McNabb wants father-son meeting with Griffin

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When former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb recently called out the Cowboys for giving quarterback Tony Romo a nine-figure contract, many wondered whether this meant that McNabb would criticize any quarterbacks who in his mind justify it, or whether he’d simply use his fairly new media platform to settle scores with former rivals.

McNabb, apparently, is taking the more balanced approach.

He tells Mike Wise of the Washington Post that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is doing “too much right now; it’s just too much.”

Specifically, the second overall pick in 1999 believes that propensity of the second overall pick in 2012 to find and linger in the spotlight will potentially hurt the team.

“I get some of things he’s doing to draw attention to himself: the Adidas commercials, going out and enjoying the life of a young, famous NFL quarterback.  I understand RG has a lot of stuff going on,” McNabb said.  “But if you’re coming off ACL surgery, you don’t need to be having a press conference at OTAs.  Every week?  Really?  It becomes a circus, a sideshow.  It takes away from the focus of what those sessions are supposed to be about:  the team.”

McNabb compared the situation to the manner in which his coach in Philly handled similar situations.  “One thing Andy Reid did is he never let the injured guys become the story if they were off to the side at practice,” McNabb said.  “He thought it took away from the guys who were grinding and practicing every day.

“So when I look up on TV and see him up there talking all the time about how great he’s doing — or doing jumping jacks or someone else talking about his supernatural healing powers — I wonder to myself:  Is this about selling tickets to the fans or what?

“I don’t blame him.  They’re letting him do it.  But at some point, it can be counterproductive.  You can set yourself up for more criticism later.”

Criticism also can come from comments made by Griffin’s father, who recently expressed public concern that the Redskins expect Griffin III to run too much.

“His dad should have never done a one-on-one interview like that,” McNabb told Wise.  “You can’t say what he said because it almost undermines his son, who has to answer all the questions about it later.  Now, we all know what he said was right.  But that’s something you voice behind closed doors because otherwise it creates a wedge that didn’t have to be there.  No team needs those kinds of things hovering over them.”

So McNabb has offered assistance to Griffin III.  And Griffin II.

“I would really like for me and my dad to sit down with he and his dad just to tell them what we went through and talk about our experiences,” McNabb said.

McNabb tried to reach out to Griffin last year, but McNabb never heard from him.  In contrast, McNabb has spoken to Russsell Wilson “many times,” because as McNabb explained it, “I know what it’s like to be young, good and have the world looking at you.”

Regardless of whether McNabb is merely looking for the new generation of quarterbacks to do some NFC-championship-ring-kissing, his experiences and knowledge would be useful to any young player.

Of course, by taking his criticism of Griffin III public, the phone now may never ring.  Especially given McNabb’s views on the Bed, Bath & Beyond wedding-gift controversy.

“When that happens, it just looks like rich people receiving things from the poor,” McNabb said.  “I know his intention wasn’t that, but it’s the perception people take from it.  It’s disrespectful.  You just don’t do that.”

What you also apparently don’t do is ignore Donovan McNabb.   It’ll be interesting to see whether McNabb’s decision to call Griffin III (and II) out results in a sit-down, or provokes an equally public response.

155 responses to “McNabb wants father-son meeting with Griffin

  1. Leave Robert Grffin alone. He is the best QB in the league and doesn’t need to listen to anyone for anything in regards to football. #GodBlesstheREDSKINS

  2. This speaks to how pathetic the Philadelphia Eagles are. To have this joke of a player in McNabb to be a legend is SAD. Bitterness in EVERY word. Thank GOD I’m a REDSKINS fan and that RGIII is the flagship player of the entire league. #BurgundyandGoldStandard

  3. He is 100% correct on the wedding registry comment. I hope RG3 knew enough to donate those gifts to charity.

  4. Well, if he does talk to him, it certainly won’t be about winning anything big.

  5. Hey, if you don’t want RGIII in a media circus, Donovan, how about not opining to a reporter at length about the guy and seek a more appropriate time and place one on one, even if it doesn’t happen the instant you want it to?

  6. McNabb shut the eff up already. You let everyone from Rush Limbaugh to T.O. completely destroy you through the media but not once did you ever defend yourself. Why do you have so much to say and complain about now? Myself being black I’m starting to understand why some people in Philadelphia completely despise you, and it’s not because of your color.

  7. I am so sick of what Donovan Mcnabb thinks. He is a complete knucklehead that talks way more than a mediocre quarterback who will never be inducted into the hall of fame should talk. Give it a rest Donovan and stop trying to make yourself relevant.

  8. McNabb was a great player. Put up big numbers for many years, and won a lot of games. He’s always had a good attitude in things, never been a diva type of guy from what I seen. And I don’t like the Eagles.

