Ed Dickson trying to build connection with Joe Flacco


When Ravens tight end Ed Dickson signed his restricted free agent tender last week, we mentioned that he saw a significant drop in his production as a receiver between 2011 and 2012.

Dickson went from 54 catches and five touchdowns in 2011 to 21 catches and no scores last season, which helped him draw the lowest restricted free agent tender and gave him little chance to leverage his status into a longer deal with the Ravens or anyone else. Dickson thinks that a preseason shoulder injury was responsible for the drop in production, but not because he was limited physically the rest of the way.

Dickson thought the missed reps early in the season caused Joe Flacco to develop more chemistry with other receivers and lose confidence in Dickson as a target once the tight end was healthy again. He especially noticed Flacco’s connection with fellow tight end Dennis Pitta and wants to have that kind of closeness with Flacco for himself.

“We’re building right now to become eye to eye,” Dickson said, via the team’s website. “I’m trying to get that three-way going: me, him and Pitta. I’m trying to be in the circle.”

While that’s not exactly an image we were hoping to contemplate on a quiet Sunday afternoon, there should be plenty of opportunities for Dickson to capture Flacco’s eye heading into the season. Anquan Boldin’s departure has opened the door for players to gain more of a role in the passing game with Dickson near the top of the list and apparently willing to do anything he can to play a bigger part.

14 responses to “Ed Dickson trying to build connection with Joe Flacco

  1. Not saying they will reach their level of production, but I would not be surprised to see Dickson/Pitta become Baltimore’s version of Hernandez/Gronkowski.
    Especially without Boldin, having the option of moving either Pitta or Dickson to the slot from certain formations will create serious issues for the defense,particularly with Rice being as effective as is in the pass game. Now if only the OL can be effective…

  2. Its not that Dickson wasnt targeted, he just had too many dropped passes. Just catch everything that comes your way like Pitta and you’ll be “in” the circle.

  3. The only play logicalvoicesays gets is with his right hand.

    NO ONE ina Maryland cares about RG3 or the Deadskins. 1991, the last time the Redskins won a title. 2013, the last time RG3 had a healthy knee…

  4. Dickson is more athletic and speedier than Pitta. All he has to do is catch it every time Joe puts it in his hands. I think he is a little scared of contact sometimes. Not good for a TE.

  5. Dickson is going to turn that Steelers’ weak secondary into a razor thin slice of Swiss cheese.

  6. It is truly pathetic how much repetitive “homer” commentary is placed by logicalvoicesays on every Ravens post. Your jealousy of the Ravens success compared to the pathetic morass that is the Redskins is painfully obvious. You really need to get a life.

  7. Forget about it ED, you’re in no-man’s land: your routes are too long for the check down, you can’t elevate enough to snag the jump-balls, and your turtle-like speed won’t get you downfield for the hail mary’s. That’s the arsenal, and you don’t fit in. Might as well change your name to Max Protect.

  8. “That’s the arsenal, and you don’t fit in.”

    Funny how that “arsenal” won four playoff games, including the Superbowl while the Steelers’ “arsenal” landed them in front of the TV with a giant bowl of Cheetos.

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