Most teams don’t have plans for use of locker-room video

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The NFL has ordered teams to put cameras in home-team locker rooms before games and at halftime.  But the league defers to the teams on how to use the footage, and most teams have yet to come up with a plan.

According to Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal, nearly two dozen teams were contacted regarding their intentions, and it’s “clear that the idea and its implementation remain works in progress.”

The options include not showing the footage at all, a choice on which some coaches surely will insist.

The NFL hopes to enhance the in-stadium experience by providing fans who pay for tickets access to sights and sounds from the players’ otherwise private sanctuary.

For teams that can fill up their stadiums without bells and whistles (like the Packers, Steelers, and Patriots), there’s no need to risk pulling a Shiancoe when the reward is negligible.  Don’t be surprised, then, if the teams who get fans to buy tickets the old-fashioned way — by winning — choose not to use the video.

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  1. You don’t really want to know what’s in the hot dog. You just want to eat it and be happy. Same for this.

  2. I think it would be great for my 5 yr old to get to listen to a coach dropping f bombs chewing out a player! Stick to WiFi for fantasy…
    Yea because being around 60,000 drinking grown men won’t provide a few F bombs alone.

  3. Would it be impractical and/or illegal to broadcast the network halftime shows on the jumbotrons in stadiums during halftime? Meaning, say the Ravens are hosting the Browns in Week 2. Why not hook up the jumbotron screens to broadcast the CBS halftime show since CBS would be televising that game anyway?

    Unless the TV networks either couldn’t do this or wouldn’t want to do this, I think it’d be a much better option than viewing inside the locker rooms.

  4. The Steelers games I saw on tv looked like they could’ve used some bells and whistles to fill their stands. Looked like a lot of yinzers dressed as yellow seats after the beginning of November to me…

  5. When is everyone gonna learn that the Washington Redskins are the superior franchise in the sport? #HailtotheREDSKINS

    You can’t call your team “the superior franchise in the sport” when you presented a grade Z sub-high school level field for your first playoff game in years. It’s shocking the NFL didn’t fine the Skins for the mess that barely resembled grass.

  6. If the league thinks this sort of drivel will make up for vastly overpricing everything in the stadium they’re sadly mistaken.

  7. This idea from the NFL is the dumbest idea I have ever heard of. They won’t show anything of substance so why waste resources.
    Instead why not drop the price of tickets, parking and concessions and my gameday experience will improve quickly.

    Of course that’s too logical. Instead free, reliable wifi would be best.

  8. Patriots say “wait, haven’t we been doing this for 10 years?”

    (I’m a pats fan too lol)

  9. If we really want game day experience how about putting a camera on goddell as well. ???? so we can see what this a hole dose on every game day. I used to like him but now he is running this game into the ground. I thought when free agency started it killed pro. football but gooddell is doing a good job by himself. keep up the great work ass.

  10. gicalvoicesays says:
    Jun 3, 2013 2:05 PM
    When is everyone gonna learn that the Washington Redskins are the superior franchise in the sport? #HailtotheREDSKINS

    Won/Loss from 2000:


    Yup, you made your point!!

  11. Years ago, the Raiders were so well known for having audio bugs in the visitors’ locker room that some opposing coaches started their supposed halftime talks with, “Now, listen up, Al…”, before writing down their adjustments and passing them around. Others went the disinformation route, acting as if they didn’t know the bugs were there, detailing adjustments that weren’t real.

    If I’m a current coach, I don’t want the cameras at all. I can see them being installed, the team not using them, and the league demanding they be on.

    What’s next? Mandatory access to game planning sessions?

  12. I’m not so interested in how the players prep for the games and the half time pep talks. What I’m really interested in is the locker room perspective of how the cheerleaders handle game day. Wait, the cheerleader locker room coverage is included in this proposal, right?

  13. I just think the whole idea of locker room cam is creepy. Someone is going to be watching all the time, no matter how the teams plan to use it, and that’s creepy on many levels.

  14. Boy, I’ll bet not using the cam will burn Moffitt’s toast. He probably has a new dance routine worked up just for the debut. Or maybe, the Hawks will center the cam on his locker area. But, he’d better keep his shirt on. LOL.

  15. This isn’t about filling the stadium. This is about providing more raw material for shows such as Hard Knocks, for fans to view at home on TV.

    Teams will eventually allow the NFL to edit the locker room footage into such shows. There is huge appetite for stuff like this.