    And I completely agree with what he is saying. RGIII is the only of the main young QBs who seems to be lost in the clouds a bit. He’s a guy with a ton of potential and talent, but can lose it by being a diva and not getting control of these things early.

    Since his injury, it’s been one bad move after another from all parties involved, starting with the fact they let him play.

    Please Robert, TALK to McNabb, he knows what you are going through, and he is a great example of how to handle it off the field.

  9. The only advice NcNabb is qualified to give any QB is “do the complete opposite of what I did because I never won anything.”

  10. Robert, ignore that guy.

    Behind the scenes he might advise you to try to cost Mike Shanahan’s job.

    Also, how stupid is Donovan?


    RGIII is 12-14 years his junior.

    So if he’s like Donovan’s son he’s implying the fathering of a child is fine at ages 12-14.

    Donovan’s the last guy you should get advice from. He overcame nothing. For all his issues all he did was use his media relationships with ESPN kiss ups (ahem Mike Wilbon) and it absolved him from anything he did wrong.

    Did that help him in his final years in Philly, and one-and-done seasons in DC in Minnesota?

  11. McNabb raises some good points and I agree with him on the whole wedding registry issue. The Griffins don’t really have anything to lose by hearing his advice. I think when it’s convenient they should take a shot at seeing if they can benefit from his advice. I see some concerns with the Griffins that McNabb has acutley pointed out. Regardless of whether McNabb should be respected as a former player is one thing, but he’s on to something here with a few key points.

  12. mcnabb is still bitter about his time with the redskins. griffin should not waste his time. “I’m not sure how a former quarterback can rip an organization, have your agent do the same, blast the way the team is going to coach their new quarterback before he even takes a snap, turn out to be totally wrong about that coaching and then expect to the organization to return his phone calls or put any credence in any advice he may want to dish out to that new QB. And then choose a columnist who is not very popular among Redskins fans to deliver the message? Donovan McNabb seems to be the one who is in need to the career advice, not RG3.” rich tandler, csn washington.

  13. Logical what did you ever do before before you guys bought RG3. O ya you cheered for McNabb and Rex. What exactly is the burgundy and gold standard? Average football with horrible management, and a coach who injures his players? Sounds about right. Your RGknee tore his acl in his first season, good luck the rest of the way…

  14. I’ve never been a huge McNabb fan, but if anyone knows the ups and downs of being young, gifted and black as an NFL quarterback, it’s him.

    Griffin, of course, doesn’t have to meet with McNabb, and doesn’t have to follow his advice even if he does. However, IMO at least meeting with him wouldn’t be a bad thing to do.

    “You’re not the first to be in this situation. I’ve been there, and here’s what I did right and here’s what I did wrong…”

  15. Now that McNabb IS a member of the media, he should know a little better about how they operate. It’s not as if RG3 is seeking out all this endless attention himself…the media is only going to report about what people want to hear, and there simply isn’t another player on the Redskins right now that supercedes the fan interest in Griffin’s ongoing recovery.

    All they can do is report about what generates interest…it’s the name of the game.

  16. Dear Donovan,

    No one gives a rodent’s rear end about what you have to say. Your career is over and has been for quite some time, even when you were actually donning a uniform.

    No one cares about what you might have to say, much less RGIII. Besides, he already has a father and he certainly doesn’t need another one.

    Please go away, Donovan.

    Yours truly

    The entire civilized world

  17. Mcnabb just won’t let go and is trying to keep himself in the spotlight any way he can. Dude needs to shut up and fade away. He should know he is not going to get any love from the Skins or their fans, he is a lazy whiner who could never come through in the clutch anywhere he played. Night night Donnie, the lights are turning out, and no one is interested in what you have to say.

  18. The second this guy was taken out of the system Reid spoon fed this rube his long shot at sneaking into the HOF disappeared.

    Leave RG3 alone and let’s see what he can do with his career sans McThrowsAtFeet

  19. Mcnabb is an epic douch bag. Mediocre stats….lazy. Unable to lead. Chokes in playoffs yet he thinks he is a hall famer. Drew Bledsoe and vinny testaverde had better stats – should they be in the hall? He is also Mr Racecard much like my namesake.

  20. Whatever one thinks of DMc as a QB or person, his advice sounds intelligently thought out and well-intended. He also brings a perspective from a like-experience.

  21. McNabb was an average QB with poor leadership skills in a good system. Who would want to go under his wing? Answer: no one.

  22. It’s sad that McNabb had to end his career with such an abysmal downfall in his play…. without those final seasons with the R-Words and the Vikings I think people would be listening to what the worm-burner has to say about quarterbacking more.

    (Come on, R-Words? Lets start that trend!)

