Tebow camp refutes report that NFL career is over


We suppose it’s a case of Tebow-camp-on-Tebow-camp crime.

In response to a report from ESPN The Magazine that unnamed members of the Tim Tebow camp have acknowledged that Tebow has given up on his NFL career, an unnamed member of the Tebow camp tells Mike Garafolo of USA Today that Tebow isn’t ready to surrender the notion of playing in the NFL.

Per Garafolo, Tebow won’t be addressing the story in the near future because Tebow’s goal is to remain off radar, in an effort to avoid the kind of attention that will reinforce the perception that signing Tebow would welcome a major distraction.

But Tebow can hold out hope while also resigning himself to reality.  And the reality is that rosters largely are set for 2013 and no one currently wants to take a chance on him.  Come 2014, after multiple teams try and fail with whichever quarterbacks they’ll take out of training camp, at least one owner, G.M., and/or head coach may decide that there’s no harm in giving Tebow a try.

As we’ve seen time and again, 31 teams can shout “no” — it only takes one to whisper “yes” for a guy to have a job.

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  1. Injuries happen all the time in this league, especially with QBs. I could see a team with an injury and a read option kind of offense taking a flier with Tebow this year, definitely.

    It’s not like he’s never beat the Steelers in the playoffs or something.

  2. Can we just quit reporting on Tebow until he gets on a roster?

    Seriously, I like the kid and hope he gets a shot but I really don’t want to hear about him anymore until he does.

  3. I think there are a few GM’s who are actually intrigued by him, but are probably turned off because of the media firestorm that follows.

    I actually think he would be best suited for the Jaguars. They already have a terrible Qb who at best will take them to 5-11 and still ranked near the bottom of attendance.

    If they sign Tebow, they will probably sell many more seats and jersey’s and possibly win more games. Or, he could stink terribly and they could be in line to get the top pick next year. Either scenario is better than a boring 5-11 that will only prolong their boring sub-par mediocrity.

  4. He could draw up plays in the dirt like Bernie Kosar did in Cleveland and have a better chance of winning.
    Rex Ryan slapped the owner down for bringing him on and the owner was too stupid to know it.
    And did nothing.
    What a wuss.
    Too busy with baby shampoo I guess.

  5. Baseless Rumor!
    Denial of Baseless Rumor!
    Excuse to mention Tebow!

    NFL news in May/June. We need to talk with Goodell about this crap where when we are stuck inside due to the crushing heat we have the least amount of football to absorb ourselves in. This May draft thing is sounding better and better…

  6. And if he was open to a position change, he would have a job. He and his handlers think wayyyy to much of his ability to play QB at an NFL level.

  7. He’s wasting what little chance he has to become a real TE with this fantasy about being a QB.

    I’d take a shot on JaMarcus Russell before Tebow, and I’d bet 32 of 32 GMs would as well. Character is pointless if you can’t complete even half your passes.

    He’s done as a QB. Period.

  8. If I were in the Tebow camp, I’d just tell him to renounce god, smack some girl up, and tada! Job offers will come pouring in.

  9. How on earth can a guy who won more playoff games with the Broncos than Peyton Manning not have a job?

    How on earth can a guy that has his leadership ability not be a 2nd or 3rd string QB?

    Why on earth won’t Ted Thompson sign him for the Packers when there would be 0% of a QB controversy and he could learn from the best?

    Good luck Tim and prove them all wrong!

  10. I know it’s only June, but do we really need the blow by blow for his every (non) move? JaMarcus Russell is the biggest draft bust in NFL history, but he even managed to throw more touchdowns and yards in his 3 year career vs. Tebow’s 3 year career. Also a higher completion %..

  11. The NFL should just add an expansion team and tell them they have to start Tebow. Place the team in an independent division and give them a trophy every year…that way maybe the Tebow talk will dwindle…

  12. I’m pretty confident that at this point a lot of these unnamed sources don’t even exist. It just comes across that one, media is slow so one person writes up a story, then another sees it realizes the potential for them to make a story, etc. etc.

