Raiders like Pryor’s “athletic skill set,” but his QB play needs work


Terrelle Pryor is a great athlete. He has a long way to go before he’s a good quarterback.

That’s the word from Raiders coach Dennis Allen, who said today that he appreciates Pryor’s effort but wants to see him get better at all the aspects of playing quarterback in the NFL.

“I think still, when you look at it at the quarterback position, he’s still young in the position,” Allen said of Pryor. “There’s still a lot of improvement that he needs to make. He’s got a great athletic skill set, but still some of the finer points of playing the quarterback position are still some of the things that he’s got to continue to get better at.”

It’s true that the 23-year-old Pryor is still young, but at some point soon, the Raiders are going to need to see Pryor get better at playing the position. The reality is that Pryor was a three-year starter at Ohio State, and he’s now heading into his third NFL season. Being young is an excuse that won’t cut it for much longer.

Allen did say he wants to give Pryor more opportunities to prove himself.

“We’re going to continue to give him opportunities to showcase his skills, but right now, he’s not there yet,” Allen said.

With Matt Flynn set as the starter, fourth-round pick Tyler Wilson assured of a roster spot and undrafted rookie Matt McGloin reportedly looking good, Pryor will need to showcase his skills when he gets those opportunities, or else he might not make the team.

51 responses to “Raiders like Pryor’s “athletic skill set,” but his QB play needs work

  1. Terrelle Pryor is like Tim Tebow- nothing against either of them, but they are not nor ever will be real NFL QBs. The sooner they both start training themselves for a new position, the better off they’ll be.

  2. I’ve suspected that he’s been trade-bait for quite awhile now, with no takers.

    I don’t believe they want to let him go for nothing, but I’m sure he’s got to show a ton of improvement to stick around.

  3. Coach allen… Brandon Myers left a hole at tight end…… ….. Tp would be one of the faster TE’s in the NFL… . jes saying

  4. Pryor is younger than Wilson, I believe. I don’t see why Wilson would be guaranteed a spot in place of Terrelle. At least TP can help in other positions on the field if he isn’t the starting QB.

    Michael David Smith: Pryor is actually a couple months older than Wilson. But the big difference between them is that Wilson was drafted by Reggie McKenzie, and Pryor wasn’t. That’s why I think Wilson is guaranteed a roster spot, and Pryor isn’t.

  5. Trade-bait is accurate. If anybody gives these QBs a shot early… it’s the Raiders.

    Build him up in the press… then move him.

    Good college QB… not heady enough for the NFL.

  6. funny how young guys like pryor have be great RIGHT NOW after not getting reps…but garbage can guys like tony romo and alex smith are labeled young QBs that just need the right chance year after year even though they aint that young and got multiple chances

  7. thanks for an informative Raider with that out of the way,Pryor has all the potential in the world but shouldn’t have been a 3rd round pick.being a great athlete doesn’t guarantee you success as a quarterback.unless he blows it up at training camp.he should be let go.he just doesn’t have the touch on the ball to be accurate in the league,whereas Tyler Wilson seems to have that ability.cut your loses and move on unless he agreed to a position change.Go Raiders !!

  8. I wish he would get a legitimate shot at being the starter, I wan to see what he can do

  9. With the lack of dangerous WR’s on Oakland this guy scares me more than the other QB’s because of his running threat.

    Fortunately he’ll be on the bench.

  10. I honestly blame fired PR Director Zak Gilbert. If he had performed his job better, Terrell Pryor would be a media darling right now.

    Damn you Mark Davis……

  11. Let’s not forget that Prior’s first year in the NFL was a total wash due to the ridiculous and unprecedented suspension he was given. A penalty that has yet to be handed down to any other player, though many have committed far worse infractions than Prior. But I digress. Let us also not forget that prior has shown steady improvement each time he has been handed the football in game situations. His potential is just too good to give up on. I want to see him play this pre season and see if the improvement continues. His biggest weakness – arm strength – Prior may never be able to overcome. But lets give him the chance.

