Victor Cruz: I’m never, ever doing a reality show

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Early on Monday we mentioned a report in the New York Daily News about Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz trying to lock down a deal for a reality television show while simultaneously trying to lock down a long-term contract with the Giants.

The report quoted Cruz talking about his plans, which he said were for a show “unique to me” while bearing no resemblance to shows featuring the Kardashians. Now, though, Cruz has taken to Twitter to deny any involvement with a reality show.

“This is truly God testing me for something much bigger. Never EVER doing a reality show. Nor am I in talks for one. #NYmediaboredom,” Cruz wrote.

It’s a bit confusing, since Cruz was quoted extensively in the initial reports about weighing offers for a television show. Cruz never says he’s trying to land a reality show, however.

“I definitely want it to be my show,” Cruz said in the Daily News. “My own thing, something that I can contribute to and something I like to do, I can be comfortable with, and an easy show, something people like to watch and that people can be in tune with on a daily basis.”

Perhaps Cruz feels former Giant Michael Strahan was onto something when he starred in the sitcom Brothers, although viewers didn’t have much love for a show that was cancelled after 13 low-rated episodes in 2009. Whatever the show turns out to be, the most important thing to the Giants and their fans will be that Cruz is appearing on screens in the fall in his familiar role as a target for Eli Manning.

33 responses to “Victor Cruz: I’m never, ever doing a reality show

  1. As a Giants fan I hate to say this, but Cruz is becoming another WR diva. Let’s sign Nicks and move Mr. Salsa. Eli will be fine with Nicks, Randle, Murphy, and Myers at TE.

  2. “Whatever the show turns out to be…”

    So you’re just going to disregard his explicit denial in favor of pushing a storyline? I realize there’s some conflicting information out there about this, but I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt before poking fun at him and comparing him to the Kardashians.

  3. Sorry, but any show that is about you and not a biography is a reality show, even if its bereft of drama and all that bs that we have come to associate with those miserable excuses for entertainment. The goal would still be to follow your real life doings, correct? Hence reality show, nice try Victor.

  4. In situations like this I tend to do give the player the benefit of the doubt over the media unless someone can prove he/she said it. It’s just too easy for any headline craving media member to say something and say they got it from “a reliable source”.

    How many times have “sources” quoted a player only to find out that it had no merit the next day.
    Problem is that by that time all the sports talk shows have already ran with it like it was fact and of the 100% of people that heard the initial “report” only 50% probably hear the truth after the fact.

  5. good to hear this.. and to the first commentor- shut up. how are you going to say hes a diva after he just denied rumors of him becoming a diva? lol cruz is a beast and is a big piece for eli.

  6. It wouldn’t suprise me if Cruzz ended up on Dancing With The Stars one of these years. He was offered it a while back, but could see him doing now that he is more established.

  7. Can we do away with hashtags alltogether, like that is going to emphasis your point. I use twitter spparingly professinal purposes but the hashtag crap is just stupid.

  8. It’s not going to be a reality show, it’s going to be a GAME show. #NYmediaoutofcontextwrongagainSMH

  9. Lets see, Cruz camp puts some feelers out to test the waters. Gets absolutely demolished by fans. Claim to be misquoted. Gotcha.

  10. These responses are proving my point. Now Cruz is a diva because “a source” quoted him.
    We don’t have all the facts but Cruz’s reputation will change based on speculation.

    good job NY media 😉

  11. maybe you missed it but reality shows aren’t the only shows on tv… its close these days but thankfully we’re not there yet.

  12. Here’s some reality for the haters. Dude’s got a GIANT 12 tabler, diamond-studded, SB ring and yours don’t.

  13. He said it’s not going to be a reality show, just a program all about him. Very well could be a game show with all the questions related to him. “What did Victor have for breakfast this morning?” “What is the name of Victor’s pet bunny?” “Who is Victor’s favorite Avenger?”

    That’s a show with approximately 26 viewers.

  14. Giants fans better hope that he’s starring in a reality show this year. After all, the NFL, and sports in general, is the ultimate reality show, not those fake, scripted things that call themselves reality shows.

  15. This boys head is starting to swell a lil too much for my liking. He needs to focus on getting his contract taken care of and earning more Superbowl titles

  16. It’ll be a true entertainment bonanza featuring Cruz, and selected Giants. It’ll be called, “Dancing With The Flops”.

  17. Sorry redskins fans RGknee will not win you a Super Bowl. He’s so super human he won’t be in the league in 3 years… Say hello to Tim Tebow redskins fans

  18. Giants fan all ran & hid from this story. When it’s the jets they chirp like these things don’t happen to their franchise. Just like this kid they drafted from A&M, no one talks about all the drug problems he has.

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