Tebow’s dad: Don’t believe report that Tim is done


Tim Tebow hasn’t been quiet about his NFL future, but his dad wants to make one thing clear: Tim isn’t done.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network asked Bob Tebow, Tim’s dad, about the ESPN the Magazine report that the Tebow camp has accepted that his NFL career is over. And Bob dismissed it as nonsense.

You are old enough to not believe all you hear,” Bob Tebow said.

Tebow is only 25 and only a year and a half removed from being the starting quarterback on a team that won a playoff team, so it would be surprising if he were ready to walk away from the NFL. He surely still thinks he can play, and whoever the unnamed members of his “camp” are who told ESPN the Magazine that it’s time to move on, it’s hard to believe that Tebow would agree with them.

The question is whether 32 NFL teams think it’s time for him to move on. The fact that he hasn’t had a single opportunity since the Jets cut him a month ago doesn’t speak well for his NFL future.

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  1. I really used to dislike Tim Tebow. Especially after he beat my bears (with the help of Marion Barber of course). But after watching some stuff on him, he is a great dude. I hope he makes it back to the NFL would be a great fullback.

  2. He will get a chance. It may be mid season but I have no doubt he’ll keep working hard and will be ready when the call comes.

  3. Just wait till the Jaguars are 0-6 this season with Gabbert & Henne….Something tells me Khan is not going to put up with losing

  4. All Tim needs to do is say “Ok, I’ll try playing a different position.” I know that he sees himself as a QB but 32 GMs disagree and in the end those 32 guys decide if he gets a shot or not. Tim, just try a different position! If it turns out to be fun for you to play RB or TE – great. And if you don’t like it you still can say “No thanks, it’s just not right for me.”

  5. We will be hearing about Tebow for years to come. It is Flutie reincarnated and we know what happened there. Flutie was in and out of the league for years and years and years. USFL (two teams), NFL (Rams, Bears Patriots), Canadian Football (Lions, Stampeders, Argonauts) then back to the NFL (Bills, Chargers and Patriots.). Now, considering that, and the fact Flutie isn’t close to the popularity of Tebow, Tebow will get his chances over and over and over. This story is far from over.

  6. A quarterback who can run is a lot different than a running back. It’s not as simple as him coming out and saying “Hey i’ll switch positions”. Unfortunately for him it’s the fact that he looks horrible in training camp, horrible in practice, and has horrible stats on paper. But when it comes to clutch time, somehow the guy gets it done.

    I’m not saying he’s a starting caliber QB, but I’d rather have a QB who wins games, rather than a guy who looks like a promising QB.

  7. I’d convert him to fullback and use him in wildcat in goalline situations……or not…..

  8. As a coach, the last thing I need is angry parents because I don’t play their child and they think he/she is the best on the team. Imagine thousands of fans thinking that and being angry/upset at every game.

    Unfortunately, that’s reason enough not to sign him.

  9. he reminds me of Doug Flutie…great guy, all he does is win and rally his team around him, but just doesn’t fit the mold so he will be an NFL outcast.

  10. For people saying that he should convert to TE, has anyone ever seen him catch a pass or throw a block? As an RB, he’d essentially be a poor man’s Peyton Hillis; big and strong, but with no wiggle.

    Let’s just be honest, he’s a good athlete, but the NFL is filled with great ones.

  11. There’s only a few (premiere) teams and a few (HOF) coaches that can use this guy effectively. Do I really need to name them? It’s obvious.

  12. Tim should first hone his craft (guess here) in the CFL. Joe Kapp played in Canada and helped the Vikings win the NFL before losing to the Chiefs in the SB. Warren Moon is another and he is in the NFL HOF.

  13. “I’m not saying he’s a starting caliber QB, but I’d rather have a QB who wins games, rather than a guy who looks like a promising QB.”

    Vince Young won a lot of games too.

    Despite all of Tebow’s talk about working hard to improve, he’s still a shaky passer. I’ve followed his career ever since he left Florida (I’m a Gator fan).

    The practice reports are the same everywhere for him – while his throwing mechanics have improved a bit since college, NFL coaches don’t trust him in games because he barely completes a majority of passes in practice, and not coincidentally, his career completion percentage in games 47.9%.

    Look up how many QBs have won the Super Bowl with a completion percentage under 50%, and you’ll immediately understand why this guy can’t find work as a QB.

  14. If Tebow accepts the fact that no NFL team is going to “give” him the starting QB job, then his career can continue at a different position.

    Otherwise, it is finished.

  15. There are so many layers to the whole Tebow fiasco, but I think the timing of Tebow’s release hurts him more than anything. After the draft, teams feel they have fulfilled their needs. Any team that needed/wanted a QB feels like they fulfilled that need. If a GM signs Tebow now, they admit they didn’t know what they were doing pre-draft. Besides bringing in Tebow to a team with a rookie QB most likely will hurt the rookie’s development because of the circus that is likely to follow.

    Second, prior to the draft, every coach has designed an offense around the personnel they have and have added to that scheme through the draft. As we all know, Tebow is unconventional and needs to have the offense developed around him. No coach is going to do that now.

    Reality is that Tebow is only 25, has won a playoff game, and has a huge following (sells a ton of jerseys, etc.). As the NFL is a bottomline business, he will get another shot, regardless if he switches positions. My bet is still the Jags and the ridiculous poor choices at QB. However, don’t be surprised if he reunites with Mike McCoy at some point or if Payton retires soon if the Broncos give him another shot.