  13. His only season he started, the Broncos won the AFC West, knocked the Steelers out of the playoffs in overtime and lost in the AFC Championship game….Peyton Manning though….wait, Tebow too the Broncos just as far. #knowledgebomb But no team will give him a chance? It’s a shame. He could energize the Jacksonville area and run the option with MJD!!

  14. As much as he seems like a good guy, the NFL has said “No” as a quarterback. I applaud his efforts to remain before the radar of trouble but as long as he says he’s a quarterback no one will give him a chance because he just isn’t at a NFL level.

    The Jets killed whatever chance he had & in a way he did it as well wanting to go there instead of Jacksonville. Maybe if he went to Jacksonville he could have had a go but sometimes When you get what you want you realize it wasn’t what you hoped for……New York seems like that place for Tebow.

  15. He doesnt have to give up on his NFL….he just needs to give up on being a QB and play another position. He could be good as a TE or FB. It really a matter of how much he wants to play.

  16. OK. Sure. As a Denver fan I wanted them to keep him in some capacity. They didn’t and that is history. Queue all the “he’s not a NFL QB” talk but one thing, he’s not is a quitter. All the haters will chime in on moms wifi but as a non-Christian I say he’ll have a job in the NFL in the near future. Maybe back up maybe other position if he needs or wants the money. Do I agree with the proselytizing, No. But so what.

  17. Gonna be alot of haters but can’t deny his leadership n what he did! Not what “NFL wants” but he I think could be good in some offenses! League is boycotting him because they don’t want league to run that type of offense! He’s a winner though n proved it. Orton had an arm which QB’s are judged upon but Tebow won! Eagles should be signing this guy to backup Vick in Chips system! ……now haters….hate!!!

  18. Even by ESPN standards the whole story was ridiculous from the start. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect from Yahoo! Silver! The standard of discourse in the pro football world has reached some sorry depths. Everyone trying to outsleaze each other. It’s all going to implode on itself eventually. You can feel the breaking point tension.

  19. Its a shame that he has his fans/off-field success to blame for this. I think almost every team would benefit from having a guy of his character and talent (football talent, not QB talent) on their roster, but no-one wants the side-show that comes along with it. Pretty sad.

  20. The reason Tebow doesn’t have a job is because some QB needy teams such as the Jaguars, Vikings, Browns, and maybe even the Bucs and Titans wasted first-round draft picks on guys that they’re not ready to give up on, and signing Tebow would do nothing to help the growth of these young QBs. But after this season, GMs and owners of some of these teams will look for other options.

  21. Good grief… some people just aren’t NFL quarterbacks. I feel bad for Tebow in that he’s never really had to live with this kind of failure and it’s a much more difficult challenge of character to maintain composure and poise when your best isn’t good enough.

  22. “As we’ve seen time and again, 31 teams can shout “no” — it only takes one to whisper “yes” for a guy to have a job.”

    I feel like this sentence belongs as an online dating site’s tagline.

  23. Looking at Tim Tebow’s career stats the only problem he has is completion percentage (47.9). He has thrown almost twice as many touchdowns than interceptions (17 td – 9 int). He has rushed for almost 1000 yards (989) and scored 12 more touchdowns on the ground. He also has a winning record as a starter (8-5), which includes a playoff win against the Steelers.

  24. Well if he finally gets that the media is poison, maybe I’ll leave him alone.


  25. Tebow would take a third string job…but the hoopla that comes with him isnt worth it…besides, the NFL hates any message they dont publicly initiate..its unspoken collusion

  26. If there is one constant to coincidence, it is the infinity of angles narrowed down to something even more unruly.

    Yesterday it was reported that Tebow’s future has “Donald Trump’s butler” sticky noted all over it, while at the same time trying to sidestep the added embarrassment of being stuck with Chuck Norris as his bff.

    It is pleasing to learn by this latest PFT post that Tebow’s camp is now rejecting the report of capitulation, and they fully intend to stay under the radar (at least until they can figure out a way to take an even bigger swing at mocking the act of prayer).

