Austin Collie says he’ll sign waiver to play again

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Former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Austin Collie has dealt with a myriad of injuries during his four seasons in the NFL. Three concussions and a torn patellar tendon in his right knee have forced him to miss 22 games over the last three seasons. But it’s the concussions that could keep him from getting another look from an NFL team.

Collie suffered the third concussion of his career last preseason. With the league’s increased focus on illegal hits and increased concussion protocols, Collie could struggle to find a new team to play for. Whether it’s a risk of re-injury that won’t allow him to play or the thought that he’d be a liability to the league if he were to be injured again, Collie is a difficult case.

However, Collie doesn’t think it’s difficult at all. According to Mike Garafolo of the USA Today, Collie just wants to play again and he’s willing to take whatever steps necessary to prove it.

“I’ll sign a waiver, all right?” he said. “They’re not going to have to worry about me suing. I’ll hold myself to be accountable.”

Collie is trying to tell the league that he wants to make any decision on whether to play himself and not have that decision made for him.

Collie says that he’s not at risk for long-term issues after being cleared by several neurologists. However, not all risk can be ruled out and Collie is willing to take on that risk of serious brain injury in order to play the sport he loves again. He’s tired of being the face of concussions in the NFL after his initial concussion in 2010 left him unconscious on the field for several minutes.

Collie has the blessing of his family to continue his pursuit of returning to the NFL. His knee is healthy again and he still has the desire to play. Whether any team will make the leap to sign him remains to be seen but he believes he’ll get his chance and return to the NFL.

“Call me naïve or optimistic, but I’m confident I’ll be playing,” Collie said.

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  1. He really needs to talk to older players who are struggling with concussion related issues. I remember reading about his last concussion on the scroll during a game and I actually cringed.

  2. If he wants to play, good for him. But think long and hard about this decision. A million bucks isn’t worth life in a wheel chair or worse. Hopefully, you were smart with your previous checks and this isn’t a risk to cash out. If you’re playing the game because you love it, good for you and good luck. If it’s just a paycheck, walk away man. The funny thing about money is they print more of it every day, and there’s millions of ways to get yourself some without risking brain damage.

  3. I thought Jahvid Best was the face of NFL concussions? We gonna let him sign a waiver too? I have no issues with that. They’re all adults.

  4. Dude is talented,

    But he has some of the worst luck I have ever seen.

    As for being “cleared” of long term health issues.. I call Fooey on that.

  5. Actually I think the face of concussions in the NFL is Jahvid Best… He’s missed about 20 games from a concussion only… Not any other injuries, plus he’s been cleared by some doctors to play and he’s been saying he feels no effects of the concussions, yet the league won’t let him play!

  6. I understand he loves the game, but honestly collie, it’s not worth it. Think about your family and future. Hang up te helmet before you physically can’t.

  7. The NFL doesn’t hire dummies for lawyers, so I’m certain every single contract already has a boilerplate of language indemnifying the team, owners, and league from any harm that befalls a player during his free and willing participation in a violent sport.

  8. I won’t call him naive or optimistic. I’ll call him terrified at the idea of trying to make a living for the rest of his life with no skills/qualifications other than catching passes.

  9. Here is a perfect example the largest NFL problem. Players need someone, or an organization to save them from THEMSELVES. It matters not how much evidence is presented linking pro football to serious, debilitating future injuries. Young men will sign a Faustian document, as long as they can be in the league for a few years, and consequences be damned. The siren song of riches and fame is simply too compelling. Surely NO team will sign this misguided fool.

  10. I’ll nip this one in the bud, before it gets growing. Collie could get another chance because he does have usable talent. A certain QB won’t because his “usable” talent is minimal at best.

    It’ll be an uphill battle for Collie, because of the insurance underwriters for the teams and the league. CFL?

  11. That’s a tough one. He’s an adult and presumably understands the risks, he should be able to make the decision himself. At the same time, if all the doctors are saying no, should a team really say yes? As difficult as I would find it, I’d side with the doctors.

  12. Give me a million dollar contract and I’ll sign a waiver that you can beat me over the head with a tire iron.

  13. “I’ll sign a waiver, all right?” he said. “They’re not going to have to worry about me suing. I’ll hold myself to be accountable”


    And that’s why we pay lawyers so much kids…


  14. Seems like it’s been more than 3 concussions…

    That said, I really felt uneasy seeing him get his most recent concussion knowing what we now know about concussions. Just hang up the cleats Austin, it ain’t worth it.

  15. Hope its the right decision. Long-term health isn’t really something I think anyone should put in jeopardy if they don’t have to.

  16. Dude has taken a beating. There is no question about his heart. Hope it works out for him.

  17. If he signs the waiver, let him play. Feel like this quote from the Wire sums it up.:

    McNulty: Well, if every time, Snot Boogie stole the money, why’d you let him play?

    Guy: Got to. It’s America, man.

  18. I’m guessing most of the players involved with the concussion lawsuit would have done the exact same thing if they were being forced out of the NFL.

  19. “Call me naïve or optimistic, but I’m confident I’ll be playing,” Collie said.

    I wish for Collie to live his life in whichever way pleases him… but the doctors are telling him what he wants to hear because we barely have any research done. His family’s “blessing” is severely shortsided and misguided unless they find tying his shoes for him in 20 years a positive thing.

    It’s not worth it, dude…

  20. When healthy Collie is a true game changer. I wish him luck in the future, but I hope its not on the field. At Colts games you could hear the crowd gasp after every hit he took on the field. Great player, I just hope he decides to think about his wife and children, and call it a career. He is going to always fall in the “what if “category.

  21. This dude can ball when healthy… I hope he does make it back on to the field.. its also refreshing to see someone taking accountability for their own actions in todays America

  22. Austin the problem is all of your peers are suing the league who had the same feelings as you at one time.

  23. “He was suffering from concussion-like symptoms when he signed the waiver back in 2013, and my client should not be held accountable for actions taken while in his condition, and I motion that those documents be deemed inadmissible.”

    -Collie’s Lawyers, 2035

  24. I agree, You know what the damages are when you sign up. Just have good insurance, i dont see that many boxers or ex hockey players suing.

  25. It strikes me that the young man may not realize there are more important things in life than a football game.

  26. wouldn’t allowing him to play hold against everything the new NFL is supposed to be?

    isn’t it the NFL’s responsibility to protect the players from extensive harm from both opponents and themselves??

    i remember when Stew Bradley wanted to go back into a game. He looked like a TKO fighter.
    The coaches put that man at serious risk

    Every winner will want to play. thats what makes us.

  27. Unfortunately, for him, someone will sign him and he’ll be risking serious injury. BUT, look at Manning. Numerous neck procedures and everyone was giving him the same advice. Quit before you can’t walk, hold your kids ever again. Denver signed Manning anyway. And now it looks like the Pats will sign Collie as well. Good luck Austin

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