Bears’ Gabe Miller suspended four games for PEDs


Gabe Miller, a backup tight end for the Bears who was a long shot to make the 53-man roster anyway, is now an even longer shot.

Miller has been suspended for the first four games of the regular season for violating the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing substances, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

A 2011 fifth-round draft pick of the Chiefs, Miller played both tight end and defensive end in college at Oregon State. The Chiefs initially saw him as a linebacker, but they cut him and the Seahawks picked him up and moved him to tight end.

Miller spent last season on the Bears’ practice squad. He has never played in a regular-season game, and this suspension makes him less likely to do so in the future.

8 responses to “Bears’ Gabe Miller suspended four games for PEDs

  1. “Cheaters never prosper! Unless you’re that 2012 New Orleans Saints.”

    Sure they do. Prime example Super Bowl XVIII champions 1983 Raiders and the number of players using steroids, like Alzado and others.

    The 2005 Carolina panthers almost made the Superbowl, after the season there were multiple players with steriod problems, Strangely, the article was hardly mentioned in the mass media.

  2. So the Seahawks move him to tight end but he was on the bears practice squad…how come anything that’s PEDs related correlates with the Seahawks nowadays.

  3. If these guys don’t start to learn how to pee the right way, I’m going to hafta close my pharmacy,………….or get a license.

  4. The REDSKINS have Mooooore suspensions than the Seahawks in this same period of time somehow is never mentioned bc they are irrelevant besides RG3.

    The Seahawks had a player test positive before joining the team, another was a player trying to make the practice squad. NEITHER EVER PLAYED A DOWN.. And another player had an doctors prescription that didn’t get turned in to the NFL… 3 of their suspensions were totally bogus.. Quit acting like every player or starter takes or has taken something…

    But I guess every player taking something according to fans and clicks driven media outlets are related to a team that does NOT have an Ped issue.

    THE media is driving that home to build upon other fan bases hatred of the Seahawks and how bravado they play.

    Most hated team in sports is the Seahawks as of today and they haven’t even won anything Yet.. They will be good in spite of all the negative attention, especially those throwing stones from glass houses..

    Aka vikings and AP and his HGH knee, and RG3 HGH knee, and tainted Saints. And cheating pats… Sexual offending Steelers, Murder Ravens.. Oh and the roided Niners..

    Calling the Seahawks cheaters over and over is no less accurate than saying all the above mentioned are the identities of those franchises for their entire history… Stupid and weak..

    Hmm hate comes from fear, hate all you want, your just giving yourself some excuse when the seahawks hurt your feelings.

  5. I wasn’t even aware that this guy was on the team, and I come here to find someone write a novel shifting the blame on the Seahawks PED busts and drawing up theories about other ancillary issues from years past.

    Can the season just start already?

  6. A PED article about a Bears player, that hasn’t been in Seattle for over a year, and never played a meaningful bit here, and yet we focus on Seattle? Hate on, hate on!

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