  12. McKenzie traded for Flynn and drafted Wilson. Those are “his guys” (and, presumably, Allen agreed with both decisions).

    Pryor is the hold-over, and coaching staffs often prefer to groom their guy over the old guy. Fair or not, right or wrong, that’s the reality.

    Pryor would have to be lights-out better than the other two to win the job.

    Frankly, based on skill set, I think there’s little doubt Wilson wins the job…it’s just a matter of sooner vs later. In the meantime, the only way Pryor starts is if Flynn gets hurt.

  13. Oh my gosh what a distraction, he must be cut for a QB that has no chance of upsetting or distracting anybody.

    Can’t they find some nice nondescript and mediocre guy that can hide away in the darkness of obscurity?

  14. The raiders have one of the worst QB situations in the league, as Pryor is a testament to. One in a LONG line of wasted draft picks.

  15. Honestly, I’m surprised the Raiders haven’t tried to convert Pryor into a bigger, faster version of Ronald Curry.

    That process will probably take place with his next club. Pryor would probably make a better WR than Tim Tebow would H-back.

  16. Tyler Wilson has the ability to be great. Last two years at Arkansas his line let him down often. Yet he played well and even came back from a concussion to continue to perform. His rating last two years even with a bad o-line was 143.8 and 148.4. Plus over 3,387 yards last year after ALL of his top receivers graduated. And with them 3,638 yards the previous year.

  17. well one thing the coach is spot on about is “he has tremendous athletic ability” . TP is a freak of nature.. 6’6, 235, 4.3 speed……say what you want, but that last game agianst the chargers last year, pryor looked alright….not great, but for a young qb, he looked pretty good.

    People can say what they want, but a 3rd pick for him was a great pick.

  18. rabbdogg says:
    Jun 3, 2013 8:06 PM
    funny how young guys like pryor have be great RIGHT NOW after not getting reps…but garbage can guys like tony romo and alex smith are labeled young QBs that just need the right chance year after year even though they aint that young and got multiple chances

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    Seriously? He’s been in the league 3 years. He’s been given opportunities to claim the job and didn’t do it. Alex Smith and Tony Romo have won games in this league. Terrell Pryor can’t throw the ball.

  19. I really hope this kids makes it as long as he is beyond the STUPID step.
    He took Jim Tressell to his coaching grave, but this is the NFL.

  20. goraidersgospurs says:
    Jun 3, 2013 7:38 PM

    Kid showed me he will do whatever to get in the endzone, which was are biggest problem last year wish I could see him on the field more!!!

    Sorry, but one decent start where he looked below average in the first 3 quarters and then went into All Madden Beast Mode in garbage time in the 4th against the San Diego Chargers when both teams weren’t playing for anything other than pride and the majority of the players were more concerned with their tee times the following week doesn’t count.

  21. Pryor has great athleticism and speed there is no doubt about that, but if you saw the Charger game last year. His 10 yard out route passes take 10 years to get there.

  22. Quit wasting time and money on Pryor! Move him to a new position or bye, bye. He’s no NFL QB and never will be! 3 years and still doesn’t get it?

  23. Pryor is not being withheld from having a chance at the starting job, nor is he being buried on the depth chart b/c he is not “Reggie’s guy.” He is being given every chance to succeed that everyone else is. Whether he wins the job or not is up to his play from now through preseason-not his draft status or his place among “Al’s guys.” Just because there are a few athletic QBs in the NFL does not mean that this job should be handed to him.

  24. cbalboavt says: Jun 3, 2013 8:58 PM

    Why does anyone think he can play TE? Theres no chance. Maybe, just maybe wr. But thats it…
    He’s at least 6’5″ and 230 lbs, and runs a sub-4.4. He could play at 255 and still be scary fast, and wouldn’t be asked to block much. Catching is easier than throwing. Why couldn’t he play TE?