  23. mcnabb is sour grapes that griffin proved his shanahan scheme/coaching comments false. he’d rather see robert in the club and in court.

    he doesn’t want robert out of the media, obviously. he wants a different kind of coverage, though.

  24. Just shut the hell up you has-been. Stay the hell away from our quarterback you loser. You didn’t want to play for the Redskins and Shanahan when you got here and you deserve no respect from a sharp young man who is doing just fine without your “wisdom”. Go away…..

    You never had the leadership or charisma that Robert Griffin III has.

  25. It’s a tough pill to swallon when you’re the only one that doesn’t realize that you’re irrelevant.

    T.O., Ocho Stinko, and Lord Tebow

  26. Someone is a bit jealous that RG3 is more popular than he ever was. Here is a tip: He is genuine.

  27. Wow, check out the link with the full-of-himself pose in front of a tall stack of Bed, Bath & Beyond delivery boxes.

    Sort of brings new meaning to “Offensive” rookie of the year.

    I’m onboard with some of McNabb’s points after seeing that distasteful picture.

    Why be like that?

  28. What business is it of a wash-up has-been how a modern superstar lives his life? Go eat some Chunky soup and explain the rules for tie games.

  29. McNabb is right. But then again, those of you who recall my posts after Dr. Andrews made pronouncements back in February will remember that I said that Snyder will rush him back, or at least give the appearance that he will play Week 1 as a cheap way to keep the interest of these newfound fans and the old school types who have been silent for 20 years. I still think he’s 4-5 months away from playing in an NFL game, but Snyder wants ticket buyers to believe that he’ll play Week 1. Don is right on this.

  30. I always wonder why any comments McNabb makes on current teams/players are met with reactions of “It’s none of his business”, etc. Making comments on current NFL business is McNabb’s job now, since he is an analyst.

  31. I wish I could be a fly on the wall for this conversation. “Son, let me tell you about the rules for overtime”.

  32. McNabb just wants to show him the best way to throw up without hitting your shoes.

  33. McNabb is such a d-bag, here was his first tweet concerning the Romo contract

    Donovan McNabb ✔ @donovanjmcnabb

    Tony Romo 6 yr 55 million dollar extension. Wow really, with one playoff win. You got to be kidding me

    3:16 PM – 29 Mar 2013

    Then his second tweet

    Donovan McNabb ✔ @donovanjmcnabb

    My bad everyone it 55 million guaranteed. It’s a total of 108 million, wow

    3:30 PM – 29 Mar 2013

    Easy to see that no matter what Romo got McNubb was waiting to express his shocked outrage. 6 years $55 million would have been less than $10 million per year, SMH

  34. RGIII needs advice???

    McNabb (aka McNot) needs it for his post career choices.

    No father figure advising because you weren’t a leader anyplace.

    No more TV broadcasting. Every time you speak or suggest I want to like you less.

  35. Oh hell no, the laziest QB in the past 20 years wants to give advice to “the franchise”, go play golf with your soup money McNabb, we dont even want you vacationing in the DMV.

  36. McNabb seems to be genuine here, but at the same time, when did he become any sort of authority on offseason practice habits and doing the “little things” right?

    By most accounts, the main reason McNabb wore out his welcome in Philly was because he didn’t put in enough work, effort, and tempo in practice–not to mentioned his half-hearted efforts in Minn and D.C.

    He can probably offer RG3 some legitimate perspective on the pressures of being a young, celebrated QB, but I wouldn’t take his words as gospel as DM5 left a lot to be desired himself.

    It could probably be a mutually beneficial conversation–McNabb could warn him about some of the pitfalls of instant fame, while RG3 could give him preparation tips to help Donovan re-join an NFL roster.

  37. McNabb makes a lot of sense and he doesn’t always do that. He knows the issues and I agree that the Redskins look like a circus now. This is a solid TEAM not just RG3. He wouldn’t be coming back quite so quick if he didn’t know that Cousins could get a decent amount of wins with the same guys. Let’s get back to real footbaal and less jumping jacks.

  38. I’m just wondering if a girl can be a dork. If so, Logicalvoice, you’re a dork.

  39. “RGIII is the flagship player of the entire league”

    Excuse me????? How can you even mention this guy in the same breath as Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Drew Brees? After ONE season? What are you smoking?

  40. Maybe McNabb wants to relay his experience as the Redskins QB and how to handle the fans. Or maybe offer his expertise in game management and OT rules.

    Stay away RGIII, stay far, far away.

  41. Why should Griffin listen to anything McNabb has to say? It was McNabb that came to DC and displayed enough of a piss poor work ethic to force the Shanahan’s to play RG3andout Rex Grossman over him towards the end of the season.