    Another converging line of interest from yesterday was that Michele Bachmann is quitting in 2014? The similarities between Tebow’s and Bachmann’s throwing motion is uncanny.

    Congressman Tebow, anyone?

  27. Look, I don’t consider a drunken Jerry Jones to be a football genius by any means. But y’know what? He said it before Tebow was even (ridiculously) drafted: the guy should never see the field.

    And hell, if you’re THIS far behind Jerry Jones, you probably don’t have a job in the NFL anymore.

    Tebow’s done.

  28. “Per Garafolo, Tebow won’t be addressing the story in the near future because Tebow’s goal is to remain off radar, in an effort to avoid the kind of attention that will reinforce the perception that signing Tebow would welcome a major distraction.”

    Good luck! Moth to a flame.

  29. He’s proven he can win, but he’s also proven he can’t throw and isn’t close to NFL standard.
    So, based on that, I’m guessing he drops down to Arena, is very successful against much lower grade opponents, and come 2014 someone desperate will look at his Arena success and sign him, and in doing so put their teams progress back a year

  30. His best bet was trying to establish a career in the CFL.

    He probably will claim he was wronged by the NFL as he begins a lucrative public speaking life. He will make millions as the folks flock to the new ‘leader’.

    Matthew 19:24, or Mark 10:25, or Luke 18:25.

  31. The real question is will he write and make millions off of a second autobiography? Who writes his autobiography at age 21 before starting his professional career? Worse yet, who buys an autobiography written about a 21 year old?

  32. The media is so despicable and pathetic. Tebow has been “off the radar”, quiet, hasn’t said or done a thing since he was released, and suddenly, out of nowhere comes a dubious story.If any body doesn’t think that writers manufacture stories, you are naive.

  33. Listen..any player cut by the New York Jets should realize his career is over. Especially if you can’t beat Sanchez for a job.

  34. I guess what I don’t understand with Tebow is his insistence on being a QB. Try marketing yourself as a FB / TE. I do believe he can compete in the NFL, just not at QB. The hurdle will be getting any team to sign up for the circus that will follow as soon as they give him a contract.

  35. Give the man an opportunity. He deserves the chance to fail if Sanchez does. Sanchez is pitiful. Great guy and moral leader is Tim. Give him at least the opportunity to fail. He was the national champ and Hiesman Trophy Winner. I’ve seen the backups in the NFL. Really??? On some of these guys.

  36. He really deserves an opportunity to show one way or the other that he is able to play in the NFL in some capacity either as QB, RB or tight end. He is a dedicated team player and would improve any team.

  37. Why not make a full back out of the guy? And then you could wildcat him on goal line situations and let him do the one thing he is good at……

  38. Geesh I am so sick of people talking about how Tebow can play this position or that position or anything. He doesn’t want to play anything else but QB and every NFL team knows that he cannot play that position so let it go. Tebow is the Kim Kardashian of the NFL. He needs to leave and go somewhere else, none of us here know more then any GM in the league so obviously his skills arent so great that they can put up with the circus.

  39. I love the guy as a person, but the sad truth is that he isn’t an NFL QB. Maybe if he wants to switch positions, some team will give him a shot. If he isn’t willing to switch, he’s done.

  40. What’s happened to this kid is a crime. The truth is any other QB with his skill level would be offered a position as a backup at least.

    But because it is Tebow…because of the media and fan frenzie that follows him…he is looking at the end of his career.

    It’s a crime. Really. He’s done nothing wrong, but he is being discriminated against by the NFL as a whole.

    He should file suit.

  41. The big shame here is that the media swarms him to excess which causes too big a distraction for coaches. Is he a good enough QB for the NFL, hard to say but he did win games, ugly but wins. If his name was not Tebow would he be on a team? Probably since a team would take a flyer on a guy with intangibles at the #3 QB that they could experiment with at different positions. But with that, your #3 guy should never be a headline, and that’s why he is unemployed.

