Dorin Dickerson does double duty at tight end, receiver


New regime in Buffalo opted to keep tight end Dorin Dickerson around, via an exclusive rights free agency tender.

But coach Doug Marrone had a new plan for Dickerson.  Marrone envisions Dickerson as a receiver.

So Dickerson was moved.  So why was he back working with the tight ends this week during OTAs?

Per Chris Brown of the team’s official website, it was a combination of injuries and preferences.  Specifically, Dickerson asked to return.

“Dorin Dickerson we thought would have a good opportunity to go to receiver and play for us,” Marrone said.  “He came to us wanting to go back to the tight end position.  So I think we have a player right now that can really do a good job of playing both positions for us.”

Dickerson realizes the value of versatility.  For guys not among the starters, the more they can do, the more likely they’ll be to stick around.

5 responses to “Dorin Dickerson does double duty at tight end, receiver

  1. New coach, new system. He may want to get more familiar with the new system at his old position before branching out.

  2. Honestly, I was sad to see him leave Houston. I had really high hopes for him. He is a very versatile player. He was good at Pitt back in college and just never got the opportunity in Houston. Pretty sure he was a 7th round pick too. Eventually, this guy will make a name for himself. I just know it.

  3. They tried to do the same thing with him in Houston – develop him into a wide receiver. That never panned out.

    Hope he pans out in Buffalo, otherwise his career will be pretty short. He’s got talent, just hasn’t clicked for him yet.

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