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The thing that was built in South Dakota gets a football equivalent in North Carolina.  And, technically, South Carolina.  Because the Panthers don’t discriminate between the two states named Carolina.

Entering the league in 1995, there has been a decent amount of success in Charlotte, although not much recently.  Here’s the chance to recognize the four most significant persons who come to mind when hearing the team’s name.

Sorry, Cam.  If two years in the NFL aren’t enough to make you an offensive captain, it’s also not enough to make you one of the 12 finalists.

39 responses to “Vote for the Carolina Mt. Rushmore

  1. Sam Mills
    Julius Peppers
    Steve Smith
    (Don’t really see anyone for a forth head – Can we just use three here? Kevin Greene is amazing, but with Steelers.)

  2. That was tough. Steve Smith, Julius Peppers, and Sam Mills (not that much production as a Panther but they’ve got a statue of him outside the stadium)…. I voted Jerry Richardson in… then I had voter’s remorse, I should’ve taken Muhsin Muhammad.

  3. There are franchises for whom picking only four is darned near impossible (Packers, Steelers, Bears, Giants, Cowboys, 49ers, Colts), some difficult, some fairly easy.

    And then there’s franchises like Carolina, Arizona, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, and Houston.

    Oh, don’t get me wrong, I made my picks for the Panthers, but all along I thought, “These guys wouldn’t make the top 50 for some franchises.”

  4. Steve Smith= best panther ever

    Sam Mills is in the panther HOF and has a statue

    Minter embodied defensive leadership during their 00’s run

    Jake Delhomme was decent in this league also, a pro bowl in ’04 and he started ’07 on an absolute tear, but then he got hurt, had the “Tommy John” surgery and everyone only remembers his struggles after that

  5. Julius Peppers
    Steve Smith
    Sam Mills
    Stephen Davis (I guess?)

    This one is actually kind of fun because there’s not a billion qualified candidates to choose from.

  6. steve smith
    julius peppers
    that is all…very young franchise and i believe they have a rising superstar in cam. hes my favorite qb in the league.

  7. Steve Smith
    Muhsin Muhammad
    John Kasay
    Jake Delhomme

    I hate to add Delhomme since he was so hit and miss but he was the QB that took the Panthers to their only SB. He is the most likely to be replaced on the mountain.

  8. 4 of Sam Mills’ 5 pro bowl seasons were with the Saints. Why is he on this list too? I know he had one pro bowl season with Carolina and was on the coaching staff… but just seems a little odd to put him in this category.

  9. Mills, while only here for a short time, was an instrumental leader that helped this team start off strong. His fight with cancer galvanized the entire city.

    Steve Smith, while I have not liked the fact he got away with attacking at least two teammates, has been unquestionably this franchises best player.

    Mike minter was the backbone of the defense for a long time.

    and John Kasay, while just a kicker, was an exceptional leader in the locker room.

    Would have been Jerry Richardson if he had not just pulled that bs over taxpayer funded stadium repairs and tying the amount of money to how long the team would promise to stay.

  10. To me a Mt Rushmore for the Panther organization should symbolize those players who helped form the foundation of the team and who were instrumental along the way in helping make the Carolina Panthers what they would eventually become. I felt each player should have made a significant contribution to the team and the franchise over at least 7 yrs.

    There are certainly more than four on this list who would qualify, but since we have to narrow it down I chose to pick one offensive player, 2 defensive players (since it was defense that first really put us on the map), and 1 player from special teams.

    Steve Smith (2001-present) Best offensive player in team history hands down.

    Julius Peppers (2002-2009) All-time greatest defensive player

    Mike Minter (1997-2006) Leads franchise w/most games started and most number of tackles, started and ended career with Carolina.

    John Kasay (1995-2010) 16 seasons w/Panthers; the reliable consistent mainstay of the organization throughout most of the team’s history and a Panther at heart to the very end.

  11. Steve Smith-Greatest panther ever

    Sam Mills-Probowl with the panthers, member of the coaching staff, has a statue outside bank of america stadium, his cancer story inspired the 2003 Superbowl run.

    Julius Peppers-As bad as his exit outside of Charlotte was during his prime he was the best defensive end in the game

    Jake Delhomme-I get he was an average QB but if you were to take the 5 greatest panther games of all time they would all end with Delhomme leading the team to a last second TD or fieldgoal.

  12. If you have only one Super Bowl appearance, how can you not include the QB and Coach who got you there?

  13. Steve Smith
    Brad Hoover
    Mike Minter
    Jerry Richardson – He did bring football to the Carolinas

    Honorable Mention to John Fox and Bill Polian

  14. Mills and Mike McCormack have statues outside the stadium, so we’ll go with others for the Mt. Rushmore.

    I vote for Steve Smith, John Kasay, Mike Minter, Jerry Richardson.

    JR isn’t popular right now due to the squabble over who pays for stadium rennovations, but he is the one that had the vision for an NFL team in the Carolinas when only his relatives didn’t think he was nuts. If we treat him like George Shinn and throw out all the good over some recent disagreements, we’re going to wind up in the same spot – with our team in another city.

  15. John Kasay cost them the Super Bowl when he kicked off OOB and gave Brady the ball on the 40 at the end of the game. Easy drive to game winning FG.

    You can’t Rushmore this team. Too young.

  16. Steve Smith, Jake(you may hate him but he’s the best Qb we’ve had excluding Cam), Minter or Muhammad(toss up), and Kasay…Most of the players to choose from did more with other teams than they ever did with Carolina so theres no way they make the cut…and on the peppers issue, simply, NO…if you have to ask why then obviously you’re a casual panther fan or just an outsider

  17. Every Mount Rushmore has a founding father or two. That’d be Sam Mills, who established a standard of excellence as a player and further burnished his reputation as a coach, and John Kasay, one of the first free agents signed and the last original Panther left standing, a guy who won a ton of games with his leg and brought us justthisclose to a Super Bowl victory, not to mention being beloved by fans his entire Panthers career.

    Every Mount Rushmore has a martyr. That’s Mike Minter, who exercised incredible leadership and heart before both his knees gave out prematurely.

    And Smitty already deserves a place even though he may yet write more chapters of greatness with Cam throwing to him.

    Alternate: Muhsin Muhammad.

    As grateful to Jerry Richardson as I am for bringing the NFL to Charlotte, he has done enough mean, bizarre and just plain stupid things in recent years to take himself out of contention.

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