  16. The Jets did wonders for his career, anyone that can’t beat out Mark Sanchez for the starting quarterback job, obviously has no place in the NFL. It doesn’t get much worse than Mark Sanchez at quarterback.

  17. Why do people think falling on the winning side of a playoff game or two somehow makes up for terrible play and being deficient in literally every facet of the position?

  18. I agree on the position switch… Tim would be a great fullback or tight end. Then if the team would need an emergency QB, they could put him in.

  19. Tebow has his own fan-circus (which fuels the media storm) and his own “camp” which speaks for him, though he is marginally talented, and these are reasons enough for teams to avoid him. They saw what distractions it all caused in Denver and New York and want no part of having to deal with it, which is quite understandable. They can have plenty of other marginally talented quarterbacks without all the nonsense, like a third stringer having his very own press conferences, etc.

    Never once to my knowledge has Tebow ever asked his delusional fans to stop with the billboards, nor has he ever said that his coaches know better than his fans who to play and not to play, nor has he asked the media to leave him alone and stop making him a distraction for his team while he tries to learn his trade.

    If he would do these things some teams would be more likely to take a chance on him.

  20. I really believe Tebow could be a great player. However, he needs to be open to switching positions and check his ego at the door.

  21. All the talk about switching positions, can someone please give me an example of a player in the last fifteen years or so that played nothing but QB his entire life and then made a successful transition to another position in the NFL? Not saying hit hasn’t happened, I just can’t think of anyone. (and before anyone says Michael Robinson, he was only the full-time starting QB at Penn State his senior year. The previous three years yes, he played QB but he also played running back and some receiver.)

    Point being, why would NFL teams want to try and make Tebow a tight end when there are already a bunch of tight ends that have played the position.

  22. The comparisons to Flutie are only true to a point. He actually plays (and throws) more like Joe Kapp. I have been close to sports for over 50 years and have often seen young men who did not appear to have the skill sets required but were winners. They were always the most fun to watch and that’s true of Tebow. I am an atheist, so this doesn’t come from some religious connection, but Tebow’s track record on the football field should get him a roster spot on some team adding whatever value he can add.

  23. I love the guy, his attitude and unbending will to pressure… But he just does not have all the stuff to play at NFL level…

  24. Tim and Bob should know the saying, pride cometh before the fall. Tim’s pride on insisting on being a QB is the reason he’s out of the league. If he had just been humble enough to be willing to switch positions then he’d still be in the NFL.

  25. Bob Tebow is doing his son no favors. Why doesn’t Tim come forward to address the situation. If he wants to stay out of the spotlight, it is a little late. He should have done that instead of a massive press conference upon becoming the Jets backup QB. Tim should stand up, offer to be a football player….and ask his fans to stop petitions, stop making commercials and stop trying to get into the business of NFL teams.

  26. I wouldn’t believe it. There are going to be AT LEAST a dozen lousy QBs on rosters come Week 1. I’m not saying Tebow is anything special, but he should be on a roster in place of some really bad choices and values that teams will for some reason embrace.

  27. “Tebow is only 25 and only a year and a half removed from being the starting quarterback on a team that won a playoff team, so it would be surprising if he were ready to walk away from the NFL.”

    That would be surprising.

  28. He’s chillin making 43 thousand a week guranteed money from the Jets ! Why sign with anyone? He’ll take his time…nobody
    Phase that kind of money for a second or third string quarterback Except the Jets….

  29. He’s chillin making 43 thousand a week guranteed money from the Jets ! Why sign with anyone? He’ll take his time…nobody
    pays that kind of money for a second or third string quarterback Except the Jets….

  30. So Bob, who is it that you think you can pay-off to hire Timmy, to be their star quarterback? Then, he can go get one for the Gipper, and wow kids, it’ll be really neat. You can all get together at the malt shop, play the jukebox, and have a smashing good time.

  31. Is it me or are there about ten typos and grammatical errors in this posting? Oh, also – another click bait article about Tebow.

  32. I agree with those who believe he has a shot still in NFL. As a BU, he can minimally suit up and be a great utility player. Jets tried this, but the media circus in NY cannot handle Mr. Tebow. If Mr. Tebow is willing to do “whatever” and wait for his chance while he is young, all the power to him.
    Having that kind of winning attitude and experience cannot hurt a team IMO…..

  33. More time spent on throwing motion and less time spent on prayer poses might also be something to think about, Bob.

  34. LOL, Poor Tebow! Now his daddy is pretty much begging a team to give him a chance! Yes I know that’s not what it says but it’s just another way to keep his name in the media! Please please just stop talking about the guy and he will go away! I almost feel bad for him! Not only is he never going to play football again but the media won’t let him ride off into the sunset in peace! For someone who is so close to god, god sure isn’t helping him out any when he probably needs it the most!

  35. OK, look, here’s a thought… How about posting something about Tebow when a team -any team in any league- actually signs him?

    This is REALLY becoming tiresome. I know you guys need to fill space but try doing it with something worth reporting…

    Just sayin’

  36. It’s really strange that he isn’t being given another chance but it is also strange on how Tebow will not try a different position. Sitting out a year can’t be good.

  37. The only thing Timmy is not done is sniping young boys in the third world. Good guy, bad qb. He let ESPN make America ( outside of Jacksonville ) very tired of him.

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