DeSean Jackson eyeballs representation by Jay-Z

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Apparently, there’s no such thing as bad publicity for Jay-Z’s latest venture.

With his new firm creating headlines (and controversy) via the addition of Giants receiver Victor Cruz and Jets quarterback Geno Smith, Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports could be sliding down I-95 and adding Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson.

According to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Jackson has terminated his relationship with agent Drew Rosenhaus and could sign with Jay-Z’s firm.

Mike Garafolo of USA Today takes it a step farther, turning “could” into “would like to.”

Jackson’s desire to launch a music career has attracted him to Jay-Z.  “That culture for hip-hop was huge, and I had a passion for it at an early age,” Jackson told Yahoo! Sports last year.  “I have a slim chance of making it in the music industry.  It’s a risk, [and there are] no guarantees.  But I’m a firm believer in having one life, and living that one life up.”

Per NFLPA rules, a five-day waiting period must expire before Jackson signs with a new agent.  In the interim, Rosenhaus could try to persuade Jackson to change his mind.

If the termination sticks, the biggest question becomes whether Jackson would hire Roc Nation Sports for marketing and football representation (like Smith did) or whether Jay-Z will handle off-field interests and Jackson will hire CAA to deal with his NFL contract (like Cruz did).  With the NFLPA currently investigating whether and to what extent Jay-Z helped persuade Smith to sign with Jay-Z’s in-house NFLPA-certified agent, Kim Miale, in violation of NFLPA rules, Jay-Z needs to tread lightly.

Or maybe he doesn’t.  Maybe Jackson already has been recruited via the media’s coverage of the Smith recruitment.  Maybe Jackson needs only to call Miale and say, “I want to hire you to handle my football contract.”  If so, there will be no way to prove that Jay-Z recruited Jackson to sign with Miale.

If that’s what happen, the NFLPA will have no choice but to take a step back from its current rule and ask itself why that rule is in place, and whether and to what extent the rule should be changed to address situations like this.  Jay-Z isn’t a runner in the classic sense; he owns an agency.  CAA is owned by non-certified NFLPA agents, too.  So are other firms.

In the end, perhaps the NFLPA should broaden the lens and consider clarifying or revising its rules when the recruiter isn’t working for the certified agent, but the certified agent is working for the recruiter.

51 responses to “DeSean Jackson eyeballs representation by Jay-Z

  1. How about rapping after you retire? NFL = Not For Long. Especially when youre focused on other priorities (not counting family).

  2. If George Bush can be a painter, then DeSean Jackson, Geno Smith, Victor Cruz and anyone else who wants to be added to the list can be hip-hop artists.

    I’m still gunning for astronaut, myself.

  3. Coming this fall from Roc-A-Fella records…DeSean Jackson: Tha Premature Celebration Compilation, Vol. 1

  4. All this hype over a sports agency that has yet to sign their clients to a contract.

    Skylar Diggins doesn’t count. WNBA players don’t really negotiate rookie deals. They get standard deals year in year out.

  5. I’m telling you, with all this publicity. Combined with Jay-Z’s track record as the head of Roc Nation. He doesn’t need to recruit. His actions alone speak volumes and he just sits back and watch the stars come to him.

  6. More power to him. I don’t care if he signs with Captain Kangaroo. Dude is a beast. Coming from a Skins fan, I’m still mad we drafted Devin Thomas over him… lol

  7. As an Eagles fan I’ve never once put my foot down and said, “We gotta part ways with Desean,” because I’ve always felt that he is in a very select group of playmakers that can do things that seem almost miraculous…things that absolutely blow your mind.

    …but for a guy that never seemed to be a hard-worker in the first place, IF he decides hes going to pour a lot more of his time and effort into a secondary career choice outside of football…he doesn’t deserve to be employed by my team.

