Cruz talks moving slowly

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Giants receiver Victor Cruz will have a reality show, unless he doesn’t.  Coincidentally, he’ll have a new contract, unless he doesn’t.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, talks between the team and the holdout receiver are occurring, but moving slowly.

There’s a chance that the negotiations will intensify as June 15 approaches.

There’s also a chance the Giants will yank Cruz’s $2.879 million tender and replace it with a salary of less than $600,000.  That’s regarded as highly unlikely, however, since it would inflame the situation and set the stage for a holdout that could last into the regular season.

19 responses to “Cruz talks moving slowly

  1. Slowly because negotiations are slow?


    Slowly because the media reports on negotiations every other day?

    Everyone knows a deal will get done.
    Stop talking about it until they are finished.

  2. One wonders if he’s looking at what Harvin, got from the Hawks, and imagining himself in a like situation. The old “I’m as good as he is” motivation.

  3. You guys seriously repost the same crap ever other day. How about we stop talking about Cruz until he signs a contract, or gets let go. 2 topics a week about talks moving slowly is not an update

  4. At this point I could care less if he signs or not. I trust Jerry Reese to not overpay this guy, let someone else. Since Cruz doesn’t seem to like our offer we should just focus on signing Hakeem Nicks. It’s a shame being paid more than any other slot WR isn’t enough for him. How quickly they forget what team took them out of the slums and gave them a chance even when they weren’t drafted. Then they want to stick it to that team! Our situation is like when Arizon had to pay Fitzgerald or Boldin. I love both our WRs but I’d rather pay Hakeem.

  5. Sign @teamvic. You know you want to.

    I’ll buy you a steak dinner at Smith & Wollenski. You can get all the mashed potatoes and creamed spinach you want.

    You can get a porterhouse to go.

    Just put your name on the line that is dotted.

    What do I have to do to close this deal Vic? Really. You want to be here. We want you here. This is your team. We all love you. Here is $15 million dollars. And you don’t even have to move.

  6. Until a player actually mans up and holds out for real into the season, I can see teams starting to yank the tenders. The “good soldier” / “team player” card does NOT work.

  7. Re-siging an overrated receiver who won’t go over the middle, can’t beat man coverage and has bad hands is a big priority for the low class, second rate Giants.

  8. logicailvoicesays

    Tell Antonio Cromarty and Kyle wilson that Cruz can’t go over the middle. #99yards

  9. It amazes me how nobody attributes value to health. I’ll take Cruz over Harvin and Boldin any day of the week, not because I’m a Giants’ fan or because Cruz is better, but because you can pencil in Cruz for 16 games and walk away from your lineup card. What good is Harvin if his headaches keep him out 4 games a year? To me, that alone is worth the extra $$ that puts him on par with the higher paid WRs.

    I love Nicks, but he’s another one. I don’t like holding my breath every time he hits the ground. I’ll take the guy with barely noticeable less stats who don’t miss games over the guy who’s consistently on the injury report with a leg.

  10. And the circus continues, both WRs ready to hold out. Reality tv shows. Drafting a DL with prior drug convictions, no ol, no secondary… This will be a fun year for lil blue

  11. With a last name like Cruz, it is no shock the Giants are refusing to pay and are making him out to be a greedy selfish pig. Guys with last names like Flacco, Romo, Brees, Rodgers get handed big bucks, no problem. Hmmm. They are white, and Cruz is Hispanic. What could possibly account for the difference in treatment?

  12. Cruz wants to be paid far beyond what slot receivers command in this market. He also expects to receive it in a market that is his best opportunity for additional endorsement income. He will not get both.

    If another team opts to overpay him next year then Cruz and his representatives should factor in the drop in additional income he can expect to make in the New York market. It is my guess that the Giants are reminding him of that fact during the negotiations. And they are correct to do so.

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