Aaron Rodgers: Randall Cobb will emerge as “a big-time star”

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Randall Cobb had an excellent 2012 season in Green Bay, totaling 2,342 all-purpose yards. But Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers thinks Cobb will be even better this year.

Rodgers told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he thinks Cobb is ready to emerge as one of the NFL’s truly elite players in 2013.

I think he can be a 100-catch guy,” Rodgers said. “We haven’t had that here in a while. But I think he can. I think he’s a special player. As long as he can stay healthy, I think he’s going to be a big-time star for us.”

Last year Cobb totaled 80 catches for 954 yards, 10 carries for 132 yards, 38 kickoff returns for 964 yards and 31 punt returns for 292 yards. If the departure of Greg Jennings makes Cobb an even bigger part of the offense, and if Cobb remains the Packers’ top kick returner, he’ll have a chance of breaking Darren Sproles’ record of 2,696 all-purpose yards in a season.

Cobb has a natural gift for making plays with the ball in his hands, but Rodgers says what really sets Cobb apart is the way he works.

“He puts a lot of extra time in,” Rodgers said. “He watches a ton of film. He spent an offseason watching various slot guys that he admired and tried to pick things up.”

Cobb, who’s only 22 years old, has a very bright future in Green Bay.

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  1. One more reason the Pack will win at least two more Super Bowls before Rodgers’ career ends.

  2. Cobb is a great athlete and there are a lot of young WRs in the game that are becoming game changers. He’s had one good season, and we all know players have good years and fade away sometimes. Cobb was a former QB so he knows defenses. I know he didn’t catch any TDs against the Vikes last year, but this kid can play.

  3. Comparing him to Harvin is just silly tho, Cobb has had one breakout year, he will never be an MVP candidate like Harvin was last year before the injury.

  4. Vikes fans are so cute.

    “Waiting for him to have a breakout season for some time now”

    Really? He had one last year, in his second year.

    “Will never be an MVP candidate”

    Really? Most people would say that he’ll be a candidate several times, as it’s his third year and he’s catching passes from a perennial MVP candidate.

    But whatever eases your fears, kids.

  5. He’s actually better than Harvin, its just that he’s on a team that has more talent at the WR position so the ball is spread around more.

    The other major difference is that he gets along with his QB and that will be the difference when it comes to signing his second contract, a step that Harvin was unwilling to make in Minnesota.

  6. Rodgers is the best QB in football (coming from a fan of another team.)

    I’m pretty sure anyone lining up at WR for a team with Rodgers at QB has the potential to be a big time star and playmaker.

  7. Thank you Captain obvious! All of you fantasy pro’s needed to hear that to move him up your boards? Did you watch him last yr? Have you seen the defenses in the North? Neither have I because there isn’t any. If Cobb can stay healthy he’ll be the Kernel…

  8. Their stats according to pro-football-reference are actually quite similar. I’ll take the younger guy without all of the baggage any day and twice on Sunday.

  9. “It’s funny how all Packer fans pretend like that they don’t care that they lost Greg Jennings..”

    Its not pretending, Greg was healthy for 5 games last year so we know what life without him is like. Thats not to say he won’t be missed but unlike most teams GB still has 3 really good WRs and a pretty good tight end to go with them and finally some legitimate RBs to strike some offensive balance. Hes not needed anymore.

    “Comparing him to Harvin is just silly tho, Cobb has had one breakout year, he will never be an MVP candidate like Harvin was last year before the injury.”

    The comparison is as valid as they come but I will give you that Harvin is the better player on the field. Cobb is a damn fine player in his own right and just a better person overall. Hes doesn’t have the attitude problems or the headaches that Harvin brings to the table.

  10. The Packers superb coaching staff has been adding dimensions to his gave since he returned the kick off in his NFL game.

    He and Aaron Rodgers should be 1st and 2nd in the MVP balloting this season.

  11. I wanted the Pats to grab this guy a few years back. We sure as hell could use him.

  12. With all the draft capital spent on RBs, I would think ideally there would be zero WRs that get enough targets to get 100 catches and the offense would be a bit more balanced.

  13. Cobb is a beast no doubt, and I would love to see him become a true super star but….. it’s a little early to say he has a great chance to break Darren Sproles AP record! There have been countless players that have had great seasons only to fall off the face of the earth! A great player remains or elevates his play year after year, so lets see this guy put together a couple more seasons like his last then we can start talking about records and stuff like that! But yes if this guy can play at this level year after year than he is going to be scary dangerous!

  14. Rodgers would seem like a pretty fair judge of talent. Cobb has the potential, now he has to prove it.

  15. Now Rodgers is trying to turn a role player into a #1 WR. WAKE UP! greenbay dont have a real #1 WR on that team and Rodgers dont care as long as he got paid

  16. Andre rison 2.0. This guy will spend more time behind bars than on the field. Book it!

  17. chi01town says: Jun 2, 2013 3:54 PM

    Now Rodgers is trying to turn a role player into a #1 WR. WAKE UP! greenbay dont have a real #1 WR on that team and Rodgers dont care as long as he got paid


    James Jones had more TDs than anyone on the Bears roster, right?