    I do agree that Griffin could stand to seek the advice of QB’s that have played in the NFL before him, but I’d rather him seek the advice of Steve Young over McNabb any day of the week. Seek the advice of a winner, not a good QB that grew bitter and complacent towards the end of his career.

  42. McNabb needs to face the reality that his carreer is over as a football player and no one really cares about his opinions as an analyst.

  43. It’s sad to see when people try and stay relevant by pretending to be there for others, what has rg3 really done that has warranted this much needed advice? Not to mention if your trying to be a mentor to a younger generation they have to ecknowledge you as someone they want to be a mentor! Griffin has been well raised very articulate and a leader that the redskins nation has been waiting for for a long time. The all in for week one promotion is an endorsement deal it has no barring on his rehab, the media and everyone else hyped up his knee so much that it has been something people want to know about, hence the press conferences, he and his fiancée registerd at bed bath and beyond like a normal couple for friends and family, fans found it shared it and started buying without telling him. They where grateful and instead of sending it all back and saying somthing douche like I’m rich I don’t need your poor people gifts, they sent each gift buyer a thank you note, so why is he in need of a mentor?

  44. I do usually disagree with McNabb in how he approaches things, but I do agree with his advice to RG3 cause RG3 is too self-absorbed into himself about every “little thing” and it’s very annoying when PFT is making an article about him everyday concerning his knee…the madness needs to stop!

  45. Kind of sad really – just another overt attention grabbing scheme from McNabb. He should be glad he had a relatively successful NFL career (not everyone makes it to the Super Bowl), has TV/radio gigs now, and leave RGIII to live the highlife as he wants.

  46. Bottom line, the media has exploded all over this kid. He is not seeking the press that everyone may think or have the impression that he is, which is where I have an issue with McNabb. This have become a media driven society with all the new technology that is out there, and McNabb was not a part of that so he can never relate to this coverage. Here is DC, he fell apart in front of the media, when his true colors were exposed by this new media. We all found out about his lousy work ethic, and his inability to pick up a new offense, and the refusal to cooperate with the coaching staff regarding learning the offense. Let’s see….. RG3 = Great work ethic, intelligent, team player/leader, great with the media and fans. McNabb = none of what I just mentioned about Rg3. Dude, get real and get with the times.

  47. If McNabb is now giving career advice, maybe McNabb can let Ronde Barber pick his brain. Again.

  48. Someone had to replace tebow and the jets circus. Rg3 and the crappy redskins franchise sounds perfect

  49. The last person he (a qb who takes care of his body, is multi dementional, and most of all very intelligent) needs whispering in his ear is Donovan McFlabb.

  50. I think McNabb would be in a better position to give out advice if he showed that he had the ability to learn from his own mistakes. I have never heard McNabb take responsibility for something that he failed in and offering a retrospective view that shows that he would do something different if put in the same position. From his historic choke during the Super Bowl to consecutive flame-outs in Washington and in Minnesota, it seems that he has not come to grips with the reasons he is out of the league now while Peyton Manning, who was drafted a year earlier, is still playing. Don’t get me wrong – McNabb was a very good player for a long time. But he seems to think that he has the right to command the attention of the whole world whenever he feels like it. That he can direct RG3 down the right road according to him. Truth be told, RG3 at the age of 23, already displays at least as much maturity as McNabb does now.

  51. Lets tell it like it is here, its a black thing I don’t see him wanting a sit down with any white players

  52. Maybe Donovan just wants to give RG3 some advice about throwing too high…like to a receiver’s hands. Obviously Donovan knows the correct target is a receiver’s shoelaces. Prime target right there!

  53. I saw the headline and was all ready for mcnabb to sound bitter and self involved as old athletes often do when speaking of current athletes.

  54. McNabb said it perfect. RG3 is all about the spotlight being on him. It is evident in everything he does. He throw a TD, drops to his knees and points to the sky. He holds a press conference for everything. Throws his owner and coach under the bus and can’t let go of last year.

    He is the most high maintenance QB in the league!

  55. Griffin will be out of the League if he keeps letting Shanahan run him into the ground. McNabb was a great QB and RG3 could probably learn a lot from him. I doubt Griffin will amass half the accolades that McNabb has.

  56. Notice that most of the hateful comments here are from bitter Eagles fans who have yet to get over 2004.

    The trophy case shall remain empty for another 53 years.

  57. I totally get where McNabb is coming from, and think he makes a lot of valid points. In fact, I think he could probably provide RGIII a lot of invaluable tutelage in the way that he describes. However, he really needs to take his own advice. This is something that needed to happen behind closed doors. Having gone public with this, RGIII will NEVER give him the satisfaction of a get-together now. That wedge he was talking about? Well, he just created one.

