn drives a Prius? Turn in your man card.

  24. The image of BabyBieber spitting on neighbors is just entirely too rich for words and will no doubt be included in the South Park eppie sure to happen…isn’t spitting the standard MO for 12-13 year old girls?

  25. Doubt Keyshawn was ever racing a sports car in his old Tampa neighborhood. Speed bumps everywhere on those particular streets.

    This is a safety and common sense issue. Can’t be flying around a residential streets.

  26. It pains me to say this but I agree with him. The ironic thing is him talking about Bieber being entitled. That’s funny coming from Meshawn who thought he was entitled to getting the football all the time without putting in the work.

  27. Kid is still all mad bout selena dumping him and looking for a real man that can deliver and not make her feel like shes doin it with another chic

  28. How can anyone criticize Keyshawn for this??

    It’s called, HE GREW UP!

    Who “be” better to call Bieber out on this type of behavior than someone who very nearly destroyed his career and life because he once had the same entitled attitude?

    I have never been a Keyshawn Johnson fan, until now.

  29. 19 yr old millionaire celeb with a sportscar. im sorry but anybody would be reckless at that age with those resources. he called his crew his handlers. lol.

  30. “Johnson says he called the police on Bieber for driving his Ferrari at high speeds through residential streets, and that Bieber’s entourage needs to step in before he kills himself or someone else.”

    I don’t see why anyone should stop him from killing himself…just sit back and let it happen so we can be rid of him

  31. Isn’t the point of all of that small children who play on the residential streets are at risk w/ the speeding and reckless driving? Forget the character accusations on all sides…. The main issue is making sure neighborhood streets are safe for the children in the area.

  32. I hope the next news report on Beiber shows his Ferrari wrapped around a tree with a huge branch protruding from the drivers front window. The article should read justice for Justin.

  33. Bieber’s singing is already a menace to society.

    That being said, it’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Keyshawn had a sense of entitlement at 19 and it pretty much continued throughout his career.

  34. I once had the same problem with kids speeding on a cul de sac where I lived in Valencia. My kids where quite young at the time and I was so livid that I threw my car keys at their speeding vehicle. (Admittedly the wrong thing to do) The kicker was that my keys got stuck in the side of their car and they drove off! Long story short, I had to have all the locks on my house changed. The problem is that if a child had been hurt with their wanton and reckless driving there would have been dire consequences for all involved. Yeah, I was young once and did some stupid things as most kids do but that doesn’t diminish personal responsibility for one’s actions. Man up Bieber! You have a driver’s liscense, not a liscense to kill.

  35. Biebs defense when he gets charged…
    I was having a really, really bad period your honor

  36. Any coincidence he has been hanging out with Chris Brown lately? Just sayin’……..

    This kid needs Mommy to visit her son so she can kick his @$$ and set him straight. If Mommy doesn’t do it, I will gladly volunteer.

    @ dukenukem2013, “I used to raise hell in my neighbor hood when I was a teen but never made national headlines…….but I didn’t live near a zoo either Kuhnshawn!”

    Seriously? like your name says, this is 2013. Time to grow a pair and act like a member of the human race, not portray an ignorant and bigoted mentality like it is the year 1950 in the deep South. You need an @$$ kicking even worse than Bieber. I will gladly volunteer an @$$ kicking for you as well.

  37. Well, every time Bieber irritates me I watch the episode of Southpark, where the Great Cthulu, at Cartman’s behest, sqeezes and pops Bieber like a zit.

  38. Bieber should hire fellow Canadian Snow to stand in front of Key’s house and sing/rap “informer” 24/7.
    Not to excuse the little a&@ wipe but I highly doubt in this neighborhood kids are playing in or near the street anyway

  39. As a teenager myself I’m siding with biebs on this one. No one even knew who keyshawn was until now lol get out of here old man, worry about your own life.

