Mike Williams doesn’t last long in the CFL

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A week after former Lions draft bust Mike Williams attempted to revive his career in the Canadian Football League, that attempt has come to an end.

The Toronto Argonauts have released Williams, the No. 10 overall pick of the 2005 NFL draft.

The 29-year-old Williams was once considered such a blue-chip prospect that former Lions President Matt Millen used a Top 10 pick on him even though Williams had been out of football for a full year after he tried and failed to enter the NFL draft following his sophomore season at USC (and even though Millen had used Top 10 picks on wide receivers in the two previous drafts). But Williams has never amounted to much as a professional.

Williams was a huge disappointment in two seasons with the Lions, catching just 37 passes and allowing his weight to get out of control. He was out of football for two years before his college coach, Pete Carroll, gave him another chance with the Seahawks in 2010, and he played reasonably well that year. But the Seahawks cut him in July of 2012, and he hasn’t been able to catch on anywhere since.

27 responses to “Mike Williams doesn’t last long in the CFL

  1. I remember when he was being raved about as being faster than any tight end and bigger than any wide receiver. He turned out to be too small for TE and too slow for WR. Just more USC hype and more Millen idiocy.

  2. You really just can’t resist taking cheap shots at the Lions can you?
    You just HAD to throw in the fact that he was a Lions draft bust even though the team who drafted him is totally irrelevant to the story.
    Remember how he hasn’t played for Detroit in years and he was a cowgirl far more recently? I guess “former cowgirl Mike Williams” isn’t incendiary enough though.

  3. I believe he was ruined by that suit that put him out of college football and also didn’t allow him to play pro football. His maturity and personal growth suffered. Good luck Mike. Looks like you’ve reached the end of the line. Maybe try indoor football along with Tebow.

  4. Glad my bucs have the talented Mike Williams on there team, not this bum. Also glad my Argo’s cut this guy

  5. Really a shame. Was a professional while in Seattle and it is unfortunate he couldn’t catch on after we cut him. Wish him the best in life.

  6. Lol @ Johnelwayishorsefaced. If you’re going to go off on someone, at least have the facts straight. MIKE Williams never played for the Cowboys. ROY Williams did. And the fact that he was a Lions draft bust is relevant to the story because it draws the connection between the NFL and the player.

  7. He was a good redemption story with the Seahawks. Ended up showing flashes of his faster-than-a-TE and bigger-than-a-WR billing. Became a bit obsolete with some other additions and didn’t stay healthy enough to compete. Seemed like a nice guy. Hope he can find a way back in, but if not, I wish him a happy and successful post-football career.

  8. mike williams never played for the cowboys, he was a lions bust… but that woulda took you ten seconds to look up when it was a good time to bash the cowboys. roy williams played for dallas, ROY Williams, or do all williams’ s look the same to u ?

  9. Its his own fault insisting he was a WR when his body and play style was telling him play TE.

    Not sure why some people say he was “too small” for TE – he is 6′-5″ 245-280lbs. Shannon Sharpe was 6′-2″ 230lbs.

    He probably would have been a truly great TE, but needed to give into the obvious.

  10. Pretty sure Mike Williams was never a Cowboy…he was last with Seattle but was cut 2 years ago…and that was after being out of the league. He’s spent more time out of the league then he has in the league!

  11. Mike Williams had too many people telling him how good he was when he really wasn’t. The year off hurt him, he could have used the extra year of college. I never understood what others saw in him. I was so furious when the Lions drafted him.

  12. And even if he WERE a Cowboy at some point…even Jurry Jones isn’t dumb enough to have taken this guy 10 overall. Face it fanboy, the Millen-era Lions earned the jokes we make about their drafting.

  13. Gotta give the guy credit for trying..most of us would be afraid of the release before trying to succeed. Best of luck big man.

  14. Is this the same Mike Williams that Mel Kiper was so high on as a “can’t miss?”

  15. The money screwed him, as it has done to so many others. Getting overweight is a result of thinking, “I’ve made it! I don’t hafta try anymore!” So he bulked up, and enjoyed it, then tried thinning down and probably didn’t enjoy it. But the money was there to comfort him. When its gone, he may try to come back, ala Vince Young or JaMarcus Russell. With Pete Carroll’s mantra “Always Compete”, you just can’t afford to let yourself go

    Truly a shame.

  16. He wasn’t pushed out of Seattle. His issue is his weight. Diet can turn a great athlete into an unemployed has-been very quickly. Look at Jamarcus. Best of luck to MW.

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