  58. If, as we expect, RG3 manages to lead Washington to a Super Bowl appearance, McNabb could give him some useful tips on what NOT to do during the big game, especially when the game is on the line.

  59. I used to like Mcnabb, but he’s sounding more and more like a bitter old man. Shut the f up already….

  60. Donovan was a good QB, but he never really was “The Man” face of the franchise in the same way Brady, Payton, Brees, Elway, Marino, Young, Montana, etc. are/were for the majority of their careers.

    If it’s about getting lifestyle advice and being tutored on how to behave as “The Man”. There are several other players RG3 should seek out before Donovan, and I am pretty sure none of them will put him on blast should he not take them up on their offer of help.

  61. Logicalvoice tries so hard to be so cool. Everything he does is so forced. You are not cool, or funny. The whole praise the REDSKINS, and the hash tag. Its kind of pethetic. Get a hobby.

  62. Anybody notice the curious coincidence that logic voice always posts within 2 or 3 minutes of the article appearing? He sparks outrage, debate, and unpleasantness on both sides, increasing traffic to these articles: traffic, which of course, translates directly into dollars for the writers. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

  63. What a joke. McNabb was the most overrated QB of the last 20 years. The guy who got “tired” in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl and folded like a cheap pup tent.
    RG III has no reason to sit down with this guy. McNabb wants to do it to put himself back in the spotlight.

  64. The attitude, work ethic, leadership skills and toughness of these two QBs couldn’t be further apart. The only thing they have in common is concentration of melanin in their epidermis.

    It’s not RGIII’s fault that he’s a media sensation in a football-crazy town like DC who gets lots of endorsements. Does McNabb remember his lame Chunky’s Soup commercials featuring his fake mom? Even in his pathetic seasons in DC, he was doing commercials where Strahan sacked him at his house while delivering a pizza. The only advice he could offer is ‘look at my career and do the opposite – especially in big games’.

    Green’s not your color, Donovan . . .

  65. Why would griffin and his dad want to do that? Griffin is already a better QB then Mcnabb ever was

  66. This has everything to do with McNabb hating the Shannahan’s then anything else. And you know what, I don’t blame him. Those two would throw their own Grandmother down a flight of stairs if it meant an extra win. He wants RG3 to be aware of what those two are about.

  67. That picture of RG111 lying on his wedding presents was sickening. He needs to do something first, and then start bragging. Let’s see how he does when he gets on the field for a game, and go from there. He certainly loves publicity, and as for his father, he needs to keep his mouth shut.

  68. “Mcnabb never won anything?”

    Going to the Super Bowl and 4 or 5 NFC Championship games is something. That is saying, you can listen to Payton Manning, but dont take to much cause he has only been to 2 Superbowls and only won 1.

    Seriously, he played against the Pats, who were at smack in the middle of their dynasty. If Jim Kelly wants to teach someone the no huddle they cant listen to them because he never won a big game right?

    If anyone knows how to deal with issues, it is Donovan Mcnabb. The guy was boo’d then revered then boo’d again, in Philly.

  69. I have never seen NFL “fans” root for a player to be hurt, or remained hurt such as YOU fans do about RG3

    Some of you actually root for him to be injured or stay injured. Why would anyone root for a player to be injured

    One word: jealousy, because RG3 is not on your team, and you are all afraid.

    Hail to the Redskins! HTTR. Hail to #10

  70. Mcnabb please leave this guy alone. If he wants ur help he will call u

    Love the posts about his bounce pass. Every game he threw those I always wondered how u do it every game.

    Rg3 is young living his life. Taking in the moment

    I blame the redskins coach n owner for allowing media to talk to him after practice or ota. Let him do his rehab n get some work in. Let him rest why do the media need to hear about a qb during ota

    It started with Brett farve drama queen attention n it will never end

  71. Ironic that the guy who’s parents complained about his treatment in Philly “black on black crime” etc would dare tell RGIII to rein his father in.

    Pot meet kettle.

  72. That’s real talk Mac. I talked to your parents in New Orleans during the Super Bowl. You come from good people, keep speaking truth bro…..

  73. Didn’t have time to read all the comments so I don’t know what’s been said already. I will just say that McNabb made a weekly appearance on a Philly Comcast Sportsnet show last season and this guy absolutely has bitterness coming out of his pores. You couldn’t mention another QB’s name to him without a head shake and a cynical smirk on McNabb’s face. He talks about being respectful and what should and shouldn’t be said yet he has no issues ripping Romo’s contract and criticizing every quarterback under the sun. I found him to be so disingenuous when he was on that show that I ended up just turning it off when he came on. You could see the cynical looks on the other panelists faces as Mcnabb was ripping whatever qb they were talking about on that day. The guy is just a phony and always has been. He also has a martyr complex that can’t be compared.

