Anquan Boldin will stay in San Francisco, miss White House visit

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Anquan Boldin ‏is the latest former Raven to reveal that he won’t attend the Super Bowl champions’ trip to the White House.

Boldin wrote on Twitter on Monday afternoon that he will remain in San Francisco and participate in Organized Team Activities with the 49ers, who acquired him in a trade with the Ravens.

“Unfortunately I’m going to miss a great opportunity to be with my Super Bowl team at the White House,” Boldin wrote. “I know those guys will proudly share our Super Bowl memories and unforgettable moments on my behalf.”

Although President Obama has invited all of last year’s Ravens to attend the White House ceremony, some who have left the team this offseason have decided not to attend. Cary Williams and Dennis Dixon, who are both on the Eagles, will be busy at a mandatory minicamp in Philadelphia, and Bernard Pollard, now of the Titans, said he didn’t want to be in the same room as “certain people,” presumably meaning head coach John Harbaugh.

Most of the players on last year’s Super Bowl team will visit the White House on Wednesday.

48 responses to “Anquan Boldin will stay in San Francisco, miss White House visit

  1. I’d rather stay at mini camp also, who really wants to go to the White House and see a joke of a president
    No more visits till the Redskins change their name.

  2. Dixon didn’t do anything, so no point really. It sounds like the other guys are just trying to get organized with their new teams, save for Pollard. Like him as a player, but the incessant whining is getting old. I don’t blame Boldin for being bitter (if he even is). He’s the only Raven we lost (out of many) whom I wish they kept.

  3. Considering he’s basically been thrown straight into the fire in SF with Crabtree going down, I can understand why the guy doesn’t want to fly across the country and miss precious OTA time to work with his new QB.

    The new practice rules in the CBA make it tough for these guys to get much time to work together, so each day is precious time.

  4. Good for him.!!! I would not want to be associated with a bunch of LOSERS.!!!!! Plus that flight has got to be brutal and for what.???? A Waste of his time.!!!!

  5. If you ranked all 47 Super Bowl teams, the 2012 Ravens would be #47. Not taking anything away from them, just calling it like I see it. In fact I believe no Super Bowl team after 1999 could beat any Super Bowl team from 1999-prior….discuss.

  6. Dude should go to the white house and steal a plate or a pint glass or something. Obama brews his own honey brown beer.

    I’d be all over that invite.

  7. Mention the White House and all of the righties show up…..isn’t Rush Limbaugh on somewhere???? Go listen to that crap.

  8. i dont blame him. i wouldnt want to see that marxist pos either. that jerk should be waterboarded and thrown in gitmo. lying corrupt scum

  9. Boldin is making the right choice. If the 49ers want a chance to make the same trip next year, they need Anquan to put in as much time and work as possible, especially with Crabtree injured. As a 49ers fan, I’m excited to see him willing to do that, even if it means giving up what is a great individual and personal honor (regardless of your views on the President).

  10. Boldin is a team player! why would he go ? hes the reason flaco is wearing a superbowl ring period!!!! goooooo 49ers best in the west! nfc champs

  11. They’re pissed at the Ravens. They helped the Ravens win the Super Bowl. Flacco sure as hell didn’t do it on his own,but he got all the dough,and they got the door. Simple as that.

  12. When the hell is the white gonna learn they need to dedicate a day in February before the league year ends to entertain the superbowl champ so teams can visit together before they break up? How does NFL Network not want to make a holiday of this just for the sake of creating a talk line for it?

  13. As a Niners fan, I think he should go.

    Celebrate a great accomplishment and opportunity to visit the WH. Seems silly not to go, just because they traded you. You earned a ring.

  14. This not going to see the president started with James Harrison and it is just weird. Blowing off a chance to meet a man who holds a job that less than 50 people have had in 200+ years is short sighted and foolish. I don’t care about your politics, you should show respect to the commander in chief.

  15. Not only did Tim Thomas, Bruins Goalie, not go but made veiled racist comments as to his reasons for not attending. Which is not what Boldin did… so yeah…no one will construe his decision as racist.

  16. I don’t blame him. That would be two long plane flights and probably some awkward moments being around a team that didn’t want to pay you.

  17. anquan wished his teammates well and is busy getting acclimated to his new team. He doesnt hate the ravens or his old teammates I dont see anything wrong with him putting in extra work with a new QB

  18. Joe Flacco goes to the White House. Ben Roethlisbooger goes to White Castle.

  19. I like that he’s putting all of that behind him and moving forward with his new team which happens to be my team.

    However, rubbing elbows with the President is a once-in-a-lifetime deal (for most us unless you have phat $$$), so I would say he should go if he were playing for any other team.

  20. All you Ravens hater!!! Do you all think the Ravens really care if Boldin doesn’t show up? The sure will love to have him there but it shouldn’t be a news if he is not going to make it. I like Boldin but he is kind of bitter. I hope the OTA helps you gel with your new QB.

  21. Macfunden – What was the veiled racist statement, President Obama is a bad president and I prefer not to be in the same room with him?

  22. The ravens prolly told them that they would have to pay their own way there n back lol.

  23. James Harrison turned it down because the man hates flying. It’s one of the reasons he wanted to stay relatively close to Pittsburgh with his new team…so he could DRIVE. He’s keeping his home in Pittsburgh and his kids are in Pittsburgh.

    Politically…there is no connection between the IRS issues and the White House. The journalist “scandal” won’t come close to you unless you’re receiving secret leaks from the White House that are a concern to national security. And whether you like him or not, President Obama is our president. I did not like President Bush, but I sure as hell showed him the respect he deserved as the President of the United States. Grow the eff up.

  24. Help me out with the math on this … we’ll Barack host two or three more Super Bowl teams at the White House before Hillary takes over?

  25. I’m going to clown you something fierce when Jumpball Joe struggles because Boldin is in SF. Big Ben went to the SB with 3 different #1 WR’s.

    Matt Elam will get caught up in the wash that will be a #15 or less defense.

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