  42. war71 says:
    “I guess what I don’t understand with Tebow is his insistence on being a QB. Try marketing yourself as a FB / TE. I do believe he can compete in the NFL, just not at QB. The hurdle will be getting any team to sign up for the circus that will follow as soon as they give him a contract.”

    Except even then no team would give him a shot because of the frenzie.

  43. If Danica Patrick gets to race NASCAR, Tim Tebow should get another shot in the NFL.

  44. Do some of you even pay attention? The only thing Tebow fanatics can hang their hat on is that Denver made the playoffs, but yet none of you seem to want to talk about how he actually played during that quote un quote “run” they made. AGAIN – per the last article, when Tebow was the quarterback in Denver not one scout or general manager was even close to being enamored with how he played. Do you freaks not get that going 6-22 for 95 yards almost every game is NOT a sustainable way to win? I also see a ton of comments that he is better than half the backup quarterbacks around the league. Actually, no. No he is not. He is just THAT bad as a passer. Did you loons also read the part where John Fox was simply “aghast” at just how inaccurate Tebow was? Or was that selective memory again?

  45. No Coach or GM is going to bring the Cult of Tebow and all its distraction for a QB with 47.9% completion percentage. If he wants to switch positions, he would likely continue his career at least another one or two years. If not, people need to let it go, including leeches in the media looking for that low hanging fruit of hyped up nonsense they created. If only Eric Crouch got such love.

  46. I think the media circus is the reason he is not with a team. Are you telling me he doesn’t have as good a shot to at lest be a backup with Jacksonville? Come on, he is as good as anyone they have

  47. I get it that many fans want Tebow to succeed. My problem is with Tim it becomes a sideshow. It is sad because he doesn’t bring it upon himself, the rest of us do. He is the antithesis of TO. You also want him to succeed and then again you don’t. It’s strange and in some ways sad to see this happen when obviously he seems like a good kid.

  48. I saw Tebow play for the first time as a junior at Nease High School. He was awesome.
    I’m a big Gator fan….loved him at Florida.
    I’m a big Tebow fan and a christian.
    I couldn’t wait for the dude to become a pro.

    I’m in the sports world and evaluating talent is a part of what I do.

    Having said all that I’m quite familiar with the scenario of a player having the skill set to succeed at one level but not the next level.

    I don’t believe there is any “conspiracy” against Tebow. The Jets traded for him thinking they were getting “this” only to realize they were getting “that.” They had a hard time putting him on the field. Not much success when they did.

    There is definitely the distraction factor that would keep a possible GM from pulling the trigger, but at the end of the day, if they think he can play, his game would out weigh the distraction. 32 GM’s passing is quite a statement. How do people not get this?

    You can’t disrupt your offensive scheme to put in a guy who you aren’t sure can play in the first place. How do people not get this?

    I’m a big Jags fan. Love the guy Tebow. Love what he represents on an off the field. Love his body of work in high school and college. Don’t want him on my beloved Jags team. Gabbert may not be our guy, but Tebow would be a bigger problem for us.

    Nuff said from me. Peace out!

  49. Two days ago there is an article saying they have given up and not surprisingly this article totally contradicting it. Does this stuff get verified before being put on here or is it posted to create controversy?

  50. @curls51-That was a great post, very clear…If you were to write that on a blog, however..there would be a vocal minority calling you a hater,picking apart your words and basically denying everything that you say. That is the problem for us in Jacksonville. There is no rationality with that vocal minority…Some say that Gabbert is awful, so why not bring in Tebow? The reason is that Gabbert is a good practice player.(Tebow is documented, not) So, if the Jags don’t anoint Tebow the starter, the screaming would start. What is a distraction in some cities would be a destruction in Jacksonville.

  51. Why don’t the kid just switch to Tight End ad then he would have a job then the team he’s on can have another backup QB if needed but he would start as TE. Makes sense. At least he gets to play on the NFL And might have some more opportunities.

