Dennis Allen: Chris Kluwe knows he has to focus on football

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When Chris Kluwe was the punter for the Vikings, there were rumblings of discontent within the coaching staff about his political interests perhaps distracting from his job. But now that Kluwe is a Raider, his coach says that’s not an issue.

Raiders coach Dennis Allen said at his press conference today that the Raiders’ coaching staff wants Kluwe to put all his focus on playing football, and that Kluwe has bought into that.

“Chris Kluwe, his job is to make this football team,” Allen said. “He’s of the same mindset.”

For his part, Kluwe wrote on Twitter last week that he had turned down an invitation to the White House because it conflicted with the Raiders’ minicamp.

“Lest anyone EVER question my commitment to a team that employs me, I present exhibit A,” Kluwe wrote, linking to his invitation to the White House. “And no, I did not ask if I could skip practice. Mandatory minicamps are mandatory, and I’m here to help the team win. So it goes.”

When it comes to putting his focus on football, Kluwe’s actions have matched his coach’s words.

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  1. Too bad his actions didn’t match his words when he was a Viking. Oh ~ by the way, I don’t think his political views were the only past distration. I think he had a number of distractions (i.e., Ray Guy – Hall of Fame) that brought down his productivity.

  2. He should have gone to the white house because in the end, he’ll be cut. The guy he’s competing against is a phenom.

  3. Words are cheap. Im willing to bet he will be singing a different tune before the season ends.

  4. Then he was lying before because he said he didn’t have to focus only on playing football. He has a ton of interests outside of football and now we’re supposed to believe he’s only focusing on playing football? Ridiculous.

  5. I never thought his focus was an issue. He was a good punter and his performance actually stayed very stable over his career (except for a bit of a rocky start last season), but the younger, cheaper punters got better. So, he just wasn’t worth the money. Just business.

  6. raiderinva says:
    Jun 3, 2013 3:15 PM
    I am sure that this is all the fault of Mark Davis because he fired PR chief Zak Gilberts.

    Damn you Mark…..

    This theory has legs, just ask anyone who covers the Raiders – it’s all connected. It’s like Game of Thrones, just with less dragons.
    Amy Trask “resigned” – Reggie forced her out.
    Team P.R. guy fired? Weak Mark’s attempt at a comeback.
    Tim Kluwe’s reply to the White House, posted online for all to read at their own risk? Coerced response at sword point from Heart-of-Darkness-level Insane DA.
    Charles Woodson’s all black jersey at practice? Total team dischord and a cry for help.
    A cry to whom you might ask?
    To the media, obviously. Our ever present guardians, the sports writers.

  7. Rick Spielman is a Magician says:Jun 3, 2013 3:23 PM

    Then he was lying before because he said he didn’t have to focus only on playing football. He has a ton of interests outside of football and now we’re supposed to believe he’s only focusing on playing football? Ridiculous.


    I think he is smart enough to balance his “focus” on football and his “focus” on outside interests, such that they don’t impact his performance. I think a lack of focus had zero to do with why he’s gone. It’s just that there are cheaper, better, younger, stronger options out there.

  8. Still trying to put a negative spin on raider business. You can just put out another article about the firing of a one year PR director.

  9. first things first…make the team….I’ don’t expect this is a given, not the way king can boom the ball.

  10. Yes. Leave the lame political correctness out of it.

    PFT? Follow suit. We’re tired of the gay stories that you drum up.

    And Marquette King — win the job. You have one helluva leg!!!!

  11. He’s only “focused on football” now because he lost his previous job and is on the bubble for getting cut with the Raiders.

    Does anyone in the world doubt that if he were still on the Vikings he would have taken a few days off and gone to Washington? All while spewing a bunch of hate-filled nonsense about supposed oppression?

  12. So not only did he tout around his White House invitation to further his ‘current’ agenda of making the (new) team but he’s actually now just simply lying. I’m glad The Purple got rid of this attention-starved ‘intellectual’.

    Never liked him on the 93X morning show, never liked him as a punter, never liked him as a band promoter (his own…sigh). Good riddance and let this be the last we ever hear of him.

    Also, Kluwe: Go the the White House, you moron. Your career is obviously not within the NFL for much longer so maybe you should be focusing on the things in your life that you’ve actually made headway in.

