Josh Portis lands in Toronto


The Toronto Argonauts have shown an affinity for former members of the Seahawks organization this offseason, signing wide receivers Mike Williams and Reggie Williams well after their stints in Seattle came to an end.

Quarterback Josh Portis was more recently a member of the Seahawks, but he was waived last month after being arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. The Argonauts announced and Adam Caplan of passed along that Portis has been added to their roster over the weekend.

Portis was actually signed by the Argonauts in March, but left the team when the Seahawks re-signed him in April. Portis spent the last two seasons with Seattle after signing with the team as an undrafted free agent, but never saw any regular season action before he was given his walking papers in May.

Portis will be battling four other quarterbacks for playing time in Toronto, which starts its season in nine days. One player who won’t be on the roster for that game is Mike Williams, who has already been sent packing after a short tints with the CFL club.

9 responses to “Josh Portis lands in Toronto

  1. This the CFL paging Mr Tebow. Please proceed to the nearest white courtesy telephone…

  2. granadafan says:
    Jun 3, 2013 12:29 PM
    This the CFL paging Mr Tebow. Please proceed to the nearest white courtesy telephone…


    The team that holds his rights said he can come be a back up. Has zero chances to start for them outside of an injury.

  3. If his last name wasn’t Portis we wouldn’t be talking about him. Now if he hyphenated his last name to Portis-Cromartie I guarantee the Jets would’ve signed him last year.

  4. With the well publicized problems the Hawks were having with players using PED’s, and his own tenuous position in a four man QB room, Portis had to be crazy to get behind the wheel and drive down an Interstate, while drunk. Let’s hope he beats the averages and emerges from that ready to change his attitudes. He does NOT want to get nailed by the O.P.P., on an Ontario highway, while under the influence. Them guys isn’t all nice and considerate like our cops.

    Best of luck in the CFL, Josh.

  5. Clinton Portis, maybe I’d care. Irving Portis, not so much.

    Irving? Don’t you mean Josh?

  6. How can he leave the US with a pending DUI charge? He should be out on bail, right? Plus, I think if you have a criminal record, Canada won’t even let you in the country?

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