  52. Actually, Emma, Curl’s post wasn’t a “great post” it was from an obvious wannabe sports analyzer pretending to be a Tebow fan and posing as a Jag. Sorry, but no one with a brain who watched Tim Tebow in both high school (winning a state championship) and college (winning a Heisman and 2 National championships), then watch him start for the Broncos in 2011, turning that team around and getting them a playoff berth while captivating the entire country, could possibly say with a straight face that Tim Tebow would be worse for the Jags then Blaine Gabbert. That doesn’t even pass the smell test. I get that “Tebow-mania” and the circus of his popularity is a lot for a team to take on, however Jacksonville should only wish they had such problems. We’re going to watch Jacksonville be irrelevant and the arm-pit of the NFL for yet another season, and they will have only themselves to blame.

  53. The only way Tebow gets another job in the NFL is if Urban Meyer decides to jump to the NFL. Even then Tebow would probably be nothing more than a backup at best.

  54. @toddvenice-You are proving my point. I never said that Tebow would be worse for the Jaguars than Blaine Gabbert. I said that history has shown that Tebow would not beat him out in a practice competition. Then, the hysteria would ensue.
    You are making assumptions about curls51, just as I predicted would happen. See, you are the reason that Tim Tebow is not in the NFL. No one wants it!
    Sure, you can cherry pick his good stats, while completely overlooking the fact that he lost games for Denver in ugly fashions. He is a poor practice player, that cannot beat even the most average QB.
    Cognitively, he has difficulty reading defenses, oh and his throwing motion…Plus, many Heisman QBs have not made it in the NFL…Still, the main reason is you.But, you’re right Jacksonville will not be good next year, with or without Tim Tebow.

  55. Without listing some of the many zombies on current NFL squads it seems a shame that no team is willing to let him try out. Not sure what his demands are but wish he would just get a chance to make a squad. At least he gives us something to post about on a no NFL news day

  56. How bad is the guy as a quarter back that he couldn’t unseat Capt. Buttfumble?

    If Tebow wants back in the league, he has to be willing to switch positions. Lot of other college quarter backs have done so in the past. No one knocks them for it.

    Guess Tebow’s ego is just to big to handle that reality.

  57. I have my doubts whether he will ever be an NFL QB, I’d say he has maybe a 15% chance depending on how things shake out injury wise.

    That said it is amusing to see how many people come on to complain that a Tebow story is on the website. You guys do realize if you aren’t interested you can just not click on it and not read it, right? I mean it isn’t against the law to just skip over it to a story you are interested in.

  58. For everyone who says he should go to the Jaguars because they already have a terrible quarterback, when given more than two point eight seconds in the pocket Blaine Gabbert ranks in the top 7 quarterbacks in the league. I think anybody who understand the dynamic of football and that is a team sport can look at the Jaguar season and see that clearly the problem is the line. That’s one reason running MJD straight up the middle work so good for them is because the tackles are so terrible that the outside of the d line is already well behind him when he gets the ball, giving him the ability to cut out whichever way he wants. With the improved offenseive line thanks to the draft, and a general manager who understands analyzing players and their history vs just looking at whether someone is married and has a clean arrest record, I think a lot of you people will be shocked at the numbers that Blaine Gabbert can put up this year as long as the line can keep him off his back

  59. He makes 48 thousand a week guaranteed money from the Jets. He won’t sign with anyone for less. When the time is right…….there will be many offers.

  60. I am amazed at all the posts like this. If you think he is irrelevant why are you reading and then posting on a Tebow article to begin with? A sign of too much free time or a wife on a trip to see her mother?

  61. Here’s a realistic answer for the Tebow problem. The only place he can play where he wouldn’t be the medias number one target would be here in DC. He could serve a few different purposes here.

    1-Take some of the media spotlight off RG3
    2-Come in as a TE and emergency #3 qb, learn the system
    3-Eventually replace Cousins as RG3’s back up if and when Cousins leaves

    Just seems like it makes a whole lot of sense to me….it’ll never happen though.

