Steelers expect “full recovery” for Mike Adams


Steelers tackle Mike Adams is expected to be released from the hospital in the next 24 hours and the Steelers believe he will make a complete recovery after he was stabbed in the stomach and forearm early Saturday morning.

Those were two of the messages sent by Steelers coach Mike Tomlin on Monday. Tomlin didn’t discuss many of the details of the stabbing, which came as Adams stopped three men from stealing his car, but did say Adams was fortunate that his injuries weren’t worse.

“I visited with him a couple days this weekend. He’s got great team support [and] family support. We expect a full recovery. He realizes of course how fortunate he is. We’re just glad he is going to be ok, and we’re just taking it day by day,” Tomlin said, via Dan Gigler of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “They’re expecting six weeks or so. He’s going to go through a couple of weeks of inactivity until he can proceed with the next step, but obviously the next step for him is getting out of the hospital. We expect that to come within the next 24 hours, and he’ll proceed from there.”

Tomlin also veered away from the impact on his football team with a call for members of the Steelers organization and residents of Pittsburgh in general to be vigilant about protecting themselves and making the community safer.

“It goes beyond the team. I just think as members of this community we need to recognize some things going on in the South Side that make it a dangerous place — particularly after hours — and we all need to take proper precautions, and hopefully as a community we’ll take the steps necessary to make sure that this doesn’t happen to anyone — whether it’s a Pittsburgh Steeler or not,” Tomlin said.

15 responses to “Steelers expect “full recovery” for Mike Adams

  1. “I visited with him a couple days this weekend…”

    Errr… two days IS the weekend!!

  2. Is “full recovery” code for “incapable of blocking speed rushers” in Tomlinology?

  3. Not a Steelers fan, but this is unfortunate. Just reminds us in the dangerous world we live in. He is very lucky.

    Hope for a speedy recovery Mike!

  4. The crazy thing is the South Side of Pittsburgh is not bad. There are far worst neighborhoods in Pittsburgh that I would be a lot more worried to venture into. Cities and their revitalization efforts continue to urge people to move back into these urban areas as the trendy thing to do but it just shows that law enforcement and security is still lacking. When a 6’7″ 300+ lb man gets jacked you know the criminals fear nothing!

  5. Mike, Heal up we dont want any excuses when James Harrison comes back to see ya…God Bless and speedy recovery….

    To the Pitt Punks who did it…I pray a curse on you that will never come off…..You embarrass, insult and add to the crime statistics in this country..I hope you are caught and quickly placed in a cell with the “other” dudes from OZ…..

  6. No the statistics point communities without guns crime rates are even higher because the ‘bad guys’ have nothing to fear. Look at England. Anyway guns weren’t even involved in this incident. So I guess we should ban knives instead would follow your logic. Good luck with that. Bottom line if he was armed with a gun he probably wouldn’t have been injured & there would be a few less scum dirtbags left roaming the earth preying on others if we were lucky. Gun beats knife!

  7. barkymingo says: Jun 3, 2013 3:24 PM

    Hate the Steelers but I am a Buckeyes fan.
    There’s a lot more of us that hate the Buckeye’s and love the Steelers.

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