  40. From the hood to protected socialite in a gated community – say it isn’t so!

    The g/f was watching Iron Chef a while back and lo and behold, there’s our respectable Keyshawn sitting in as a judge, with the other tight ass foodies:

    “I love the flavor notes you’ve created with your ceviche, but I might have gone in a different direction with the puree. It seems to be a bit unbalanced and doesn ‘t quite fit with the dish”


  41. If he kills someone and goes to jail, wow, they will toss his ass around like a $5 hooker. He really needs to wise up. Serioulsy I see him dying from being raped in jail if he kills someone.

  42. God rescue this young man before he kills a child or even himself. Money does funny things to people. He needs to be surrounded by those who really care. Justin maybe screaming for help. Good kid, Lord restore him.

  43. My question is if Keyshawn was not in his car and was playing in the front yard and not prepared to be driving anywhere, and Justin Bieber flew by at highway speeds, how can keyshawn jump in a Prius and still manage to catch him before he got in his garage without also driving highway speeds? Logic tells me unless they are direct neighbors, Bieber easily should have been able to get into the garage and close the door while traveling at highway speeds. My take is that either Bieber wasn’t going as fast as Keyshawn claims, or Keyshawn went just as fast as he was mad at Bieber about when it was time to chase him down . Plus, Bieber is only one year removed from the age that Keyshawn claims he used to rob people at , so I kind of feel like speeding your Ferrari that you earned around is a little bit less entitled been stealing money from other people who earned it. Plus, Keyshawn still is robbing people at whatever age he is, only now he uses the more legal way of not paying you and letting his lawyers handle it as opposed to just putting a weapon to your head and taking your money.

  44. The way the judicial system is he’ll probably run over a kid and not see a day of jail time. If he’s spitting on people that’s the most disgusting thing a human can do to another person I hope he gets whats coming to him before he kills an innocent person.

  45. Tth

    This is horrible, reckless behavior and he needs to be stopped before he kills someone.

    That being said, I think Bieber’s music is a bigger menace to society.

  46. elitegold06 says:
    Jun 1, 2013 7:32 AM
    The jealousy shown towards Justin Bieber is unbelievable. People lie and make up all kinds of crap about Bieber because they’re so jealous of his success. Keyshawn Johnson is just one of the insanely jealous hypocrites. Johnson wants to be a hero to the haters.


    You mad bro????

  47. “Bieber’s entourage needs to step in before he kills himself or someone else”
    for the love of god, jus hold off a lil longer

  48. First, Bryan Adams…..then, Celine Dion….now, “The Biebs”…..

    Geez, the U.N. need to step in and start imposing sanctions against Canada for this garbage!

  49. It’s amazing how people are. Maybe you’re not a fan of Beiber, but you’re all seriously hoping to see his life go in a downward spiral to make yourselves feel better? This is why I’m losing more and more respect for humans and why I’m going to move into the ocean with the mermaids.

  50. Trouble in the gated communtiy Oh NO! ha
    It is sick to want bieber to have a life crippling drug addiction. That comment wasn’t cool. He needs to take his ferrari to the racetrack where it can be unleashed.
    It is ironic that the young arrogant keshawn has grown up and it now is bieber’s turn. Impulsivity has to be worked on and growing older helps.
    When keshawn says speeding on the highways? of the gated community I ask…how big is this gated community? haha

  51. I have never even heard of any of Bieber’s music. That said, why can’t I go on the Internet or through the checkout line at the grocery without seeing a picture of this “guy”? Is t me, or is Miley Cyrus actually Bieber in drag?

  52. haha..battery…Justin weighs about 140 lbs…when I was a kid I had a pet guinea pig that would have kicked his behind…..

    Combine youth, money and napoleon complex and this is what you get…

  53. Just goes to show how having kids changes you. Anyone with kids totally agrees with Keyshawn.
    Keyshawn doesn’t have a problem with fast cars or punky boy singers, he just doesn’t want his kids run down in the street outside his house.

  54. You know you’re heading down the wrong path when Keyshawn, of all people, tells you you’re a menace. It’s nice to see that Keyshawn has finally grown up.

