After new deal, Andre Smith hasn’t appeared at OTAs


The Bengals didn’t have free agent right tackle Andre Smith under contract until the weekend of the draft.

But they haven’t had him on the field at all this offseason.

According to Geoff Hobson of the team’s official website, Smith hasn’t appeared at any of their OTA sessions yet. Coach Marvin Lewis said Smith told the club he’s dealing with personal issues.

And while it’s natural to worry about conditioning, there doesn’t seem to have been much uproar there about Smith’s absence.

One thing that will likely be thinner is Smith’s wallet. As part of his three-year, $18 million contract, Smith has a workout bonus of $100,000 this year (according to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer).

Left tackle Andrew Whitworth has been out as well after a knee surgery this offseason, leaving the Bengals short up front for the time being.

21 responses to “After new deal, Andre Smith hasn’t appeared at OTAs

  1. There’s a fairly good chance that the featured picture of Andre Smith shows him glaring at a Chipotle ad on the video board.

  2. I begged…I screamed…”Don’t sign Flesh Zeppelin!!”

    You suppose there is a clause wherein the Bengals can pay him in cheeseburgers?

  3. Him and Courtney Upshaw were just hanging out, knocking back a couple personal issues.

  4. Every time you think this guy has finally turned the corner and will properly use his exceptional talent, he does something dumb like this.

    However, he hasn’t gotten himself arrested for anything. With the Bengals, that’s somewhat noteworthy.

  5. Here’s what I always say about these knuckle heads. If I can’t trust you when you’re broke and trying to get money, how in the heck can I trust you once I pay you millions? The simple answer is, I can’t! This cat was fat and lazy looking coming out of college, he came to camp fat and lazy looking. Now he’s gotten paid and they haven’t seen him during OTAs…? Suprize? Nope. It’s just a hunch, but I bet he shows up to camp fat and lazy looking.

  6. 3 years 18 million 3 million guaranteed is certainly not paid by NFL OT standards. And certainly not Haynesworth 2.0 worthy.

  7. Wow, you get paid if you work out an you don’t? Why do I see him broke 3 years after his NFL career is over?

  8. I don’t really care as long as be can sit there and block someone. Maybe he’ll get fat enough to have a gravitational pull in his direction so the defense is screwed

  9. Anyone remember this?

    “Congratulations, son; you’re now a multi-millionaire.”

    Pretty much told me everything I needed to know about the guy, if that’s who he’s looking to for guidance.

    Also, Dolly Parton called, Andre. She’s jealous of your moobs.

  10. This is the problem with sports media right here. The focus of the article, as apparent by the title is to force the subject that Andre Smith is lazy. Never mind the fact that he has developed into a top OT in the league. Never mind Lewis is unphased by his absence and even seems to support it for the moment. And especially, never mind the fact that he has personal issues to deal with and isn’t just unaccounted for completely. We’ll just keep feeding into stereotypes that were outlived 2 season ago.

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