  13. He’s a punter. How does he have to focus? He has to work out, practice kicking technique, all that, but it’s not like he needs to memorize a 300-page playbook to kick the ball down the field.

    Punting requires strength, coordination, technique, talent, and a bunch of other things. Punting does not require “focus”.

  14. If you took the years off Kluwe’s annual stats and then mixed them up you’d be hard pressed to ID 2012 – meaning that stat-wise, he’s still a competent punter. So why is he radioactive? Money or controversy? I bet Kluwe in 2012 is better than the Vikings 2013 punter.

  15. Kluwe knows he has to focus on football? He didn’t learn that lesson in Minnesota.

    Hopefully he learns it in Oakland, or he’ll be unemployed again after this season.

  16. I have an extremely hard time believing that this PUNTER’s political/social/religious beliefs affected his play on-field.

    Granted, I did not see the man punt, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have to. His agendas are affecting his play? What a bunch of crap.

  17. WHo cares! He’s a punter! He also plays for the Raiders, His career is truly over now! He should hope to get cut and play elsewhere.

    you go to the Raiders to end your career. signed-

    Rich Gannon
    Tim Brown
    Jerry Rice
    Richard Seymore
    Charles Woodson

  18. The problem with the Vikings last year was Ponder and Webb, not a punter. You can’t blame a punter for your poor passing game.

  19. Sure do wish folks would stop trying to find disfunction in our program.. Trask implied she has intended to leave the team as she stated that she fulfilled a promise she made to over see a smooth transition.. Nothing major going on there…

    As for the pr dude, your one job is to make your boss look good, if you fail at that then boom, replaced…

  20. “odawg31 says:
    Jun 3, 2013 4:19 PM
    WHo cares! He’s a punter! He also plays for the Raiders, His career is truly over now! He should hope to get cut and play elsewhere.

    you go to the Raiders to end your career. signed-

    Rich Gannon
    Tim Brown
    Jerry Rice
    Richard Seymore
    Charles Woodson”

    Let’s see, an injury ended Gannon’s career. Tim Brown started his career in Oakland, ended it in Tampa Bay. Jerry ended his career in Seattle. Seymour is most likely still going to be playing for a few years provided he can stay healthy with another team. Woodson is playing for peanuts on a 1 year deal and he’s still productive.
    You might want to rethink your list.

  21. Gannon – better career with Raiders than ever before, Pro Bowler with Oakland

    Brown – um, didn’t end his career with the Raiders

    Rice – Pro Bowler with the Raiders

    Seymore – Last I heard, he was about to be signed by the Falcons

    Woodson – glad to have him back.

  22. good decision. best job he’ll ever have. even if he goes into politics or business

  23. Wow – the haters are out in full force.

    Kluwe is in favor of treating every human equally. If he got fired for that stance, he should wear it as a badge of honor. Also, if that’s true (which is the implication of this article), it means the Vikings are a low-life, low-class organization who support bigotry.

    As for the Tebow comparisons … Ray Lewis is also an outspoken Christian, and no one is saying that Ray got chased out of football for his religion.

    Tebow isn’t unemployed because of his religion. He’s unemployed because he’s not a good pocket passer and he draws a giant media circus where ever he goes.

  24. Sad thing is, that if he were sincere he wouldn’t have wasted his time trying to get in the spotlight by telling everyone on twitter about turning down the invite. He would have just gone about his business and showed up ready to compete!

  25. He kind of talked a big game as he was leaving the Vikings about how he would stay vocal in what he believes in. But I’m thinking that he had a little wake up call there and now understands the place of a punter on an NFL team. Hint: it ain’t spokesperson.

  26. I think Kluwe is one of the 32 best punters, but the Raiders HAVE to roll with King and his upside. He definitely has the potential to carry the torch from Ray Guy and Lechler.

  27. “He’s a punter. A flipping punter. How much does he actually need to focus on kicking the ball?”

    Can you punt a football 40 yards with a 5 second hang time consistently? I don’t think so….

    Punters and kickers are easily the least appreciated players on the team. There role is just as important as the other 10 positions.

  28. Kluwe should recognize that there are some issues you need to stay the hell away from if you don’t want to be viewed as controversial and/or a distraction and the gay marriage issue is one of them….not saying it’s right, but it’s the truth.

    Only way it could be worse is if he started acting anything like Tebow or Taylor Swift. No one gets it worse than them two.

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