  74. I tell you what Donovan, when RG3 and his team win the Lombardi trophy, you can have a heart to heart with him and he can tell you what it feels like.

    Has there ever been a player who has his act together more than RG3, who at the same time gets more lousy advice from other people who haven’t got a clue, and won’t mind their own business?

  75. For once, in a long time, I agree with him. RG3 is losing the modesty/ humility for which we Skins loved last year. If you ain’t playing/ fully participating, just shut up. You don’t count until you are fully engaged. Just stop already and concentrate on healing.

  76. When is he going to have a “sit down” with Andrew Luck or Tannehill?…oh yeah, sorry…

  77. Need I remind you, McNabb finished his career in Minnesota. Must be something in the drinking water because now he is as dumb as the Viking fans. Ok, maybe not that dumb but he’s getting close.

  78. So sad to re-live your life through others. This is something you might expect from crazy little league parents. This takes the cake though. McNabb is not transitioning well is he?

  79. McPuke just did something he said the team doesn’t need. He made a big side story. This is more about sticking it to the Redskins and less about RGIII.

  80. wow, I mean, wow…as an Eagles fan, I would advise RG3 to stay far away from McDouche and his dad.

    this is actually sad ….obviously a ploy for media attention because if he really cared about RG3 wouldn’t he just contact him quietly?

    please go away McNabb….go hang with the Chris Berman’s of the world that always said you were great even when you sucked…..can Florio stop writing blurbs about McNabb?

  81. McNabb desperate to keep himself the focus of all NFL fans’ attention… The ego required to make those statements, the feeling of self-righteousness and vanity he has to call Griffin is laughable…what an a$$ clown

  82. In case anyone missed it, RGIII sent a handwritten letter to people for the gifts that they sent from bed bath and beyond. So in exchange for some 10 dollar spoon holder, some fan got a handwritten note that was autographed by RGIII. Besides he never asked for this and it wasn’t like he was registered at Tiffany’s. is it any surprise that Mcnabb, who had an axe to grind with the redskins and the shanahans went on a competing radio station and blasted RGIII FOR THIS?

    Look I see somewhat of keeping a low profile, but for McNabb to tell RGIII to not seek attention would be like telling TO to shut up because he is diva. mcNabb is a diva of the highest order. He was running around Washington leaking all the problems he was having after he didn’t know the playbook and was asked to wear a wristband and thought it was insulting when Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger a wear wristbands for plays. McNabb might have had some points if he didn’t have the axe to grind.

  83. Man, I was so ready to dump on McNabb and say he’s just doing what he can to stay in the spotlight, but… he’s dead on! I don’t think anyone can argue the merits of what he said.

  84. Mr. McNabb, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  85. I’m sure Mcnabb would have a great advice. How not to learn a playbook. How not to run the hurry-up in a Super Bowl. And most important… how to get your mother in a soup commercial.

  86. To RGIII, you should definitely listen to Donovan if you care about the following:

    1) How to never take individual accountability for a loss until the press calls you on it.

    2) How to get a great career interception stat by not risking tough throws and taking a sack or loss instead. Throwing the ball away also ruins your individual completion percentage stat.

    3) How to hide your nervousness like an amateur before big games by weirdly yucking it up in practice or playing an air guitar when leading your team out of the tunnel.

    4) How to make “passive-aggressive” into a standard PR method.

  87. Maybe he is going to give him advice on doing soup commercials?

    In all seriousness though, as a non-skins fan I think the guy has a point, he’s just coming off of surgery and still rehabbing, doing all this other stuff and trying to beat all odds by being ready for training camp. The guy is my favorite no Pat player but kid might want to slow down (see Gronk). Best make sure you heal right and keep your head in the game than rush it and end your career short due to a reinjury.

  88. McNabb I do respect, but there is something about this that seems really selfish in his comments and actions. It just smells like a guy that cant get over not being in the spotlight, relevant on a mainstream level, and having a hard time letting go of the game.

    Reach out to Jamarcus , McNabb…or perhaps Tebow….there are way more projects that really could use attention. RG3 has enough support due to his immense success and talent, you seem like a leach to me more then a mentor.

  89. Apparently most it not all redskins (suck) fans can argue the merits of what he says. Some people just can’t get over it. McNabb is prob as of right now the best black qb of all-time, not to mention he played for shanahan (douche) and the shart-tastic deadskins blandchise. Hate to say it but he does in fact know what he’s talking about for once. Btw shanahan ruined this guys career, no doubt about it and he’s on pace to do the same to RG3’s before it even gets started.

