Bears issue statement on behalf of Evan Rodriguez


Though we don’t know how many arrests it takes to get a player cut by the Bears, the answer apparently isn’t two.

In the wake of his second arrest of the offseason, the Bears haven’t parted ways with tight end Evan Rodriguez.  Instead, they’ve issued on his behalf a statement expressing remorse for Friday’s alleged DUI.

“I am deeply sorry for the incident that occurred the other night,” Rodriguez said.  “I want to apologize to the entire Bears organization, my teammates, coaches and Bears fans everywhere.  I realize that I made a very poor decision.  I know that more is expected of me and that I let a lot of people down that are counting on me.  I will make positive changes in my life so that this doesn’t happen again.”

Such statements make the recovering lawyer in me nervous, because they come dangerously close to admitting guilt.  But the broader point for now is that, guilty or not, two arrests apparently aren’t enough to make Rodriguez a former Bear.

I wonder how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?

28 responses to “Bears issue statement on behalf of Evan Rodriguez

  1. So the recovering lawyer in you advises to always try and get out of stuff (instead of taking responsibility for your misdeeds in life)?

    I can do that … as much as my piggy bank allows.

  2. He needs to be in mandatory alcohol counseling…And cue the Packer trolls who will pounce on this post like flies on…well, you know.

  3. Poor excuse!! The NFL must pass out these NFL pre-approved excuses and all you do is fill out name of team and sign!!!

  4. I can only imagine the hate and feigning of outrage that this would cause on PFT if he played for the Lions.
    At least with the PED thing in Seattle and the fact that the Bears sign guys like Rodriguez, Sam Hurd etc…maybe you haters can redirect your misplaced hatred towards a different team for a while.

  5. You trying to pull a Titus Young??? The battle for the bottom of the NFC North continues. At least the Lions cut Young and he is a team away since he signed with the Rams for 10 days LOL. Oh well hopefully he gets his life together and turns it around.

    Don’t let the Bears turn into the Lions of last year please. I’m a Lions fan and don’t want that.

  6. The recovering lawyer you would remember that charges were dropped in the first arrest and that “the State’s Attorney prosecuting the case “made a conclusive determination that no crimes were committed by Evan Rodriguez.””

  7. larryboodry says: Jun 2, 2013 3:36 PM

    He needs to be in mandatory alcohol counseling…And cue the Packer trolls who will pounce on this post like flies on…well, you know.

    Larry, it’s unnecessary for us Packer fans to pounce on this like F.O.S. , We can’t compete with the sick crap you Bears fans seem to come up with.

    As far as this story goes, the kid needs counseling. 3 strikes and you’re out in my book.

  8. You know what? Although I STILL don’t condone driving under the influence, I remembered that the first time he got arrested, the charges were dropped. So I guess in THEIR (front office) eyes, it’s just one offense. But all it takes is one to end someone’s life! If that’s the way the Bears’ upper management wants to handle it, more power to them. It’s just my opinion and I am in no way, shape, or form a part of their organization. It’s still pretty sad that these idiots can’t ever take a taxi. The NFL has a device that they can use yet they don’t because they don’t either want to pay for it OR they don’t want to leave their cars??? No idea……

  9. Am I the only one who is fed up by those fake apologies obviously issued by PR departments?
    Have you ever heard a NFL player talk like that in real life?

  10. its fuuny how the packer fans forget that najeh davenport was pooping in closets, and one of their tight ends had child sexual abuse charges for raping a teenager, but the lions n bears are the worst teams ever

  11. unbiasfan says:
    Jun 2, 2013 4:03 PM
    The Lions are reportedly now interesting in acquiring Evan Rodriguez

    What a brilliant, original statement. Did you come up with that on your own?

  12. DUI has been an issue all offseason. If the league truly cares about the players, they should institute a program to help avoid the issue. I remember reading about an initiative started (I believe it was/is the NFL) where the players just need to call and the team/league pays for a safe ride home. They also ought to look at devoting more time to it at the rookie symposium. If A-Cro can turn his financial situation around and share his wisdom with the rookies, there is no reason why the league can’t have any of these guys speak to them about the dangers of getting behind the wheel of your car drunk.

    I love the Packers idiot fans acting all high and mighty. Of course since a big part of their fan base jumped on the bandwagon in the mid 90s they forget a HOF WR who was accused of sexual assault (which was later dropped…just as Rodriguez’s 1st case was) and of course who can forget Mossy Cade…a CB who was convicted of raping his aunt. SI even had a special section about it in 1987

    The Lions have dirty players…even their QB plays dirty after yet another of his INTs. On the field Suh is no better than Charles Martin. Fairley and LeShore also seem to have trouble staying out of the police blotter.

    The Vikings? Two words…Love Boat. Of course there was also that little incident of Randy Moss deliberately hitting a policewoman with his car.

    The Bears generally crack down on the knuckleheads. Herd? Gone once they knew from the evidence that they had cause. Same with Benson. Tank Johnson? Gone. Rodriguez? Likely gone within the week.

  13. tonyc920 says:

    “Larry, it’s unnecessary for us Packer fans to pounce on this like F.O.S. , We can’t compete with the sick crap you Bears fans seem to come up with.”

    Examples, please…To prove my case, I just need to mention tokyofilthymcsandblaster.

  14. Really this shouldnt be no discusion
    cause Emery needs to realize what Trestman is trying to do and thats coach a new system. This guy cant play and can only hurt the team with his nonsense. FIRE HIM NOW and move on

  15. If you believe for one second that Rodriguez wrote that statement, then you’re a fool.

  16. The number of arrests a team is willing to put up with is directly related to how much a team values a player. No team will cut someone they think can help them win. A borderline player goes quickly as a PR move to show the public how the team is committed to a high standard.
    On a side note, I also am real tired of these teams putting apologies out that are supposedly from the player. Most of these guys pulling these stunts can’t put two intelligent sentences together.

  17. Two known issues as a pro. Don’t forget he had a history of getting in trouble as a college player. He’s a heck of an athlete but he’s a turd and teams knew that before the draft.

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