Jimmy Smith ready to make his move

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With Cary Williams gone and Lardarius Webb recovering from a torn ACL, the Ravens need reliability at cornerback.  And they could be getting it from Jimmy Smith.

A first-rounder in 2011 who has been good but not great in two NFL seasons, Smith is ready to make a move in his third NFL season.

I feel great,” Smith recently said, via Matt Zenitz of the Carroll County Times.  “I feel like I did in college.”

Last year, he fought with a groin injury for most of the year.  Since then, he has lost weight and gotten in better shape and plans to challenge Corey Graham for a starting job across from Webb.

“Those groins really hurt my game last year, playing with that throughout the whole season and then getting surgery,” Smith said.  “But now that that’s better, I feel 100 percent better. . . .  I do feel like I’ve improved.  But, like I’ve said, everything’s a work in progress.  I’m still trying to climb the mountain.  I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’ll be there soon.”

With Williams gone and Webb working his way back to 100 percent, the Ravens need it, sooner rather than later.

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  1. When I read the headline, I thought the ex-Jags receiver was planning an elaborate scheme to escape prison.

  2. If he can pull it together, and I’m guessing “it” is technique so he can run with NFL receivers, than he can be amazing — he has incredible size for a CB, and can make a hit/tackle. I trust the Ravens DB coaches to make it happen — you remember Cary Williams’ pick to end the AFC Championship game? That’s a specific route he’d been burned on all year, and the Pats thought they knew it, but he’d been coached up to stop it. Anyway, if BAL feels like Smith’s brain and technique are there, I’m thinking he’s gonna be a force.

  3. Quite possibly the worst creativity and poor one-liners in the history of PFT can be found above this post from top to bottom.

    Stick to videogames

  4. Jimmy Smith was drafted too high, as a Ravens fan I could say he hasn’t lived up to expectations, however he has been an integral part of key playoff games, notably his wonderful defense against Crabtree.

  5. It was fortunate the Ravens drafted him. With their strong locker room, he has left his somewhat troubled past behind. I think we will see him come into his own this year and reach his potential.

  6. No need for concern here in title town. With Webb out last year Correy Graham played some damn fine CB as a starter for the vast majority of the season. With the return of 2011’s biggest pro bowl snub Webb (still consider him the 2nd best CB in the AFC) having Jimmy improve his game is just an added bonus and insurance in case of injury. Plus we are looking at a much improved front 7 that’ll put heavy pressure on the QB taking some pressure off of our secondary. In the end? This will be a much improved D unit. Back to top 5 D as a matter of fact.

  7. He was good at all last year? Walker615 you need to watch more games. Despite being hurt he showed flashes of his talent while missing about 2-4 games. Oh yeah….He was good enough to shut Crabtree down on the last 2 49er offensive plays in the Super Bowl…

  8. Steelers’ receivers are already coming up with their excuses for when this guy knocks every ball right out of their hands.

  9. He’ll eventually come around. It’s probably tough for him in real games to adjust to the talent, given the passing O he warms up with 5 days a week.

  10. Smith, and his college teammate Jalil Brown are both busts.

    The difference is that Brown wasn’t a first rounder. Why these teams thought drafting guys from a terrible Colorado program was a good idea I’ll never know.

  11. “He’ll eventually come around. It’s probably tough for him in real games to adjust to the talent, given the passing O he warms up with 5 days a week.”

    That’s right. It’s hard to succeed in practice when you’re defending against the most accurate QB in the league and then, on weeks 7 and 13, you suddenly find yourself looking at a flury of desperate, wobbly checkdowns and frantic hail mary jumpballs.

  12. Jimmy Smith is the poster child early round bust. He needs Cover 2 help as soon as he steps off the bus.

  13. The league knows that Joe Flacco is the “King of Jumpballs”. You fail with ignorant post.

  14. Hey jtbsteeler! Welcome to a post about the world champions. Glad to see you’re still drooling over the Ravens success.

  15. if he can stay healthy i believe he’ll live up to his potential and win the starting job across from webby. with corey graham in the slot and matt elam and michael huff at safety this can be one of the best secondaries in the nfl

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