McNabb doesn’t care about criticism of his Griffin criticism

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Former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb recently offered some pointed criticism of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.  And McNabb has been criticized for it.

And McNabb doesn’t care.

“The whole thing about it,  a question was asked for me [and] these were my thoughts that I thought would be a benefit for he and his family,” McNabb told NFL Network.  “Whatever people may feel about it, I could care less.  But I figured it could help him in many ways.”

There it is.  The “I was just answering a question” defense.  Articulated on the same day I officially added it to my own personal list of pet peeves.  Right behind the concept of jumbo shrimp.

McNabb explained that his comments came from a desire to be helpful, which makes him eligible to play Marie Barone if/when they bring back Everybody Loves Raymond.

“The whole thing about it for me is that I love to talk to the younger guys and just prepare them for what is in front of them,” McNabb said.  “A lot of them are unaware and when things kind of happen, there is no one to kind of talk to them.  I think from my 13 years of experience and watching football all my life, if you can give a helping hand, reach back and give these guys a little bit of guidance if you can, why not do it?”

He’s right, if the advice is given privately.  The difference here is that McNabb, rebuffed in his efforts to get an audience with Griffin, opted to go public with his advice, which makes it come off as criticism.  And which in turn sets McNabb up for criticism, especially from Redskins fans who at one point (but not for very long) cheered him.

McNabb still believes that Griffin shouldn’t view the criticism as criticism.

“This is something that has been going on since before I played football – guys sitting down with some of the younger guys to prepare them for what they will be faced with [and] also to talk a little bit about what is going on in his life, get to know him as a person,” McNabb said.  “I am a fan of his.  I have watched him, I have watched the young generation that is playing now.  I have been a fan and love the game of football.  I think anytime anyone can just give you anything. . . .  Deion Sanders has been doing it, Michael Irvin has been doing it, so why can’t I sit and talk to the guy?”

If Griffin isn’t inclined to sit down and talk, that would be an impediment.  And Griffin likely will be less inclined to do it, given the things McNabb said.

Look for Griffin to find a way to politely and tactfully decline.  Of course, it would be better for media business if Griffin takes a shot at McNabb, and the back-and-forth between a pair of No. 2 overall picks escalates.

95 responses to “McNabb doesn’t care about criticism of his Griffin criticism

  1. McNabb is the go to guy if you need help mastering:

    1. Staying out of shape
    2. Throwing up during big games
    3. The bounce pass
    4. Passive aggressively tossing your teammates under the bus

  2. I don’t care about the criticism of McNabb’s criticism of Griffin either.

    It seems like McNabb is just jealous that RGIII got tons of endorsement deals as a rookie.

  3. Florio, you need to leave this guy alone. All he’s trying to do is mentor a young guy. Once upon a time he too was a celebrated up and coming qb.

  4. Good. Glad you don’t care because I’m pretty sure everyone here will keep pouring it on and deservedly so.

  5. McRibb sounds like a jilted ex. Maybe RGKnee should consider a restraining order.

  6. I totally agree with McNabb on the whole situation. Nothing against RGIII, but Donovan is right.

    Not to mention, I get sick and tired of turning on ESPN and NFL Network and hearing nothing but RGIII this and RGIII that. Theres a thousand players in the league, yet we only hear about RGIII. Its so bad, they dont even talk about the Cowboys, and everyone knows thats usually all they talk about.

  7. I, too, am ancient. Maybe I can help the kid. I can advise him on which sandwiches are the best at Subway and how to order them, as I frequent them frequently. I think I’ll go to the media with this. Yeah, that’s a good idea.

  8. I remember when Mcnabb was one of my favorite QB’s In the league. I think he’s just mad he couldn’t do that good of a job as Rg3 did last year with the redskins. . . Or maybe im justad that he picked the redskins over the raiders 3 years ago

  9. First, Donovan, the phrase is “I couldn’t care less.”

    Second of all, RG3 probably doesn’t give an ish what you think of his activities or why. Get over yourself and accept the fact that you were NEVER a great quarterback and RG3 almost certainly will be.

  10. Would RG3 reject advice from Joe Theismann or Sonny Jurgensen? If he has decided he doesn’t want the advice, let him go. McNabb has nothing shameful. Since when is it controversial for someone to offer help?

  11. that’s because he’s an idiot. loved theisman,admired mcnabb, but after their playing days, HOLY CRAP are they annoying.

  12. Kinda strange we hear so much out of McNabb…

    But he has no QB, Coaching, TV gigs…

    Here today, gone tomorrow.

  13. Why should he/we care? Nobody else really does either. Just shut up and try and milk your possible media talents.
    How are YOU going to prepare anyone to do anything when you we’re not all that?
    It’s a joke. Stop leaching off his fame D.
    This man is really smart. He doesn’t need you.
    And YES… he has a father.

  14. Cant this guy just go away? Noone needs your advice “never was”. He never had the reputation for helping QB’s own his own team perhaps they were not the right “type”.

  15. I agree with this criticism about McNabb’s criticism of the criticism of the criticism. But please don’t criticize me on this otherwise this could get confusing.