  25. @cwk22: Not a Raider fan but Pryor’s QB rating his final year at Ohio St was 157.9. It was 144.6 for his career. To me it’s comical to see most Raider fans against Pryor. So funny considering the Raiders went 4-12 last year. But consider this, opposing teams are hoping that Pryor ends up on that bench. Trust me. They would much rather deal with Flynn. Similar to Jason Campbell, Light preparation, key on DMac. Not so simple with Pryor. He poses a headache for defenses. But take it from an outsider, it would be a mistake to put a weapon like Pryor on the bench.

  26. Pryor is going to be in the same category as Darrius Heyward-Bey: good dude, extremely hard worker but not a dangerous enough football player.

    I haven’t seen Pryor deliver accurate passes often enough to keep me from cringing every time he drops back. I’ve seen enough flashes to get as excited as everybody else, but when he’s off, man, he looks junior varsity-ish. Starting QBs can’t have lows that go that low. Game managing, playing conservative, dumping off and not turning the ball over has to be the floor for a starting QB these days. I’ve seen Pryor miss short checkdowns, run right into tacklers instead of stepping out of bounds and carry the ball like a baguette too often. I’m rooting for him, but Allen just delivered the clearest message he could with out being a jerk about it.

  27. The fans who say TP is going to win the starting job, or even be the #2 are this teams version of Tebow fans. He can’t throw, and you don’t fix that at the professional level. I love the kid too, but he either converts to another position or he doesn’t make the roster. I say put another 25 lbs on him and move him to defensive end. God knows we need d-line help.

  28. Pryor is what he is. He’s athletic, and pretty fast, and he can sling the ball in any general direction. They can kick and scream all they want, but the guy is not going to become some high skill drop back passer. He didn’t have it college, he doesn’t have it now. Figure out how to use him as is, or move on.

  29. pryor is a very talented young man he is not going to wow you or flash you in practise that’s not who he is he is not a pocket passer he is a mobile qb with a big arm his skill set is not going to wow any one in practise because its not live action its like asaking fllyn and all the other qbs in oakland to run around and throw on the move and run a spread offense they are not going to shine let pryor run some bootlegs some wild cat plays in practise he will have he defense of balance the kid can play he just needs to go some where he is wanted or that will give him a chance.
    he is one those guys that wont flash in practise but come game day he will have the defense of balance and confused his skill set jumps out at you on game day live he cant use his speed or legs in practise.

  30. To all the TP6 heater look at the game vs SD, he showed of what he can do with limited snaps throughout the year. I’m not saying he’s the next great QB but he can be game manager and he has big play ability with the run and and with he’s arm, the only thing were a see a weaknesses is with he’s accuracy which can be work on with more snaps!

  31. Pryor as a TE makes me laugh. I’m pretty sure that to be a decent TE you can’t shy away from contact. If he could convert I think it would have to be a Joe Webb type deal at WR. Also, I would straight up say the guy does not have the character to be a good NFL QB. How can you convince a group of grown men to follow you when you ratted out your team (OSU) to save your own neck?

  32. The irony is according to recent OTA reports neither Flynn nor Tyler Wilson have distinguished themselves THAT much from Pryor’s play.

    The kid may have a shot after, all….

  33. More proof that playing for Urban Meyer will keep you from the NFL. Every kid in Ohio and the midwest will figure it out pretty quickly, just like every blue-chip kid in Florida did.

  34. With Matt Flynn set as the starter, fourth-round pick Tyler Wilson assured of a roster spot and undrafted rookie Matt McGloin reportedly looking good, Pryor will need to showcase his skills when he gets those opportunities, or else he might not make the team.

    Why is Matt Flynn GIVEN the job as starter? Did he not get beat out by a rookie last year? I would hope that he would have to PROVE himself before being given the starting job. Pryor is better than all other QB’s on the roster and an objective mind knows it. For gods sake, Matt McGloin was described as god awful by the Penn State staff a few years ago…..

  35. Dennis Allen words are not Gospel. He failed miserably as a head coach last year. Pryor came in last year and gave a dead offense 3 td’s. I don’t care who starts at Qb, one thing is for sure, Allen you better but these players in the best possible position to win and but the best players on the field

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