Steelers sign first-round pick Jarvis Jones

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The Steelers have their first-round pick under contract.

The club announced Monday that it had reached a deal with outside linebacker Jarvis Jones, the No. 17 pick in the 2013 draft.

Jones recorded 28 sacks in two seasons for Georgia, including 14.5 in 2012. He will play outside linebacker in the Steelers’ 3-4 defense.

Now, the focus turns to how Jones progresses in the Steelers’ scheme. The Steelers have a veteran-laden roster on defense, and rookies can take some time to adjust to Dick LeBeau’s scheme. Nevertheless, Jones would figure to contribute in some form or fashion in his first season, with his rush ability likely his ticket onto the field.

22 responses to “Steelers sign first-round pick Jarvis Jones

  1. As a Ravens fan, I was hoping that the Steelers would pass on this guy. They were smart for selecting him. Georgia had a terrific defense last year with many players selected in the draft. Jones is a beast. If he stays healthy he will cause problems.

  2. Best sports franchise in the world right here in Pittsburgh. Our feet are only big because no one else can fill our shoes.

  3. This guy was a play maker in college. With the way the Steelers use their outside linebackers, he could become a big time player.

  4. Nice! Here’s to the next in a long line of Steelers greats at linebacker! The only draft pick left to sign now for the Steelers is Landry Jones.

  5. With the 15th and 17th pick in the draft signed, it’s just a matter of time before EJ signs!
    Go Bills!

  6. Welcome to the Steelers Mr Jones I hope that you get 14 sacks your first year and that’s just the regular season. Go Steelers!!!

  7. Welcome to Pittsburgh Jarvis Dawg Bones Jones! You are going to be a beast in this defense. Steelers Nation is the Best nation! Go Steelers!!!

  8. Wow. KDKA-TV really dropped the ball on this one. No mention of this important signing on the station’s 6:45 pm sports segment, which, as usual, was too focused on the Penguins. Just another indication that NHL seasons are way too long and far too meaningless.

  9. Maybe he can help the Steelers pump up their meaningless stats since actual wins are a thing of the past.

  10. If Jones stays healthy, he will turn out to be a great pick.
    It was a big gamble, we’ll see how it plays out.

  11. You know who else was super-productive in college? Vernon Gholston (21.5 sacks in 2 seasons, all time OSU sack leader).

    Just sayin’…

  12. I hope his contract includes provisions for a wheelchair…that spinal stenosis’ll getcha!

    No, but seriously, great pick. The Steelers are so good at selecting over-hyped prospects, just like Mike Adams. Hopefully Jones can avoid getting stabbed.

  13. Despite his stats, not too impressed with him. Too many of his sacks were the result of being “Johnny on the spot”. I hope I’m wrong.

  14. Steelers still had a very good defense last year – yet were still 8-8. That means the offense was more the issue, and I would have to say Steelers took a step back there to some degree, while only replacing older (yet still good) Harrison in the LB.

    That simply is not going to be enough to make a difference. I think you could have put some glue on this team this offseason and make another run, but at this point this team needs a rebuild.

  15. He’ll pile up a lot of sacks and interceptions after the other team finally puts in their second stringer rather than continuing to run up the score.

  16. Jones played against NFL tackles every Sat, and usually dominated. Very few SEC defensive studs turn out to be NFL bust. This guy beats out Worilds, or maybe even often injured, often out of shape, Woodley, and becomes a top rookie, imo.

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