    Another camera that would provide some fascinating footage (after a suitable time delay) would be located inside teams’ war rooms on draft day. But I don’t expect this one to ever happen.

  16. humbleminded85 says:
    Jun 3, 2013 2:15 PM
    I think it would be great for my 5 yr old to get to listen to a coach dropping f bombs chewing out a player! Stick to WiFi for fantasy…
    Yea because being around 60,000 drinking grown men won’t provide a few F bombs alone.
    You’re right. People’s behavior at games has gotten so bad that a lot of people with small children don’t like to go. It wasn’t always like that at live sports events. When I was little I remember my mom yelling at a fan at a hockey game because he was using bad language. It was so unusual to hear a bunch of screaming cusses that I remember it.

    When I used to go to games, even though I cuss like a sailor at home, I always watched my language at the stadium. You can exhort your team without screaming bad language in public. And I never drank there. Why would people want to get plastered and pay all that money to go to a game they can hardly remember later because they were blind drunk? Then they have to drive home. Excellent combination. Makes no sense.

  17. Most teams should just give the footage to Belicheat…He will know what to do with it.

    Question: does Goddell erase the tapes every Monday morning?

  18. Um yeah, watching grown men half or fully naked in a locker rom is an excellent way to attract more fans of whom the vast vast majority are hetero males.

    Nah, don’t bother lowering ticket prices or making the incidentals like parking and concessions affordable to the average fan. Keep giving us gimmicks like wifi and voyeurism, and also threats of blackouts for the taxpayer funded stadiums.

  19. The best thing I can think of to improve the In-Stadium experience would be to quit having so many TV timeouts.

    Get rid of at least 30% of them and let the TV go to commercial but keep the game going for those of us that are there. Might a big play or a score be missed by someone at home? Yes. Maybe if you miss a few things you might try and make a game.

    All the TV timeouts kill the momentum on the field, Every time I see the dude with the big Orange gloves standing on the field with his hands crossed on his chest the frustration level rises…

  20. Good idea from a NFL revenue standpoint. As I’m sure fans would eat it up.

    Horrible idea from a sanctity, integrity & unity of the team standpoint!

    Big Thumbs Down!!! Not only does the NFL want to changed the game but now they want to tinker with the hallowed inner sanctums & totally mess up the great thing they have going!!!

  21. I have given up on the NFL.

    They have turned football into a girl’s game. Now, you can’t even hit someone with a legal, wrap-up tackle, or you will find yourself in trouble. They might as well cut to the chase and just play flag football, which they have forced younger players to do.

    Now they are going to invade the locker room and further feminise the players and coach. Nobody will say anything now, and you won’t have the “Psych up” behavior that athletes need to go through in order to get ready for battle. Often players will hit each other to get psyched and reved up for war, but they will have to tone it down now for the girly cameras.

    The NFL used to be full of tough men, real mean bad a&$es who could steal anybody’s lunch, and who were athletic specimens. Now, many of them are over weight slobs, who exist just to plug holes with their blubber. In fact, tail backs, linebackers, and defensive backs are the only ones left with any athleticism at all, with linemen on both sides being severely over weight whales. Even linebackers have been relegated to little girls, tackling with their arms for the most part instead of colliding with full force and wrapping up for the take down.

    Forget NFL football. It is a girl’s game now, not worth the $20,000 per year for season tickets.

  22. You know, there once was a time when football players were real men, the baddest dudes on the planet. Nobody could eat the lunch of most players, and players like linebackers, defensive ends, and fullbacks could whoop just about anybody’s butt.

    Now, the players have been almost completely de-ba$&ed. Their management and executive staff, plus the league oversight, including the Commissioner himself, have played a major role in this de-ba$&ing, which has included the elimination of certain hitting and tackling types, certain angles of attack have been eliminated, and the Commissioner has stated that there is more to come. Pretty soon it will be a glorified game of flag football.

    Now, with cameras in the locker room, just the knowledge that they are present, even if you promise the players that they will not be running, will be enough to finish the castration process. Normally tough men, who go through pre-battle rituals, which are necessary in order to get the player mentally ready to dish out and receive extreme physical pain to and from their opponent, will be reduced to polite girly-men, acting in the “correct” manner so that nobody is offended.

    This entire PC culture sickens me.

    Congratulations ladies. Your master plan has worked. Men’s behavior has been genetically altered through your ceaseless badgering and wining. We men are now girly-men. We have succumed to your desire to make us into yes-girly-slaves. Your collective wishes are our collective desires.

    You have done it! Hear you ladies ROAR!

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