Hall of Fame unveils 50th anniversary upgrades


To commemorate its 50th anniversary, the Pro Football Hall of Fame has pulled the sheet off an upgrade aimed at taking the facility another 50 years into the future.

Dubbed “Future 50,” the $27 million renovation opened Saturday.  Per the Canton Repository, “the hall may as well be considered a brand-new place, even for those who have visited many times.”

The unveiling featured Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath, who presumably gets a warmer welcome in the cradle of football than he would at the facility of the team for which he played.

We love coming here,” Namath said.

Hopefully, many others will feel the same way.  I went inside the building once, some seven years ago, and apart from the room with the busts it wasn’t as awe-inspiring as it should have been.

In August, we’ll see whether that’s changed.

9 responses to “Hall of Fame unveils 50th anniversary upgrades

  1. they could have spent half that money it would have been just as nice an given the other half to the struggling vets that are in the hall, that cant pay their insurance premiums

  2. I visited in 2006 and I agree with Florio, it seemed a bit outdated. Hardly any electronics or advanced technology is used in any sort of interactive way. My take away was that it could stand to be modernized a little.

    The highlight was sneaking onto the football field where they play the HOF game and kicking field goals with my friend. I was 1/10 from 35 yards out.

  3. Now if only those buffoons would put the correct name/team plates out( Johnny Unitas -Baltimore colts, not Indy colts) , it would be worth traveling to see.

  4. youhavenoclue says: Jun 2, 2013 6:11 PM

    How fitting.. the #1 player that shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame get’s to help open up the upgrades.. smh
    Most common judging criterion for Hall of Fame voters: “Could you tell the history of pro football without this man.”

    I may not be the biggest Namath fan, but could you tell the history of pro football without him? Uh, no.

  5. If you really don’t think Namath belongs, you need to think again. You can’t compare his career stats to today’s quarterbacks – when he played there was no pass interference, and offensive linemen had to block with their elbows. He also was an outstanding playcaller, and was the first quarterback to pass for 4000 yards – in 1967! I don’t need to mention this, but he of course won the most important game in sports history and legitimized the NFL-AFL merger. On top of that, he was the most popular professional athlete in sports during his career and was universally respected by his peers, even the Raiders who hated his guts. If Phil Villapiano and George Atkinson have nothing but complimentary things to say about you and you weren’t a teammate, that says something about your career. So he doesn’t have the eye-popping stats as his fellow Hall of Fame QBs. When you look at the total package he’s a no-brainer Hall of Famer.

  6. If they really want to improve their facility, they would induct The Legend before the cheese heads intend to do locally.
    Just another black eye from gb.

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