  90. McNabb comes across as a real A-hole sometimes. That being said, I do agree with the fact that RG3 does too much…although he pretty much has to because the team mortgaged their future to get him lol

  91. Oh look, McNabb who said something that is correct is still criticized. I mean what would McNabb know, he only is one of the most unfairly criticized players in the league by arm chair “players”-fans who have a tabloid intellect.

    McNabb is right here and is looking out for RGIII because he’s not always going to be #1 and praised by the media. Eventually when the media reaches its peak in selling positive stories about him, they’re going to then bring him down. It happens all the time, Tebow was the last player and RGIII is on the list. I think they would be best paying attention to what he has to say.

    On another note, how is a guy that takes care of his family and has never been in any legal trouble or fined or suspended by the league, a knucklehead? Football “fans” are so stupid.

  92. He wonders if it’s about selling tickets to fans?What the h@ll else would it be for? That’s why they play, you know, so we can watch. Of course he did play mostly for the Eagles and didn’t see much of a turnout, cuz he was an Eagle.

  93. McNabb was one of the worst Abs I’ve ever seen. Could not read the defense well enough to throw downfield. When the eagles fell behind and he had to throw it, his accuracy was worse than Tebow. He should kiss Westbrooks feet everyday for throwing that checkdown for 160 per game. The eagles clearly had the best team in the league for 5 years, no superbowl except the one McNabb accounted for 6 turnovers in. Whenever he got hurt, the backups actually gave Philly a passing game. Don’t let this leach anywhere near RG.

  94. I’m not sure whether this is McNabb trying to make himself relevent again or not, but there is a way to do this without drawing attention to yourself.

    If he’s truly interested in helping RGIII, he could privately reach out to him and lend him his advice. However, going public with this in the Washington Post leads me to believe this is as much about McNabb as anything else.

    There is a purpose to a former player publicly calling out a current player. Not saying McNabb’s intentions aren’t good. However, doing this in a discreet manner is likely to be more effective, and RGIII would be more likely to listen if he doesn’t feel like he’s being publicly called out.

  95. McNabb has a point like it or not and the fans in DC do not like that.

    Fan expectations are way off the charts….Bottom line, RGIII doesn’t bring a Super Bowl trophy to DC, the fan base that loves him oh so much will run him out of town faster than the speed of light.

  96. This is a lame attempt by a bitter old QB trying to find a way to remain revelant and in the spotlight. Mr, McNabb has not been revelant for years and this is not going to help him…and it is certainly not meaningful or heartfelt because if it was -he would not put it in the news, he would just go do it.

  97. if anyone thinks don isn’t delusional, please remember that he forced his way out of minny when he got benched, as he was sure the bears would be calling following the injury to cutler. and that worked out like he thought, right? ever remember don comparing himself to a hall of fame qb? of course you do, as he has compared himself with most of them…

    mcnabb is both an idiot and a hypocrite. for him to call out griffin for an interview done by his father and conveniently ignore the interviews done by papa mcnabb equating the mcnabb/t.o. spat to “black on black crime” is typical. he equally ignores when when mama mcnabb described seeing jeff garcia revive the eagles after don was injured “bittersweet”. leave it to don to remember only what he wants and ignore his own dirt.

    its one of the reasons people in philly tired of don. no one knew what brian dawkins mom or dad thought, even though he was the heart and soul of the team. and we didn’t care what don’s mom and dad thought either. and much less so after the first couple of years once we’d see their act….

    but anyone with any memory would have to think don is intent on breaking up the shannys and rg3. i’m sure shanahan has already told griffin to stay as far away as possible from don.

  98. This would be a decent idea and I understand McNabb wanting to give a younger player tutelage. God knows there’s not enough of that in the NFL. The problem I have is that McNabb could’ve reached out privately if he was serious about making this meeting happen. As a member of the media he knows it would be a long shot at best if he made the overture in private but virtually impossible after coming out publicly. Which tells me this is really not about RGIII’s well being or learning, its about McNabb being a member of the media and creating a story. Mind your own business unless you’re going about it the proper way McNabb.

  99. The Griffins would be well-served by taking Don out to a nice lunch at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, having a nice chat with him, and then going back to doing exactly what they’ve been doing so far.

    McNabb was so completely wrong about Griffin and Shanahan last year that why would anyone think he’s got the slightest idea about what’s best for them to do now?

  100. I love all the “go away McNabb” and “who cares what McNabb thinks” comments. He is the winning-est QB in Eagles history, a 6 time pro bowler, and happened to have shared a very similar situation as RG 3. What have you done lately? I would take his opinion a thousand fold over your dumb asses.

