Umenyiora fitting in with Falcons


As the Falcons attempt to assemble a defense that can both build a lead and hold it, they’ve swapped out John Abraham for Osi Umenyiora.

So far, so good.

Osi fit in right away,” defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux said recently, via the Albany Herald.  “He has an outgoing personality.  You can talk to him about just about anything.  As each day goes by, I think he’s getting more and more comfortable.”

Umenyiora has been lining up on both sides of the line for the Falcons.

“It’s been awesome,” Umenyiora said.  “The whole team has welcomed me with open arms.  It’s just been a wonderful feeling coming out there with these guys.  It’s a great football team.”

Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan hints that Umenyiora gives them something from an intangible standpoint that Abraham didn’t.

“John Abraham was a hell of a player, and Osi has kind of come in to fill that role,” Nolan said.  “But every player is different and to say who’s better or not, some of it has to do with how that person fits in with the guys around him.  Sometimes it’s a little better chemistry-wise.”

Umenyiora’s formula for now includes humility.

“For me, I have to start all over again and show them exactly what I’m capable of,” Umenyiora said.  “Nobody cares what I did for the New York Giants. It’s what can I do for the Atlanta Falcons, and they expect big things from me.  I expect even bigger things from myself.”

Falcons fans expect even bigger things from the team this year.  After five straight winning seasons, they think the time has come for the Falcons to finally win a Super Bowl.

11 responses to “Umenyiora fitting in with Falcons

  1. Falcons can talk him up all they want but Osi’s done was absolutely invisible last year in a contract year no less.

  2. Osi has more rings than Matt has second half TDs in his last 3 playoff games. In their last 6 halves of playoff football, the Falcons loaded offense has only scored in three. Osi has his rings, now he is going to enjoy cashing some checks.

  3. I just hope this turns out better than the Ray Edwards debacle. However, Abraham’s production is going to be difficult to replicate.

  4. Matt will win a ring soon. then he’ll join other 1 win QB’s of today getting $100M contract and talk of his HoF spot (Brees, Manning, Flaco, Rodgers to name a few).

  5. Never played the run very well and hasn’t been an impact pass rusher in 3 years, nice pick up Atl, can’t wait for the Bucs and Doug Martin to run past him like he ain’t even there next season…

  6. I get confused when a team that goes to the playoff each year and because they have yet to win “the big one” they are considered chokers, then there’s the criticism of talented teams that fails to make even the playoff. “come on man”.

  7. Don’t worry, the honeymoon will be over real quick, after a team runs for 100plus yards to his side, and the Falcons put someone in that can stop it. Then you’ll see how much you can talk to him.

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