More legal woes for Mike Goodson


When it rains, it pours, and at the moment, Mike Goodson is getting soaked.

According to Rich Cimini of, the troubled Jets running back has more problems than the recent gun and drug arrests, as he’s now being hit with another paternity suit in Houston by a woman demanding child support for four children.

According to court documents, Ashlee Wilson is suing for retroactive child support, lump-sum child support and health insurance.

She had filed suit against him in 2010 for support of three children, but never pursued it, without providing a reason why not. She was living with Goodson’s mother at the time. Wilson and the four children now live with her parents.

Goodson’s no stranger to such actions, as he’s had other paternity suits filed against him, and has been sued by a jewelry store for not paying a $56,000 bill, and has been evicted twice for unpaid rent and has failed to make car payments.

It’s not necessarily a surprise to see a new suit, with his name in the news (and the three-year, $6.9 million contract with the Jets generally mentioned therein).

Goodson’s a talented player, but his reputation for irresponsibility was well-known and there long before he was drafted in the fourth round of the 2009 NFL Draft by the Panthers. And now that those problems are catching up to him, the Jets have to be wondering why they took a chance on him.

30 responses to “More legal woes for Mike Goodson

  1. “Wilson and the four children now love with her parents.”

    Interesting typo. Sounds like a theme from a typical reality show. 😀

    I didn’t know he was considered a legal problem before the draft. All I remember hearing is that he basically had problems with authority. Now I find out he’s a Cromartie/Henry wannabee too? Sheesh.

  2. The only reason he’ll be on the team is so they can recoup some of the signing bonus.
    I’m sure they’re putting the legal wheels in motion right now…

  3. Next on Maury Povich

    The Jests and their Baby-Momma-Drama! Who’s the daddy?

    Ladies and Gents, the circus is back and open for business at Florham Park.

  4. At least he’s not a proponent of using birth control measures. That in itself should make the Tebow worshiping camp happy.

  5. He is a true Jet!
    Too bad “Hard Knocks” cannot be there to bring those highly entertaining issues to the masses in all their glorious details…

  6. A paternity suit is not a big deal. She is just demanding money or possibly, simply more money. Media needs to relax. The guy has enough issues…but this suit is at the end of the list.

  7. This dude should hire me.

    I’ll buy the condoms. I’ll pay the rent and car lease. I’ll set up a driver and a limo for a night out. I’ll buy more condoms.

  8. Is it safe to say that neither of them is exactly the brightest light in the chandelier. Haven’t they figured out what causes kids, and how to prevent it?

    kd75 has it right. This guy has clearly shown that he doesn’t know how to handle even the simplest things in life, and needs someone to plan things for him.

  9. Swell… between Goodson’s and Cromartie’s kids, you have a full offensive unit with a couple of backups.

    Lock up your daughters, New York… the Goodson & Cro Show is coming and they can’t keep their pants zipped up!

  10. Well his kids are by same women So why is people jumping on him
    If he didn’t pay then that’s his fault. But she was getting money because she wouldnt file then not pursue
    Jets please give him the million n let him go
    Otherwise bring back tebow

  11. At this point why do we even care about these guys? They get a chance to go to college, which many without an athletic scholarship won’t get the opportunity to do. How many really deserving young men and women simply can’t come up with the funds for higher learning?

    But these guys go, and insist on dragging their anti-social behaviors with them. They aren’t using college to learn, but as a stepping stone into the NFL, where even the rookie salaries are more than their parents ever dreamed of making.

    They bring their crime and anti-social behaviors into the league, because the team officials are too cowardly to read the riot act to them before they sign. From that point on, the players own everything about their destinies and are the same self-serving punks that they were in high school. The teams meanwhile have gotten very proficient at manufacturing excuses for these grown-up brats, who pay lip service to repentance and go back to doing their thing.

    These are the guys that Americans fork over decent cash to watch on Sundays. But I say it again, why would we even care about these dirtbags?

  12. Not yet sold on Reggie Mac….. but must give him credit for not resigning this guy……….

  13. They took a chance on him because he’s really not getting that much money when you look at it. It’s just getting trumped up because it’s the Jets, but whatever. Ivory is a better player anyway and I still like Powell a lot.

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