Reggie Bush: No excuse for Lions not to have NFL’s top offense


Lions running back Reggie Bush thinks the Lions have a Super Bowl-quality offense.

Bush, who has previously said he went to Detroit to win championships, told the team’s website that he would be disappointed if the Lions have anything less than the best offense in the NFL.

“Honestly, I believe there’s no excuse for us not to have the No. 1-ranked offense. We have all the right pieces and the necessary players here to be the top offense in the league. No excuse,” Bush said.

Bush said he believed when he signed with the Lions that players like Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson could be part of a great offense, and he still believes that.

“Getting to know my teammates, I’m not finding anything I didn’t already know or expect,” Bush said. “Stafford – he’s great. He has a really strong arm. He seems like a very good leader. Seems like he has all the intangibles that you need in your quarterback. Calvin Johnson’s a beast. Nate Burleson’s another guy that’s a vet and seems like a leader and a hard worker. Again, another good player.”

For a team coming off a 4-12 season, the Lions have been making an awful lot of noise this offseason. If the Lions don’t back up all their talk, there will be no excuse.

55 responses to “Reggie Bush: No excuse for Lions not to have NFL’s top offense

  1. Detroit always talks a good game in the offseason… And then the season starts. Uh oh.

  2. Come back to Earth Reggie.

    It’s Detroit Reggie. You live in Detroit.

    Can you even hear me?

    Ok nurse, we’re gonna have to sedate him again, give him another shot. We’ll try again next season with a different team.

  3. He’s right….IF everyone can stay healthy, all the pieces are there. Want to double team Calvin? Hit Broyles, Pettigrew, or Burleson. Blitz is coming and there’s no time for that? Dump it to Reggie and let him work the open field. The Lions offense is loaded with weapons, I can’t wait to see what they will do.

  4. Sorry Reggie, but the Kansas City Chiefs will have the leagues top offense. That organization is assembling a dynasty team that only the Seahawks can rival.

  5. Really?

    The biggest internal question has to be that offensive line.

    Beyond the offensive line question, Mr. Bush may want to consider the other top offenses like Atlanta, New England, New Orleans and Denver, all of whom could be the top offense in the league and do not have the same questions on the offensive line.

  6. you can make a case for it, but it is VERY debatable. They can pass with the best of them (Atl, GB, N.O., Den, N.E., etc.) but what’s going to separate them is the running game, which, they COULD end up with the best rushing numbers out of those teams. It will be close, there’s going to be some high powered offenses this year, I’d have to say my money is still on Denver at this point though. Weak Division, and some potent skill players on offense, and Ball could be the difference in the running game… Can’t wait to get the season started!!

  7. Here comes the insults against the lions from ignorant fans…go ahead PFT, let them talk. But if it were my comments against another team, you would delete them.

  8. This is the same Reggie Bush who said he was going to lead the league in rushing then disappeared for half the season. I wouldn’t bet the farm on it!

  9. The Lions have had a top-5 offense the past two years. For him to say that there’s no excuse to be the No. 1-ranked offense isn’t a huge stretch.

    In 2010, San Diego had the number one offense and they didn’t make the playoffs — let alone Super Bowl. Also, the next two teams in the top-5 (Eagles, Houston) didn’t make the playoffs. Last year, Philadelphia was in the top-5 again and didn’t make the playoffs, with several other teams in the top-10 that didn’t make the playoffs.

    Baltimore, Houston, Denver, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati all had offenses out of the top-10 and they made the playoffs and very close to the Super Bowl.

    So what exactly is a Super Bowl offense, PFT? Stop tagging Super Bowl with the Lions. Other readers don’t like to read past the first couple of lines and run with that as your story.

  10. The judge presiding over Titus Young`s case should put him back on the Lions, have him donate all his salary (except for 1 dollar) to charity…and tell him if he does not run every route correctly, he is going to prison. Also, no more tweets and cannot ever utter the words hall of fame ever again. Also, no punching teammates.

  11. Lions offense number one??? huh? Mr Bush i hate to say it, but u have had to many helmet to helmet hits…clearly u do not have the O line to even make such ridiculous claim…good luck to ya, maybe u will win 4 games this year on ur way to the cellar again…

  12. Great attitude, but this is the team that has come up with more excuses than anybody for reasons why they have failed yet are so perfectly set up for the next season. We go through this same rigmarole every year.

