Steelers sign Le’Veon Bell


The Steelers have reportedly given quarterback Ben Roethlisberger more power in the direction of the offense.

How Roethlisberger will wield this power remains to be seen, but he could use it to push for more playing time for rookie running back Le’Veon Bell now that the Steelers have signed the second-round pick to a four-year deal. The Steelers announced the deal Monday, leaving them with three of their nine 2013 draft picks unsigned.

Bell ran for 3,346 yards and 33 touchdowns during his career at Michigan State and will have to beat out Jonathan Dwyer and Isaac Redman for playing time as a rookie. It should help his cause that the Steelers have talked him up as a three-down back thanks to his ability to both pass block and catch the ball out of the backfield for a team that likes to throw the ball.

The Steelers averaged 3.7 yards per carry in 2012, their lowest average since 2008 and a clear reason why the team addressed running back early in the draft. If Bell gives them better production than they got last year, the Steelers’ chances of bettering their record will greatly improve.

23 responses to “Steelers sign Le’Veon Bell

  1. Michigan State student here, this is a great sign and great fit for you guys, I only wish the best for Bell

    Make us proud, kid

  2. How impressive. An 8-8 pro team signs a running back from a 7-6 college team (3-5 in the Big 10). Makes sense to me.

    “Don’t worry, kid. This is Pittsburgh. City of low expectations and no post season.”


  3. He’s a BEAST!
    Behind our new OLine, 1500 yrds.
    Super Bowl, we’re entitled, why play the games?
    Put him in Canton now!

    That should about cover it.

  4. Actually Pittsburgh only has Jarvis Jones left to sign… idk who the other two are that you think are unsigned. Also, I don’t think I’d say, “Ben has more power in the direction of the offense,” the articles on that subject last week said he had a say to the changes in the offense this off-season i.e. playbook. I don’t think he has the authority to demand more playing time for a player, but if Le’Veon isn’t the starter week 1 I’d be shocked!

  5. Joemontanaflacco says: Jun 3, 2013 4:19 PM

    Nice screen name. Proof you need absolutely ZERO knowledge of football to post on the blogs.

  6. Ok ravens mind ur buisness dont worry about pitt you should all be worried about losing lewis kruger ellerbe reed boldin etc..etc…ok ok u got elvis now ur all shook up haha. So ebjoy that sb cause u wont have a cgance without all those guys u lost and lil flacco isnt man enough to carry a team on his shoulders. so all in all just shut up. no one wants ur opinions not even ur mothers. so trt to humble ur selves a little will you??

  7. Why do Vegas books have Pit over/under 9 wins? Because they’re playing a 3rd place schedule, and they rarely have back to back sub par seasons. And why do so many non Steelers fans take the time to write derogatory comments on here? I can’t stand the Pats, but I wouldn’t waste my time trying to irritate their fans on this site with negative comments. Just foolishness to me.

  8. JoeMontanaFlacco im so glad you mentioned low expectations and mediocrity. You basically just described Joe Flacco. Anyone who thinks Flacco is the reason the Ravens won a Super Bowl i have one name for you Trent Dilfer. Same situation riding the sack of a good defense and runningback. Now as for Pittsburgh being the city of no postseason….did you just start watching football. Obviously your intelligence level is extremely low so im going to give this to you really easy. Win Super Bowl. Get Lombardi Trophy. Steelers have 6. Ravens have 2. Now count on your fingers, one of those your going to need two hands. To say the Steelers are a team of no post season is asinine.

  9. rockinrodie, Their foolishness is a result of ENVY!! They only wish their teams had half the talent that has passed through the Steelers franchise through the years! Prior to last season can any of you ENVIOUS FOOLS remember when the last time was the Steelers didn’t make the playoffs without referring to some form of reference material? Enough Said!!

  10. Ben Roethlisberger, with a healthy Steelers team and additional talented players such as Le’veon can and will find his way into the play-offs and quite likely his 4th Superbowl and His 3rd Superbowl WIN ! Do any of you negative anti-Steelers fans have a Quarter-back with his resume’ ? No ,I didn’t think so!!

  11. southersteelersfan, it’s very entertaining to read these asinine comments, isn’t it? And nice take on Big Ben, one of 3 current QB’s on the planet with multiple rings. Why do you suppose we rarely hear any more negative comments regarding convicted felon, Mike Vick, but still get overloaded with Ben’s rape allegations? Because Vick sucks and is irrelevant, and Ben is still an elite player. Haters will continue to hate. But we’ll have the last laugh in a few months when Pit is steamrolling the league. That’s when these idiots will have nothing to comment about.

  12. Roethlisbooger is every bit as tired as that worn out “we’ve got six rings” schtick. Nobody is giving the Steelers a chance this year. Cellar dwellers you will be for a long time to come.

  13. And yet they did nothing to fix up that weak offensive line. There is a reason Ben doesn’t play 16 regular season games

  14. @rockinroadie The “3rd place schedule” affects all of TWO games. Always love it when someone throws that “x place schedule” around like said team has an easier or tougher schedule because TWO WHOLE GAMES are based on their previous year’s finish.

  15. 2 games is the difference in making or missing the playoffs. Although last season they lost to Oak and Ten, 2 games they should have handily won. But again, go back 30 years and it’s not common for the mighty Steelers to have consecutive poor seasons. 98-00, the Kordell years, is the only example.

  16. pleasefirecam says:
    Jun 3, 2013 11:43 PM
    And yet they did nothing to fix up that weak offensive line. There is a reason Ben doesn’t play 16 regular season games


    You mean that line that has been notoriously injured the past few seasons? It’s not a matter of lack of ability, they haven’t seen the field consistently due to injuries. Sure we didn’t draft o-line this year, but I’d say the 7 we’ve drafted since 2010 is a sign that we have been addressing the issue. If we can get a moderately healthy year out of this group, you’ll see Ben play a full healthy season as well.

  17. Can’t wait to see this kid jumpstart the steelers running game. If the steelers offensive can avoid injury, I see good things from Big Ben and offense this year.

  18. Super bowl bound. Injury free. Keep conditioning and everything falls in place. Raven fans who constantly open there beaks. We will see 8 super bowls before you get your next

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