  8. Watch all these guys signing with Jay-z either get miserable contracts or end up not signing one. I will laugh my ass off. Especially Cano and Geno Smith

  9. Seems to be the destination of choice for Divas with an over inflated sense of self worth.

    Because we all know what every Diva needs is a YES MAN in his corner. Rapping.

  10. I don’t see this ending particularly well for any of these athletes, long term.

  11. I’m going to start manufacturing designer pocket protectors with matching slide rules. Fashion accessories no well dressed man should leave the house without.

  12. Cano and Geno can’t be used in the same sentence. Cano is the best athlete and most relevant of the bunch. Props to Hova making this much noise in less then 3 months. These old outdated agents finally have some competition. Won’t be long until he representing some of the biggest names in all major sports. The big three hockey doesn’t count!

  13. Stick to the game not your public status. The NFL will be over for you before you know it then you can do what ever you want focus.

  14. Most nfl players file for bankruptcy within five years of retirement. So planing ahead makes sense on some level. Making it as a rapper is a little far fetched though, might I suggest washing and waxing all the cars you bought after draft day, that way when you go broke you’ll have plenty of experience for your new job.

  15. Makes sense. Jackson has been making poor choices his entire pro career.

  16. If i remember correctly his rap label was given as the reason that he half-assed it through the end of his rookie contract.

    He was throwing champaign parties and promoting the rap image for his buddies who signed under his rap label. He ran out of money and didn’t want to risk the guaranteed money he’d get next football contract as that was his piggy bank.

  17. This would work out really well with that image of being a complete idiot that he’s trying to cultivate

  18. Ricky Williams would tell you to stay away from Rappers becoming sports agents (Master P)! They don’t have experience negotiating sports deals and they are “practicing” with you and your families future.

    Also, keep your profession (football) apart from this hobby of yours (music)….the music industry is built on thievery… will more likely squander lots of your professional earnings trying to pursue it.

  19. I think owners will try to screw these players when their contracts roll around bs take advantage of these sub par agents. However in canos case hell get what he wants. I hate the Yankees with all of my being but he is amazing

  20. Seems that Jay-Z is going after the types of clients that Rosenhaus has specialized in over the years. This could get entertaining.

  21. its sad to realize when his nfl career is over whether its due to freak injury or he just gets older hes going to be broke. his agent a year or 2 ago had to pay off hundreds of thousands i think i read, during the time he was at a standoff with the eagles over the contract.

    hes in a place where your checks come as your good and once anything happens your out and throws around money like he has a 10 mil a year for life job.

    Even though thats what jayz could possibly offer him, im not sure if j-jax ever paid attention to jayz(‘s?) music ventures in his career( cough dame dash cough cough)

  22. Jay-Z is not desperately recruiting these players. He’s Jay-Z, people go to him. I don’t understand why the NFLPA is crying for a violation.

  23. As an Eagles fan this is not a good sign. Jackson has talent, but he still has not risen anywhere near the top of receivers. He got the big contract and now he wants to start a hip hop career. Glad he decided he doesn’t need to work on getting better at his actual job. He is one if 64 starters in the NFL and he gets paid a lot for his skills. Yet, he wants to join the long, long list of pro athletes who try and fail at becoming rap stars.

  24. DeSean is smart enough to know that the real money is not being the rapper but the guy behind the rapper(s). That’s where the real money is. However, this is a high risk high reward deal. If you continue to throw big money and have lavish club bills, then you’ll end up on ESPN 30 for 30 Broke, telling your story about how you tried to give your talentless entourage a “break”.

  25. This guys a turd. If he focus’d on football, he’d be a beast. He got fat and sated off 2 good years. I can’t believe inuse to defend him. Past two years he’s been a shell of what he once was. He needs this hip hop career, because his nfl career is winding down.

  26. What is with this a whole bunch of young African American guys want to become rappers lol, stick with what you know and make money off of that. I listened to some of his rap group songs, terrible but that is not saying much considering the state of the rap game. Its all the ancillary aspects and no talent basically.

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