  62. Is there a favorable scouting report on tebow playing another position? I would be curious if PFT can provide a ranking of what scouts think tebow would be best suited playing in the nfl. Fullback? TE? Special Teams gunner – I mean, there must be a spot he can excel at.

  63. Can someone please explain the terms of posting here. It seems if you disagree in the slightest with the author the posts arent allowed. Some people need a little thicker skin.

  64. “Tebow won more playoff games as a Bronco than Manning.”

    I can’t believe this is an actual argument people try to use. Brad Johnson won more Super Bowls than Dan Marino, it doesn’t mean he’s a better QB. All the playoffs showed was that Tebow had a better secondary behind him than Manning did. Unless Timmy was out there playing safety, it’s a completely useless argument.

  65. Could the entire anti-Tebow crowd explain one thing to me? the Denver team with God’s gift to the Buick Motor Co. got just as far in the 2012/13 NFL play-offs as the Tebow led Broncos did in the year before and spent a lot less money doing so. What am I missing?

  66. When he’s wearing an NFL-uni with numbers on it and standing on the sidelines during a practice or game, I’ll notice. Until that time the man does not exist for me. All of this hoopla over a mediocre-at-best QB, is totally asinine.

  67. He may have won a game against Pittsburg, but he wasn’t good enough to beat Auburn when he was at Florida!

  68. “What am I missing?”

    A fundamental understanding of how football works? Comprehension of the idea that football is about both offense and defense? A grasp of how teams differ from year to year and different teams play one another in the playoffs? Any sort of memory of what happened at the end of the Broncos/Ravens game?

  69. shogunassasin30, how dare you bring facts and reasonable arguments in a thread full of blind and easily duped Tebowmaniacs, Gator fans, and evangelical conservatives.

  70. JDR says: Jun 1, 2013 2:42 PM

    “Tebow won more playoff games as a Bronco than Manning.”

    I can’t believe this is an actual argument people try to use. Brad Johnson won more Super Bowls than Dan Marino, it doesn’t mean he’s a better QB. All the playoffs showed was that Tebow had a better secondary behind him than Manning did. Unless Timmy was out there playing safety, it’s a completely useless argument.


    lol, all the old indy apologists have now moved to Denver.

    facts are facts in Denver
    Playoff games:
    Tebow: 1-1
    Manning 0-1

    god that has to sting a wee bit doesn’t it.

  71. trollingforjustice says: Jun 1, 2013 4:09 PM

    he has plenty of time…look how long it took to get rid of Jeff George

    Jeff George is hoping for a tryout with the Jaguars. Claims he’s a better passer than Gabbert and Tebow combined.

  72. Tebow in Chicago? I know it wont happen but the truth is all he do is WIN.. Tebow may not be a normal NFL QB but all he do is WIN

  73. Most of the posters here seem to equate football with religion when it’s just about entertainment. Tebow would be great for the Bears and fuel endless Cutler vs. Tebow arguments even if he only got in 4 plays per game, ala the Jets. It won’t happen and in all likelihood the Bears will be 8 and 8 or 9 and 7 and Bear fans will grumble all year long. At least Tebow would keep our minds off the mediocrity.

  74. Actually I’m a Niner fan. But way to go, you’ve pointed out that Tebow overcame his own suck to hit a receiver who then broke an 80 yard run against an overrated Steeler team while Manning lost when his safety blew coverage against the eventual Super Bowl Champs.

    So just ignore the dismal completion rate, terrible field presence, awful passing stats and appalling turnover rate and just stick your head in the sand and repeat over and over again how a team with Tebow at QB beat the Steelers in a wild card game.

    That will somehow make him not suck?

  75. Tebow in Green Bay? Nope. The minute Rodgers throws a pick, or when the Pack is blowing out their opponents, you Tebowians will start crying for your patron Saint to “get a chance” or “Let Tim play”. If Tim Tebow was a Muslim instead of a Christian, no one would care.

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