Titans players say Gregg Williams is changing the culture of the defense


What a difference a year makes.

In 2012, Gregg Williams was suspended by the NFL for the culture the league said he helped create while he was the defensive coordinator in New Orleans. In 2013, he’s getting praised for changing the culture of the Titans defense since joining Tennessee as a senior defensive assistant this offseason.

David Climer of the Tennessean spoke to members of the Titans defense about the impact Williams has had since coming on board and the topic of a change in culture came up more than once. Safety Bernard Pollard, who is also new to the team, said that the culture needed to be changed after last year’s defensive struggles and cornerback Jason McCourty, who was around as the Titans allowed 471 points, said the defense is following the aggressive tone Williams has sounded since he was hired.

“The scheme is different but the real difference is the attitude,” McCourty said. “We could tell that from the first day coach Williams was here. He told us he was coming here to change the culture.”

Improved attitude, schemes and enthusiasm are great for a defense, but they weren’t the only reasons why the Titans were strafed so often in 2012. One need only remember the defensive breakdowns that crushed the Saints in the playoffs during each of Williams’ last two years with the team to know that.

Talent matters and the Titans were short on it all over the field. They’ve acquired Pollard, defensive tackle Sammie Hill and others to go with Williams’ attitude adjustment, but the amount of improvement on that front will remain unknown until September.

22 responses to “Titans players say Gregg Williams is changing the culture of the defense

  1. Before he became a scapegoat for the NFL he was always a pretty good Defensive Coordinator. Don’t exactly think he’ll ever be a head coach candidate again, but he’s good at what he does.

  2. First change was putting an ATM right in the meeting room…no more Vilma like actions where goes don’t pay what they promise…

  3. Just think about it, when Munchak is gone we will NEVER hear about Gregg Williams anymore! #scumbag

  4. I just love the fact that he was “banned” for being the mastermind of the “bounty program” yet he came back before Sean Payton, who had nothing to do with the defense. I’d still love to know how Ginger Goodell defines “ban” and “suspension”.

  5. whatjusthapped says:
    Jun 2, 2013 2:04 PM
    The guy is so morally bankrupt that I surprised that he isn’t working for Schwartz and the Lions.

    Here’s whatjusthappened. You said something incredibly stupid.
    It’s “I’m” by the way

  6. I will never forget his infamous quote, “Kill the head.”
    How he got by with only a one year suspension is beyond me.

  7. The question remains, can Greg get the same high levels of exertion from of his players without imploring them to affect the head? I think not.

  8. As a ‘skins fan, I was disappointed Williams’ was not just picked over to select……. Wait for it… Jim zorn, but rather totally jettisoned because Snyder was playing football gm…

    Bad karma, that’s it, I finally figured it out! What comes around goes around…no head coach can change that…

  9. I’m sure Andre Johnson will be happy to give Bernard Pollard a little of what he gave to Cortland Finnegan if they wanna go back to that chippy style of football. I’m sure Fat Albert is available for a little face-stompin’.

  10. Gregg has a lot of detractors and a lot to prove after his very public flogging and subsequent suspension. The Titans will be much improved on D this year.

  11. The minute we heard “kill the head” we knew he would be suspended. And we also realized this man is a great leader of men. He reminded his team in the simplest terms what they needed to do to get to the super bowl which they did. And as much as the media whines about sportsmanship in football, last time i checked, New orleans has not been stripped of its Super Bowl Trophy.

  12. I don’t understand why this guy wasn’t given an irrevocable lifetime ban for his nonsense. I’ll be actively rooting for him to fail.

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