PFT Live: RG3 the ring leader

Rich Tandler from CSN Washington talks with Mike Florio about the attention QB Robert Griffin III is receiving in OTAs. Former QB Donovan McNabb recently made some comments about how Griffin is feeding the media by having press conferences every week. Tandler doesn’t think Griffin will sit down with McNabb any time soon.

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1 responses to “PFT Live: RG3 the ring leader

  1. Having a slow news week? Polarize Griffin again: two weeks worth of traffic to the site within two hours. As much as they love to stir the pot here, we should all take this debate with a grain of salt.

    Fact is, whatever you think of his play on the field, or his ability to stay on the field, America loves Griffin: he’s a hard worker, a good leader, and a personable, charismatic, and relatable young celebrity– celebrity that McNabb and the writers here on trying to cash in on by creating controversy.

    Yes, there are trolls on both sides of the issue, and yes, all they want to do is get under your skin and make you waste valuable minutes of you life arguing about nothing. I know this post is kind of oxymoronic/hypocritical at this point, but your life is too important to waste pn these nonsense debates.

    Remember, when you argue on the internet, it doesn’t matter who wins, because you’re both losers.

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