    Shouldn’t you be more worried about the Bears lack of a true number one receiver?

    I mean, I know you have Brandon “I’m all about me” Marshall, but really, grow up.

  18. Anyone that is comparing Cobb to Harvin needs to look at their highlight reels. That should clear things up quickly.

    Now, to those of you who truly believe Cobb could be MVP: Wake up! As long as he is playing with Aaron Rodgers there is literally NO CHANCE this guy will ever be MVP, he won’t even be the MVP of the Packers, let alone the entire league! If serious. Harvin has a much more realistic chance of earning MVP.
    That being said, good luck prying the MVP trophy from Adrian’s hands.

  19. If Cobb is a “superstar” then so is Alfred Morris.
    If one great season makes u an NFL superstar the list of active superstars would be in the hundreds. One season does not a superstar make. If Cobb repeats his performance from last season then maybe we can start talking about superstardom. Until then its just a pipe dream from a Packer troll.

  20. Cobb is a good slot guy, not quite as much running back as Harvin is..also smaller. GB needs that slot presence but you guys all seem to forget he got pulled from punt return duties. He’s not on the same level as Harvin or Sproles…yet.

  21. There are a few poeple on this thread that have not seen a football game. At least it appears that way.

    Listen, The Packers let Jennings go elsewhere. If GB wanted Jennings, they would ahve signed him.

    Oh, and “without Jennings, Cobb will never get open”. Must have missed the part where Jennings played all season in 2012? Cobb caught almost all those balls while jennings was on the sidelines with injury. Cobb can do it, anyone who thinks he cannot is a fool.

    What kind of idiot would think Cobb is a trouble maker and compare him to Rison? Cobb is a pretty quiet guy who plays football and is not heard of other than that. I highly doubt we’ll be seeing him on the police blotter. If he were that type of eprson, GB would have cut him already.

    Anyway, feel good hating on the Packers all you vikings and bears fans. It is all you have to make yourselves feel good.

  22. Last year he wasn’t covered due to Jennings, etc. This year he will be double teamed and hit hard off the line and will not be the impact player people are expecting. I’ve got the Pack at 6-11 this year.

  23. Nothing to see here.
    ShAaron is throwing the other cheese head wide outs under the bus.
    & for the Qb to question Cobb’s health…well, that just speaks for itself.

  24. Y.O.T.T.O. wasn’t just for Finley.. If you dont know Cobb today, you damn sure will by the end of this next upcoming season!

  25. I think the Cobb/Harvin argument can be summed up by this. Both are dynamic football players. But Harvin has actually decreased his yardage every year. From 2081 in his rookie year to 1908 to 1832 to 1347. I know he was hurt, but Harvin hasn’t even sniffed 2342. And Cobb is 22 years old. Think about that. And their salaries? Harvin will make $14.5 million this year. Cobb? Under 1 million. Simple math.

    Cobb > Harvin.

  26. Funny how the Packer fans had nothing but trash to talk about Percy Harvin when he played for the Vikings. But now that he is gone, they are all so eager to compare Cobb to him.

  27. Cute? I was trying to pay the young man a complement. I think he is an extremely talented receiver, and will hit the national spotlight in a big way. Hence the breakout season I spoke of.

  28. Saying Percy is better than Cobb is like saying Dwight Howard is better than Roy Hibbert. Sure in theory, but give me the “less talented” guy who wins games, and is actually liked and respected.

    Oh and Rodgers…your my favorite player but…stop trying blow up my fantasy team! shhhh

    Side note: Percy was slightly closer to MVP than I was last year. Was never going to happen

  29. Randle El 2.0. Though he won’t ever pass for a SB TD (both for reasons of skill & lack of opp), so I guess he’s more a poor man’s Randle El.

  30. How can you tell when someone is a Vikings fan?

    They think each team plays 17 games in a season.

    You have the Packers going 6-11? Wow. Explain, for the love of everything holy.

    Also, vikings fans only prayer for anything better than 2nd in the division is hoping Rodgers gets hurt. How pathetic are you?

    Worst fan base in sports. Hands down.

  31. Sproles record is safe as the team will be lessening his special team duties this year. I would think he will see less carries at running back as well. Which is why you will see more targets as a receiver.

  32. Cobb’s development is exciting for Packer fans because he’s following the typical superstar receiver career trajectory. The Packers have beaten the hapless, tasteless Vikings and Bears for each season of Cobb’s career, and those two teams have no hope of changing their misfortune.

    The Packers 2013 assault on a record 14th World Championship is lining up nicely.

  33. Cobbs first full season was better than Harvins best season, do I need to say more?

    Spielman we did not have a rt last year Due to injury and still sent you home crying in the playoffs. The bigger question is who is going to play qb for the Vikings?

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