Redskins Mt. Rushmore pays homage to history


It was refreshing to see the outcome of the fan voting for the Pro Football Talk Mt. Rushmore.  Redskins fans gave appropriate respect to some of the most storied figures in franchise history.

Then again, with a dearth of star power or team success in recent years, there’s not much reason for the results to skew young.

To see who PFT Planet picked for the honor, check out the segment from Monday’s show, which airs every weekday at 5:00 p.m. ET on NBCSN.

Coming Tuesday:  The Giants and the Eagles, with a very close vote currently unfolding for the fourth spot on the Philly Mt. Rushmore.

29 responses to “Redskins Mt. Rushmore pays homage to history

  1. They went old school because there’s no one worth putting on the team in the modern era (ie., last 15 years).

  2. “Then again, with a dearth of star power or team success in recent years, there’s not much reason for the results to skew young.”

    True story, the skins have been terriboo. HTTR

  3. i’m 0nly 28 years old (only?),and a unbiased broncos die-hard, but i’d vote for him again and again. slingin sammy is the best football player of all time.

  4. Good Job PFT. You are the Washington Redskins of websites. Simply put, best of the best. Everyone watch the video, they got the mountain correct for the most part. The Redskins are better than your favorite team on and off the field. #BurgundyandGoldStandard

  5. No star power or success in rent years?!?!? To heck you say according to some fans trumping their horn their the greatest ever or so they would like to think..

  6. Larry Brown not even making the “list” is a travesty. That man gave his heart and soul to the skins. Busted up, bloody, hurtin, that guy came to ball. SMH

  7. Thanks, Ross Tucker, for your contribution that the several thousands of voters “got it wrong” when they didn’t vote for the hogs. Glad to know your opinion trumps all. If you look at the O-lines through those 3 SBs, they are largely different players. So the one constant through those 3 SBs was Joe Gibbs, not the hogs….and of course Joe made the list. Besides, last time I checked Mt. Rushmore was comprised of 4 individuals.

  8. The fact that Baugh was voted 4th is shameful.

    As he said, Baugh is probably on the NFL Mt. Rushmore.

    Not for all those amazing records. He essentially was the first guy to consistently use the forward pass.

    The NFL looks like it does today cause of Baugh.

  9. Slinging Sammy Baugh was a video game…we didnt have to see him play we can just read and take a few things into account and you’ll know that what he did will never be done again playing 3 ways.

  10. 1. I am one of the biggest Hogs fans around (I have an athentic Jacoby #66 jersey, I named my dog Jacoby and feel very strongly that Jacoby should be in the HOF), but I don’t get The Hogs as a group on the Skins Mt. Rushmore. Especially when the only 2 constants starting for The Hogs threw those 4 SB’s were Jacoby and Bostic.

    2. Riggins not on the Mt. Rushmore in the place of The Hogs is simply a joke. Next to Baugh who produced on the field in a bigger moment than Riggins? That 4th and 1 run for a TD is the greatest moment in Skins history.

    3. And holy crap at Shaun King these days. Or was that Warren Sapp?

  11. Hey “ravensdominate”, Redskins beat the Ravens this year. Oh, and your role model Wale is a huge Skins fan. Way to be a frontrunner from California. Let me guess, you used to be a Pats fan?

  12. Haaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Group of guys that like to dress up as women > booby griffin

    Haaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Go R-words!

  13. Good grief- Mt Rushmore for this team-maybe create a sphinx-since that is how long it has been since they last won a title-21 years and counting-my God that was before free agency-4 presidents, 5 speakers of the house and 3 popes ago.

  14. Hey geemoney- yes Washington beat the Ravens this year and you beat us in 2000-you must be our good luck charm-because we won a SB both years. Thanks I’ll take that every year.

  15. Shaun King is a idiot, It doesn’t matter if he didn’t see Sammy play all he has to do is look at the record books and see how great he was. I would put Art Monk on the list instead of the Hogs. He is was the best WR in the NFL in the early 80’s before Jerry Rice came into the league in 1984.

  16. ravensdominate says: Jun 3, 2013 11:43 PM

    History is all they have.


    had a better team last year than the ravens caused they spanked them good with cousins as the qb!
    remember that? baltimore is such a crappy city,the colts left rather than play there!

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