  101. mcnabb need just mind his sounds like he hating cus he had to Campbells chunky commercials with his mama n barely got paid n now the world loves rg from college to the skins and his future is bright n on another note how can sum1 who throwing up with the big game on the line ever come out and give advice to rg 3 and 2 smh ur trash mcnabb u had nothing but talent around u look in mirror and give your self advice

  102. that’s sad when donovan is the winningest qb of your franchise big deal if was so great why wasn’t he able to retire there they tossed him away like used wet naps

  103. Was never a fan of McNabb but can say that he did give the Eagles something to cheer for when he was there. With that being said, I would not go as far as to label him “great.” With him being out of the league and doing so in the way he did it, I don’t think he should be the first one to voice things out, especially about someone, like Griffin, who seems to be on his way to bigger and better things compared to what McNabb did in his career.

    I understand everyone has an opinion, e.g. that is why we are all here voicing ours, but in this particular situation, he would have been better off keeping his to himself.

    I can also understand the skins fans that are clearly annoyed that McNabb made the comments that he did. It is just somewhat ironic because, I do remember McNabb wearing the burgundy and gold (more like yellow) at some point of his football career.


  104. Perhaps if Mcnabb had done alittle more with the redskins he wouldnt have been shoved aside so quickly by them.Jealousy has reared its ugly head in the form of a number 4.
    your career is over Donovan…move on

  105. wow, Donovan McNabb is so nice…offering to help Robert Griffin III and his Dad for free. What a great guy!

    (eye roll)

  106. allmyexsliveintexas ,
    I’d argue that the large qualtity of worm burners he threw were also a huge contributor to his low int %.

    eaglefan94 says:
    Jun 2, 2013 4:51 PM
    I always wonder why any comments McNabb makes on current teams/players are met with reactions of “It’s none of his business”, etc. Making comments on current NFL business is McNabb’s job now, since he is an analyst.
    You are 100% right, he certainly has a right to critique since it is part of his livlihood. That said, he has this tone and way of saying things (passive aggressiveness) that makes everything he says about former teams sound so bitter.

    Other former players who talk about their teams don’t sound like that when they are critical (such as Namath, or Rodney Harrison or Antonio Pierce, etc).

    Also seriously with the robbing from the poor thing with RGIII… stop it. As the late Al Davis would say “Get ovah it”. He did not rob anyone. They gave him gifts of their own free will. He didn’t solicit gifts, the link was given out by someone other than him. It sounds like he and his fiancee acknowledged the gifts with thank you letters, something that few do anymore and that shows good manners. Why not criticize the poor people who buy lottery tickets, drugs and beer instead of feeding their families then? That’s real robbery. Oh yeah, that’s not PC.

  107. CKL says: Jun 3, 2013 1:30 PM

    allmyexsliveintexas ,
    I’d argue that the large qualtity of worm burners he threw were also a huge contributor to his low int %.

    CKL, totally agree, although his career 59.0% completion percentage is not horrible. My point was that McNabb never wanted to throw a tough (but often necessary) pass for fear of negative impact on his own stats rather than the team’s success.

  108. Mcnabb stop being bitter the redskins dumped you and leave RGknee alone. He’ll have plenty of time for interviews when he blows his knee out for the 3rd time.

  109. McNabb is just being spiteful. All he uses his modest media platform for is to settle scores with old rivals. Tony Romo beats him in the playoffs so he criticizes Romo when he signs a new contract. Shanahan benched him in Washington so ever since he says terrible things about the Redskins organization and his replacement at QB there. McNabb has no credibility after he wrongly declared that Griffin wouldn’t fit in Shanahan’s offense. He was just being pissy then and that’s all he’s doing now

  110. McNabb is right. They should have a father-son meeting and then RGIII can teach Donovan how to perform well in big games and be a true leader. It could really benefit the old timer.

  111. Go away McNabb! You had a good NFL career however when you had opportunities to use your position to speak out and make a real difference you refuse to do so, now you want you want to speak to young RGIII? What can you tell him? It couldn’t possibly be how to stand up for ones self because you never did that as a Black NFL quarterback. McNabb could never compare himself to a Warren Moon, Jim Brown or others that came before him because others gave voice to the position and never let fear of what others say about them freeze them in fear of losing commercial endorsements. McNabb, your time is up as an NFL quarterback however you can make a difference on social issues that are going on around you that you failed to address while you were in the league.

  112. RG3 is starting to annoy me..and I am sorry to say that because I loved the kid in the beginning. BUT, he is turning into a media wh**e and diva. I agree with poster that he talks to media too much. Skins should put a muzzle on him. In contrast, Russell Wilson goes about his business and doesnt shoot his mouth off at every opportunity. Sorry if you dont like my opinion but RG3 is becoming too full of himself. One year does not make him a Hall Of Famer. Lets see if he even makes it 5 years with all the contact.

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