  55. Why does KJ want to make hats???

    dallascowboysdishingthereal says:Jun 1, 2013 8:56 AM

    Keyshawn, don’t be a hatter just because the little kid drives a nicer and faster car than you do

  56. Just slow the F Down… Plain and simple… I don’t care if you’re in a gated hood or what, just cruise… He will get it eventually.. It’s not like Key was your poster boy athlete when he was young. And quit hanging with people with names like lil twist thar disrespect your ish left and right.

  57. My niece had a J.B doll….she threw it away when she opened her toy chest and caught it pulling off the pants of her Ken doll….

  58. If a liitle kid was speeding through my neighborhood around my family something would be going down.

  59. Justin Beiber is know showing his true color, He has endorsement deal with a bank and the card is call a Smartcard for teen. Justin Beiber has spit on a neighbor how nasty and disrespectful that can be. But his image has not cause problem for the bank they should drop him from his endorsement deal period . Teach his little white az some respect. But yet Rick Ross put some words in a song about a date rape and he was drop from a endorsement deal with Reebok because of that, Is this just a racist situation that Justin Beiber is getting away with breaking the law by speeding down the neighborhood street like a miscrete and spit on neighbor but it is ok because he is white an famous. I see why Selena dump him. And his mentor USher is showing just how nasty he is to.

  60. Keyshawn may not be a perfect guy but still when it come down to living in neighborhood it doesnt matter if it a gated commuted, high class or middle class it boil down to having respect for your neighbor that what this is about. HONOR THOU NEIGHBOR .have respect for others. Am pretty sure keyshawn dont go around splitting on his neighbor or racing down the street because keyshawn know their kids in the area that all. know justin beiber have no respect for his neighbor and it shows his charcter that he is ruled selfish guy.

    Maybe Justin Beiber need to move where their no one around but him on a big acre of land where than he can race around with his ferrai and split freely. But for know he live around other people. Show some respect .

  61. I got to agree with keyshawn. What gives that no talent ass clown the right to speed through a neighborhood where children are playing? He needs to slow down eh?

  62. I would love to see how different everyone’s reaction would be if Keyshawn were white and Bieber were black. Then it would’ve been a “race” thing.

  63. “Lets talk about the elephant in the room.

    Am I the only one that finds the thought of a supposed onetime cute, parent approved and angelic white kid terrorizing the loud mouth black dude from South Central to the point that he has to call the cops and calls him a menace hilarious?

    That’s done irony for y’all behinds.

    It’s funny to me”

    What’s ironic about it? White people have been terrorizing blacks for hundreds of years. Does slavery ring a bell?

  64. Umm. 19 year old w/a Ferrari. I’m sure he’ll abide the speed limit. I’m 20 years older and I’d be a “menace” too w/those keys. Speaking of keys, Key is the last person who should talk. There goes the neighborhood.

  65. You go Keyshawn. Justin is nothing. He can not even sing and he is not attractive as he thinks he is.I never did like him and if I had a daughter I would tell her not listen to him. I hope you take him for a ride right to jail

  66. 8 by 8 room. No windows. One door. Keyshawn. Bieber. No one else. Soundproof. No cameras. No intercom. No cell phones. Locked door. One person on outside, leaves, comes back in ten minutes. Problem OVER.

  67. “Hey Justin how fast to you think you can hang that sharp turn with the cliff on the other side?”

  68. Bieber needs to be sent packing back to Canada. Let him drive his car up and down the moose covered streets of our neighbor to the north.

  69. Bieber is such a peculiar dude. He sits at the Heat game the other night like a statue all through the game. What’s up with the sunglasses at night, and a cap perched on the top of his head? He looked like a complete idiot. Maybe he needs to “come down to earth” he’s obviously got problems and plenty of them, before it’s too late.

  70. Keyshawn isn’t going to take any crap from that little punk and good for Keyshawn. Go get him.

    I think this behavior isn’t going to end well for Bieber. He will probably kill himself in an accident with that Ferrari. He can’t handle that car. He’s just a little girl.

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