Lingering knee issue hampering Levitre in Tennessee


A hip problem for safety Ed Reed helped vindicate the Ravens for not bringing him back.  Under that standard, the Bills possibly deserve an attaboy, too.

Guard Andy Levitre, one of the few free agents who cashed in this year by jumping from Buffalo to Tennessee, has yet to join the Titans’ OTAs due to lingering problems with a knee on which arthroscopic surgery was performed in 2012.

“[The recovery] is going a little bit slower than I thought, but I don’t think it’s anything I have to worry about,” Levitre recently said, via John Glennon of the Tennessean.  “It kind of stinks not being able to get out there and actually do the new playbook, but I’ll definitely be good for training camp.”

Still, when a guy gets $10.5 million to sign, a total of $13 million in the first year and $26 million over three, it’s fair to assume that he’s 100 percent.  Levitre wasn’t, and now he’ll be missing important reps during his first offseason with the team.

Though he’s confident he won’t miss any important reps during his first training camp with the team, it’s fair to take a wait-and-see approach.

10 responses to “Lingering knee issue hampering Levitre in Tennessee

  1. I have to admit, reading this takes the sting out of losing him just a bit. I’m sure he’ll be fine after a while, but I also feel the bills will be just fine w/o him.

  2. If he disclosed the knee issue before signing, it if was OK with the team, and if the knee checked out as OK when the Titans’ doctors examined him, this is a non-issue.

  3. Hmmmmm. The Bills letting him move on starts to make some sense after all…..

  4. He’s only a guard, not a tackle, he will be replaced – but he will be missed!

  5. Even at 100%, no guard is worth $13 million for one year or $26 million for 3 years. I hope he’s at least bringing the juice boxes to every game for that kind of scratch.

  6. There is still plenty of Buffalo fans out there wondering why he was never re-signed…
    This should give a much clearer picture to that thought. Bad knees and Lineman don’t mix well. Maybe the Bills decided that they weren’t comfortable handing Levitre a long term contract knowing that he was having repeated issues with his knee? Hearing the news sure makes me feel better about losing out on him through Free Agency. Initially I was pretty upset, considering he was a top 5 guard in the league, but as time has passed, more and more info has come to light.

  7. Happy Levitre got his money, but I think Bills fans (I am one as well) need to look at Gailey vs. Marrone …

    Gailey used Spiller an avg. of 13 carries per game …
    Levitre is a great pass blocker, but no where near a top notch run blocker …

    The Bills have some decent OL on the practice squad and others we haven’t seen on the Field like Z. Sanders … as we get them in the fold the line should be even better going forward …

    Levitre was priced out of where the Bills could invest!

    #1 – Bills will have a better run blocker in place
    #2 – they didn’t overspend for the position
    #3 – there are already Good options on the team to replace what was lost …

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