    Only the Owner and the GM can set the tone for no excuses and to just go out and win. And those guys have NEVER done that here in Detroit. That has to happen first before words from a player are ever going to carry much weight.

  13. I really had high hopes for this guy. Imagine if he played like he played in college!. . .sigh

  14. Start thinking up excuses now, Reggie. You may very well need them when the season is over.

  15. Sure they’ll have the #1 offense statistically if they continue to throw the ball repeatedly without bothering to run the ball but as shown last season it does not translate to wins.

  16. The Lions need to focus less on being the top offense, and focus more on scoring points. I think they were in the top 3 offenses yardage wise last year, but were 17th in scoring. They need to stop turning the ball over and be more clutch in the redzone..

    I do think they improve this year, but they will still be behind the top dogs (New England, New Orleans, Green Bay, Denver) in scoring offense.

  17. Just another dumb statement from another Lions player.

    Reg you won’t even have the top offense in the NFC North

  18. Apparently Reggie Bush forgot his OL consists of Leroy Harris, Riley Reiff, Corey Hilliard, and Jason Fox.

    Can’t have a #1 offense in the league if you’re kissing the turf behind the line of scrimmage every other play.

  19. Long time Lions fan here, Bush is basically right we have weapons in key skill positions – the indefensible CJ, Bush, Pettigrew, even Scheffler is a downfield threat although he is slowing down. And if Stafford can get hot, this team can beat anyone.

    Problem is, Linehan has a tendency to get too cute and not open it up until late in games. And he cant script an opening drive to save his life. That, and the online will essentially be starting 3 rookies, (RT) will be a big problem area in particular.

    If nothing else the Leo’s will be fun to watch.

  20. with the pieces they have there shouldn’t be no reason they shouldn’t be in the top 5 in the NFL

  21. If Mayhew and Schwartz don’t produce a team that can win a playoff game … one or both will get pink slipped.

  22. Go through a season losing 4 of your 5 starting offensive lineman and tell me its not a viable reason why your offense doesn’t produce like it should.

  23. There really isn’t an excuse. They were more talented than their record showed last year and with the addition of Bush and others, they’re even more talent. Time to get to work Lions…

  24. Reggie Bush always talks too much. Instead of making outlandish statements Reggie, how about you finally show one of the franchises that still believe in you that you were worth that oh so high draft pick. Drafting this guy was one of Paytons bigger msitakes.

  25. Has he looked at the O-line? There’s a good reason they just signed another cast-off this last week — they lost most of their starters and have no depth.

  26. Hey say what you want haters, I watched Stafford undress the Seahawks for almost 400 hundo 3tds,and we had absolutely no run game and got the win at home.BEARS COULDN’T AND OH YEAH PACKERS COULDN’T.Go LIONS!

  27. If their defense steps up, they could be a playoff team this year. No joke. Calvin Johnson, a BEAST of a receiver now has at least a sense of a running game, which should lead to an even better offense.

  28. They don’t have the top offense in the league because the games are not played on paper or by running your mouth in May.

  29. Its always the downtrodden teams that run their mouths, Dolphins, Lions, Browns etc.. on paper it may seem that the pieces may be in place. However, without the real bullets flying just keep your pie hole closed and let the season run its course.

  30. The Lions have already been a top offense in the league, so yeah…..they have no excuse not to do it again now that they have Reggie Bush to help them out.

  31. He’s high, you can’t have a great O if you can’t run the ball. He won’t top 700 yards this year. And he says he believed when he signed with the Lions that players like Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson could be part of a great offense, and he still believes that. Well I hope so! Stay golden pony boy!!!

  32. There is one HUGE key ingredient they are missing… an offensive line with 3 or more pro bowlers. The Saints had Carl Nicks, Jermon Bushrod, and Jahari Evans in 2011 when they broke the NFL’s all time offensive yardage record, and that was rated the best O-line in the league that year.

    The Lions offensive line got weaker this off season. They’ll be lucky enough to keep the fragile Stafford healthy for 16 games.

    If they do accomplish that though, I could see them with a top 5 offense possibly.

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