  16. Of course he doesn’t care. He has nothing to lose. He needs to now make a name as an analyst/critic. What better way than to go after a QB who took over for him and was more successful than he was under the same coaching regime. If course I think McNabb is looking for a way to drive a wedge between RGIII and the shanahans. It’s quite evident what mcnabb’s agenda is here. Embarrass the redskins and the shanahans.

  17. McNabb sucks!!! He has his feelings hurt because no one wants him and could care less what he thinks or does. Within the next five years he will be one of those broke athletes that blew all his money and can’t get a job because he shot his mouth off and sucks at broadcasting. Just like Tiki

  18. RGIII is setting himself up for a hard fall. He is a media darling right now, but as soon as he slips, they’ll turn on him. What other high-profile NFL QB could get away with having fans buy him wedding gifts from Bed, Bath & Beyond? If Cam Newton had done that, sportswriters and NFL fans would be tearing him limb from limb. Be careful, RGIII. It’s only a matter of time.

  19. He shouldn’t, IRg3 hasn’t even realized what the media can do to your head. McNabb is trying to help him and I believe he genuinely is trying to help IRg3 get his head right to play football with out the Media vultures picking away at his confidence. If he flops this season or (most likely will happen, the way he plays…) gets hurt the media will dump mad criticism upon him…know your place rookie, you’re not a God or a superhuman.

  20. Of course he cares. This is the same guy who couldn’t get over having his feelings hurt by TO, who refused to acknowledge his failures in Washington and Minnesota, and who played the victim for over a decade in Philly.

  21. Hey Donovan, its a personal choice if the advice is not warranted or needed by RG 3 move right along. You are not the all knowing oracle or what not.

  22. Opinions are like buttholes.
    And Donovan McNabb is a butthole.
    As much football success as he earned, I cannot think of an Eagle I disrespect and despise as much as Donovan McNabb. What an egotistical, self-centered prick.

    -McNabb supporter of 10 years.

  23. “Deion Sanders has been doing it, Michael Irvin has been doing it, so why can’t I sit and talk to the guy?”

    They’re hall of famers, bro.

  24. Does McNabb not have a day job or anything better to do with his time other than to draw attention to himself?

    Maybe he should try to get a gig helping Cam Newton with his clothing line?

    Or maybe McNabb’s mom could talk Campbell Soup into doing some new commercial spots featuring Donovan as a counselor giving advice to rookie quarterback?

    She could come bouncing into a doctor’s office-like setting with soup on a tray and then offer it to McNabb, behind his desk in a sweater with wire-rimmed glasses on his nose, and, say Jimmy Clausen on a couch, fingers intwined on his chest, bemoaning the fact that Jerry “Big Cat” Richardson continues to call him “Dough Boy.”

    Maybe PFT needs to do a Mount Rushmore-like poll to help McNabb find something constructive to do with all the time he apparently has on his hands.

    Gosh, it must be tough having to troll for attention all the time!

  25. Sounds like sour grapes and McNabb trying to live vicariously through RG3. Too bad RG3 doesn’t need the advice/criticism — at least from him.

    It really doesn’t sound like he is that interested in meeting with McNabb.

    He must also hate the fact that RG3 is waaay more beloved in D.C. and in general after just one year — heck, before the kid even took a snap — compared to McNabb’s whole career in Philly.

  26. I don’t really see what the big deal is; fans are too sensitive. I like that McNabb reached out to him, although he would have been better off not to mention the endorsement deals and instead focus on the intense spotlight that is on the young man, just like it was on him.

    The fact that RG3 is better than McNabb (thus far and most likely forever) is immaterial. They both have experienced the intense spotlight of being a high pick franchise-saving player. Like McNabb or not, his advice probably couldn’t hurt. Of course, I’d rip him every time I heard his name given how he played for them if I were a Skins fan, but I don’t understand the rest of you.

    McNabb does talk too much, just like all of the talking heads. They all love hearing themselves talk and think we should hear them talk; it’s their job. I somewhat like what he said though.

  27. If McNabb had hired Zak Gilbert as his PR Director all of this would never have come to light. In fact, McNabb would sound like a hero that is trying to give sound advice to a younger Pro QB if Zak Gilbert was on the job.

    Damn you Mark Davis………

  28. So, then, the REAL problem is that this guy still has a stage? I would have to agree. McNabb was a good, but not great QB – one of the top 5-10 QBs for over half his career. He had some great moments. But then he had times when he showed that it was ALL athletic talent and no football smarts – like when he didn’t realize a game could end in a tie. The guy needs to move on and tell his bar buddies about the glory days. He doesn’t need to be consulted for his football expertise in public anymore.

    PLEASE let him fade away like so many other forgotten football players.

  29. rgIII was raised by two great parents..let me tell u as a son
    of two military parents u are tought
    morals and a great work ethic..the man
    will bring a lombardi to dc..HTTR

  30. McNabb is even more irrelevant now than he was when he played with the Vikings. Which is hard to fathom.

  31. McNabb is THE guy to teach young QB’s the magic phrase, “I need weapons”, and the correct way to say it, over and over and over and over and………

  32. saints4life57 doesn’t care about that McNabb doesn’t care about criticism of his Griffin criticism! WTF you guys are really really reaching for story’s lately! Isn’t there anything better to write about than a washed up QB talking about an over hyped QB?

