NFL denies report that Steve Bornstein is stepping down as NFLN chief

Later this year, NFL Network celebrates its 10th birthday.  The league that owns the network denies that it will have christened a new leader by that time.

Via John Ourand of SportsBusiness Daily, the NFL has denied a contention that Steve Bornstein is stepping down.  Over the weekend, The Big Lead reported that Bornstein is on his way out.

Rumors of Bornstein’s imminent exit have been rampant in industry circles in recent months, fueled by the dramatic reduction in his pay from the 2010 fiscal year to 2011.  Public documents (due to the league’s tax-exempt status) show that Bornstein saw his $12.2 million more than cut in half, which Commissioner Roger Goodell rocketed past Bornstein to nearly $30 million.

Bornstein’s high salary previously was attributed to the market for high-end TV executives.  By that standard, the reduction in pay perhaps speaks volumes.

In 2006, Bornstein was instrumental in backing his former employer, ESPN, into a $1.1 billion-per-year corner.

Coincidentally (or not), the report of Bornstein’s imminent departure came on the same day published an item praising him for building NFLN into a $5 billion operation, with a prediction from Bornstein of 20-percent annual growth in the coming years.

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  1. 20% annual growth? WOW. I’m stunned it can be that high. I’d like to see the IPO, hell I’m putting my money in that stock. Hard to believe.

  2. If Steve Bornstein was intuitive enough to have hired Zak Gilbert as PR Director of the NFLN, his salary would have rivaled Commissioner Roger Goodell’s.

    Damn you Mark Davis…….

  3. It would be great if NFL network would hire someone who would change the programming. Nice to see more games from the past not the same ole programs all the time. The repeats ruin what could be the best sports channel. You have to pay to watch Rich Eison podcast. Not smart

  4. ‘The Big Lead’ has been wrong about a lot of things.

    It reported that Dan Lebatard’s local Miami radio show would go national and Lebatard himself came onto Jason McIntyre’s Big Lead podcast and rebutted the thing himself.

    Plus, Lebatard also mentioned the numerous times national placement was offered, but he voluntarily declined the offers.

    ‘The Big Lead’ also reported about Peter King being ‘torn’ between staying at SI or going elsewhere. Where’s King now?

  5. It is beyond comprehension that this Network has had any success above their being owned by the NFL… The so called Talent on their air is awful, with the exception of Rich Eisen……who of course did come from ESPN. When you combine Sanders, Irvin, Sapp, and the want to be Jamie Dukes….you have a recipe for ridiculous….Can’t understand a word that Irvin says, and when did Dukes ever become the Thinking Man’s approach to the NFL….journeyman Guard with the Raven? Sanders is the biggest ego on the Planet, and as aloof as any person could be….and the guy who looks like Katan on SNL….who hosts some of their Fare is just awful….although I am a lifelong NFL advocate, I refuse to even watch this Network….Borstein is getting out before they fall on their face…..very sad…..

  6. I guess I’m the only one to think this, but I thought NFLN’s best days were WAYYYY behind them, the season before Rich Eisen left Total Access was their last good season.

    “I think I have a lot to offer Steve Bornstein…”
    -Donovan McNabb.

  7. anyone who can listen to Marshall faulk and not notice he gets players on teams wrong about 1/4 of the time should step down.

  8. Every thread I go to, there’s someone trying to turn it into a Redskins diatribe. Has the site been renamed Redskins Football Talk?

  9. Leading NFL Network is one of the easier jobs in television. It was a TV network designed to do exactly what it has done with every advantage and head start it can ask for.

    Literally the only thing he has to do is get clearance on cable providers across the country. He did that poorly for years struggling to get spotty carriage in New York and Los Angeles.

    Oh and how about more stories about Goodell’s $30 million last year? That’s way too much for a guy who’s done what he has.

    Ohio State wrangles just as many unruly, high maintenance athletes as Goodell and who ever leads that university isn’t getting $30 mil.

  10. 20% annual growth? That’s fool’s gold.

    The NFL is on a rocket ride to pricing itself out of existence.

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