MJD’s meeting with St. Augustine police hasn’t happened yet


Late last week, it was reported that a decision about whether or not to charge Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew with battery for a Memorial Day weekend incident with a security guard would come sometime next week.

A key part of that report and, presumably, the ultimate decision was a meeting between Jones-Drew and St. Augustine police that was supposed to happen last Friday. It never happened, however, and Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union reports that no meeting has been scheduled at this point.

Hank Coxe, an attorney representing Jones-Drew, told O’Halloran that the meeting is “affected by lots of different schedules so [a meeting is] not set yet.”

Lawyers for the security guard and the restaurant that employs him both say that video of the incident and eyewitness accounts point to Jones-Drew punching the security guard before exiting the scene. Coxe and Jones-Drew’s agent both deny that their client was involved in any altercation and that he left the scene at the request of those trying to calm down the situation.

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  1. Wondered what happened to Ryan O’Halloran after he disappeared from the Skins beat. Good to see he found another team to cover. He is a good beat reporter, and equally good on radio.

  2. Of course no meeting with police. His mouthpiece is aware that there are videos & eyewitness accounts. Time to get the ducks in a row. If that were an avg Joe,he would have already had a meeting with police . Most likely behind bars.

  3. If there are eyewitnesses and a video then the St. Augustine Police Department should explain why MJD has not been arrested like a non-celebrity would have been.

  4. In other words, he punched a guy and then ran. We always knew he was good at running. Too bad he can’t outrun the camera.

  5. This is actually great news for the Jags. He is clearly healthy enough to outrun somebody even if it is a 300+lb out of shape security guard. That’s basically the same as playing against Ziggy Hood, Casey Hampton, or Terrence Cody!

  6. This is going to turn out just like when Adrian Peterson was accused of beating up that cop in Texas, or when Elvis Dummervil was accused of pointing a gun at those women. There’s supposedly always all this evidence but it never materializes. Just scum bags looking for a quick payday.

  7. Just one thing, if this “video” is so compelling and shows MJD punching this security guard, why hasn’t an arrest warrant been issued ?? Don’t you think the SAPD would be bringing him in ?

    These ambulance chasing lawyers try there cases through the media, because they know they can’t win in court.

    Why not talk about all the good MJD has done for Wolfson’s Children hospital here in Jacksonville ?

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