  33. You see some despicable human nature on display in regards to the general treatment of McNabb by the public at large. I’ve never witnessed a professional athlete that so consistently takes the high road all the time, never stoops to the level of others whom are content simply to spew hate, and never compromises his own integrity….YET for years he has seemingly been the target of endless hateful “ganging up on.” Again, it’s human nature at work, to see a man knocked to the ground and getting pummeled by numerous individuals, while the barbaric instinct inside of you devilishly whispers: “Go get your hits in on this guy…DO IT.”

    Save your ammo for someone who truly deserves it, instead of jumping on the hate-wagon just for the sake of hate.

  34. Clearly McNabb’s bitter that his career petered out like an old man shaking off at a urinal, and will do anything he can to stay ‘relevant’. But he’s not. Hasn’t been since he booted during a two minute drill when RGIII was 12.

    There’s plenty to report about in the game. Don’t promote non-stories like this; let McNabb twist in the ignominious wind of has-been who coulda, shoulda but never did…

    Discretion is the better part of valor, Florio.

  35. We Birds fans told you for years, but you wouldn’t listen. Do you now understand what a pain in the butt this guy is? Yes, he was a very good QB and won us a lot of games over a decade. Yes, he’s squeaky clean personally. But he is the most godd**n annoying, insecure and passive-aggressive athlete I’ve ever seen. On topmofmit, he never showed that he cared about winning as much as we did. Oh, and don’t forget the worm burners, black-on-black crime comments, throwing up twice during games (one being the Super Bowl), not knowing the OT rules, and complaining about being booed at the draft 9 years earlier–using it as a bargaining chip to extort a “financial apology” from the team. You all told us we’d be sorry when he was gone. But as much as we appreciate much of his play, the truth is I don’t think any real fan actually misses him. But don’t tell him that…he’ll just launch into something about how he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. McNabb should hire a PR coach who bans him from talking about himself and installs a shock collar that activates when he makes a passive-aggressive comment.

  36. The best part about McNabb being jettisoned was I wouldn’t have to listen to his ridiculous comments anymore. He was a good but not great qb for 11 years. Nobody cares what you think Donovan. He well knows the only reason he said what he said was because he’s jealous and wants to remain relevant. I no longer respect him anymore.

  37. Well, there’s at least one former NFL player I’m sick of hearing from more than Tebow.

  38. The only remaining question regarding this story is, “Who is the bigger doofus, Mike Wise – the know-nothing sportswriter for the Washington Post who interviewed McNabb – or McNabb?”

    P.S. Someone tell McNabb that if RG3 needs advice from an older black QB who previously played in DC, he will dial Coach Doug Williams at Grambling.

  39. Donovan McNabb is really only qualified to give advice to young players who want to:

    -Learn how to become a “Self Appointed” leader of the team. The guy who is always the last to the practice field and the first off of it.

    -Learn how to use the media to undermine the coaching staff so that they can have a special playbook made just for them. Why learn all of those plays when you really only need to know 3 or 4?

    -Learn how to get by without working out like your teammates. I mean, “Why should I need to be in some kind of special cardio condition to run a 2 minute offense when it is really only the last 2 minutes of each half? What about the rest of the time?”

    Bottom line, McNabb was a lazy turd when he played, and now he is becoming that really awkward girl that gets set up on blind dates, and never gets a second one. Then gets offended when the guys tell her the truth. She is fat, obnoxious, and too opinionated for someone who has nothing to show for their supposed wealth of knowledge.

  40. And I don’t care that McNabb doesn’t care that I think his public criticism of RGIII is a vain attempt to draw attention to himself.

    Some network needs to give him a job this fall to give him something to do.

  41. As much as Eagles QBs bother me, and they bother me a good deal, the man has more football experience in the socks he bought after retirement than Griffen who barely survived year one.

  42. Shut up McNabb. You were old and slow when you came to DC. You didn’t want to adjust your technique or study hard enough to learn the system. That’s why you are jobless. Keep your big lips from flapping. Everyone thinks you look like a major tool.

  43. lionsdraftguy says: Jun 3, 2013 9:33 PM

    I totally agree with McNabb on the whole situation. Nothing against RGIII, but Donovan is right.

    …I get sick and tired of turning on ESPN and NFL Network and hearing nothing but RGIII this and RGIII that. Theres a thousand players in the league, yet we only hear about RGIII…
    Kind of confused as to how Griffin is at fault when sports media execs decide that he is what their viewing audience wants to hear about.

    Last September/October it was Peterson’s recovery; November was Kaepernick; Winter it was Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant’s sexual tension; Last February it was the choice between Griffin and Luck in the draft; this Summer it’s Griffin. The media picks the stories the public is interested in and milks the ever-shoving lit out of of them.

    Faulting a player for getting talked about on TV is kind of ridiculous, as they have no control over what sportswriters will pick up on and turn into major storylines.

    Before you criticize Griffin, ask yourself if he would rather be talked about more on ESPN, or have an undamaged PCL.

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