Jaguars already scheming to get ball to Sanders, Robinson


The Jaguars didn’t force the issue at quarterback, knowing they can’t fix every problem with their roster in one offseason.

And it appears they’re going to try to gimmick their way through a year of Blaine Gabbert-Chad Henne competition.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated noted that the Jaguars “have some very interesting offensive wrinkles set to try” with rookies Ace Sanders and Denard Robinson.

Sanders is an extremely quick open-field receiver, and Robinson’s quarterback-turned-runner/receiver skills make him an interesting chess piece to move around.

Of course, none of that will matter unless they get a higher grade of play from the actual quarterbacks on the roster.

The absence of that will make trick plays and “wrinkles” a moot point, although a potentially visually interesting one.

11 responses to “Jaguars already scheming to get ball to Sanders, Robinson

  1. Blackmon (when he returns), Cecil Shorts III, now Ace and Shoelace.

    Go ahead and laugh but the Jags finally have some playmakers at the WR position.

    Now if they can get Gabbert to play up to his potential this could be a sleeper team rather than a team that puts people to sleep.

  2. Unfortunately it will be hard for Ace and Denard to make plays with Gibbs laying on the ground.

  3. Anyone who thinks denard robinson will be starting at QB or that he was drafted with that intention is on something good that needs to be shared.. it ain’t happening. This is Gabbert’s last year and if he can’t make something happen then he’ll be replaced. I think the coaching this year is head and shoulders better than it has been in his last couple of years so I do think he’ll improve.. how much is yet to be determined..

  4. I love how if your comment is not racist, ignorant, off topic, or just plain offensive the moderators delete it. They delete anything football related and non offensive. But if I just say the steelers blow it’ll be up for 3 years

  5. Denard Robinson was drafted as a running back, primarily, which is the position he closed his college career at. He is no different from dozens of other multi purpose threats, and/or former quarterbacks who play similar roles. Percy Harvin, Brad Smith, Randall Cobb, Derek McCluster, Leon Washington. Ace Sanders is a punt returner/slot receiver. Not a lot different from Tavon Austin, Wes Welker, Cobb, etc. etc.

    Jaguars are fine with their quarterbacks. Dave Caldwell was a college scout for Blaine Gabbert’s entire college career. He has been a pro scout for Blaine’s entire pro career. He knows his potential as well as anyone in the game. Jaguars have had multiple opportunities over the past couple of years to acquire a veteran quarterback or draft a rookie.

    All the snide internet “expert” remarks about Gabbert won’t change the reality of the situation. He will play out his contract in Jacksonville and will be the most valuable free agent quarterback on the market by the time he does.

  6. The great benefit that Sanders and Robinson bring to the team immediately, is that sheer sense of joy in playing the game and being part of a team which has been missing in Jax. Gene Smith and Mike Mularkey were about as dynamic and fun loving as a congregation of Quaker elders. There was a shroud of grim misery over the club. Ace and Denard are as bright and upbeat a pair as there was in the draft. They have that rare combination of being serious about their craft without taking themselves seriously.

  7. In other words, “Jaguars already scheming to get the ball to [some exciting offensive players they just drafted].” How is this a story?

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