PFT Live: Did Mark Davis overreact by firing PR director?

Mike Florio talks with Raiders beat writer Vic Tafur about the decision of Raiders owner Mark Davis to fire the team’s public relations director Zak Gilbert. Tafur believes that Gilbert was doing a really good job in turning the team’s image around, which is why this move was surprising.

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1 responses to “PFT Live: Did Mark Davis overreact by firing PR director?

  1. unbelievable the conclusions made here… Complete unadulterated bias towards the Raiders to cast them in a negative light no matter what happens. The Raiders have always been the villain and the media wants to keep it that way. It is bs to say that the SI article didn’t cast the Raiders in a negative light- it said very private and bashing comments about Al (MARKS FATHER) and insinuated that Mark is the dumb son. Still, there is no real evidence yet to make the claim that mark based the entire decision off of that article.

    Crazy that Mark makes one front office office change and Florio says “fans should be concerned that Mark is bringing in his own people and firing people that his own people brought in.” Mark has always taken responsibility for all decisions, which he well should as an owner. But the proof of the matter is that he has taken direction in all those decisions from trusted and educated football minds (which is common knowledge!) Hugh Jackson was a definite strong influence in the Carson trade! Mark listened to Hue’s idea and consulted with experienced football guys that agreed.

    Bottom line is that if the Raiders fail, Mark will be bashed and blamed in the media. If they succeed, it will be all credit given to Reggie Mckenzie. Clear media bias, I feel bad for Mark and can’t stand the media boredom. Tafur= Charger fan

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