Bears scheduled to work out JaMarcus Russell

Someone is finally willing to give JaMarcus Russell a chance.

According to Michael Wright of, the Bears are going to give Russell a tryout Friday, bringing him in along with three other quarterbacks.

The report mentioned many other players were coming in, which makes it sound like the normal offseason emergency list-updating cattle call that many teams have.

But Russell’s place as one of the biggest busts in draft history will make this one unique.

There have been vague rumors of interest, but nothing prior to this to suggest anyone took his comeback seriously enough to buy him a plane ticket.

Bears coach Marc Trestman has enough of an outside-the-box approach that it shouldn’t come as a total surprise. Russell’s talent was unmistakable, but it wasn’t his football ability that kept him out of the league this long.

113 responses to “Bears scheduled to work out JaMarcus Russell

  1. And JaMarcus Russell scheduled a tour of the greatest buffets in the Chicago area as well.

  2. Good luck dude. If that team can embrace a malcontent d.b. like Cutler, I say you have a puncher’s chance.

  3. You know, he certainly screwed up royally the first time around. But I really do hope he learned something and does something with his second opportunity. It’d be a great story.
    And he gets a little credit back in my book just for trying.

  4. Like everyone else, I used to pile on this guy.

    I watched the ESPN story about all he’s been through over the last few years and how hard he’s worked to come back. After seeing that it makes it easy to root for the guy to at least get a shot at redemption.

  5. Breaking News! Jamarcus Russell to show up, with a chicken chain necklace.. While at the Chicago Bears tryouts!

  6. as a die hard CHICAGO BEARS fan
    please dont bring this bum to Chicago.. Emery shouldnt be letting
    his agent use the Bears to draw interest from other teams. the answer has to be NO. this bum is a loser

  7. I can’t help but laugh and continue to laugh. And Bear fans thought they were in good hands with Trestman & Co.

  8. I would like to see a cage match between Jemarcus Russell and Vince Young. The winner could face Tebow in a cage match. And the winner of the whole thing could hold Jay Cutlers clip board.

  9. Bottom line is if anyone other than Cutler sees the field for more than just mop up duty, the Bears are in trouble. Trestman has been known to get the best out of QBs and lets face it, can’t do much worse than Campbell and Hanie did over the past couple years. Chances are nothing becomes of this but it never hurts to do your due dilligence.

  10. chi01town says:
    Jun 4, 2013 4:34 PM
    as a die hard CHICAGO BEARS fanplease dont bring this bum to Chicago.. Emery shouldnt be lettinghis agent use the Bears to draw interest from other teams. the answer has to be NO. this bum is a loser
    As a die hard Raider fan I have to say to just give the guy a chance, because honestly I believe that the raiders had a lot to do with his unsuccessful career. There was no stable developmental support around him, coaches getting fir3d left and right in his time in Oakland, no QB was going to b successful in that type of environment

  11. Russell was drafted too high, so I wouldn’t call him the biggest bust ever. However, after looking at the Qbs from that draft I’d still draft Russell above the rest. Jeez, was that a horrible year for Qbs!

  12. Part of me wants to see him suceed,cuz why would you want anyone to fail at Life,Part of me is still pissed he tanked 4 My Raiders. Biggest Bust Ever. Raider Nation Always

  13. This guy was such a colossal failure it would be awesome to see him become successful in this league

  14. they need as many backups as possible because they never know when cutler is just gonna quit on them again…

  15. As a raider fan I always thought he could make it in the NFL based on his physical skills, it was his lack of dedication to the game that doomed him. This is the NFL and he’s playing the hardest posistion in sports. You HAVE to dedicate your life basically to the craft. He was well over 300lbs as of last year, and now he’s at 260, so he is putting in the work now. Interested to c what he’s going to do with his 2nd chance. Bmarsh is a lot better den anything we offered jruss. Either way he owes the raiders 60mill lol.

  16. Ditka vs. Jamarcus’ appetite?

    Ugh….Ditka’s screwed.

    The Superfans

  17. I don’t think the article said he was to challenge for #1. So, maybe, he works the 3’s or emulates next weeks QB against the D. He won’t be expensive. They can test out his resolve and skills on the cheap.

  18. He might be a true old school QB prospect a guy who should have sat behind a veteran for four or five years before ever setting foot on the field

  19. I’m pulling for him. His rookie year I used the raiders on madden for my franchise. I turned him and DMC into studs. He has an arm like a cannon, the body of a lineman, and hopefully a more humbled mind than his first time around.

  20. j-bust must be broke…he spent it all on strippers and purple drank…….he is now saying would of, could of, should of…oh well

  21. LOL at the people still making excuses for this bust.
    Helloooooooooooooooo … he choose to stay out of football … what does that tell you?

  22. Big arm, big body, hard to tackle. Desperate for a chance. Sounds like the perfect backup for Cutler. When the “excuse me” offensive line gets Cutler hurt, he can get his chance. Having an D-Lineman sized player throwing the ball means he will be able to survive the hits.

  23. They’ll get Mandarich to play T and Akili Smith to back him up.

    Mmmmm, deep-dish pizza and purple drank….

  24. The clearest sign yet that Lovie has left the building and the Bears are about to return to the dark ages at Halas Hall.

  25. Awww, c’mon Chicago give the guy a “real” chance. You know you need him. He knows you need him. And the pharmacies of the Windy City need him.

    Don’t listen to that Cutler guy, what does he know?

  26. raideralex99 says:
    Jun 4, 2013 4:38 PM
    I did not know the Rooney applied for the QB position.

    Stupid Racist. With that being said I don’t think he’ll ever pan out. But, I wish him well

  27. jetsjetsjetsnow says: Jun 4, 2013 4:22 PM

    “I heard Tebow was in that group too.”


    As a Raiders fan, I’d take Tebow seven days a week and twice on Sunday… Seriously!!!

  28. People forget about the deaths to close family members, and as a Raiders fan it’s embarrassing how poor the level of support he had access to through the staff and organization. Add to that mediocre receivers, porous o-line and constant change in coaches and you have a recipe for disaster. If someone can get that fire lit again they may have something. I’m rooting for him 100%.

  29. Well, it’s better than Trestman adding ex-Pre Draft protege Tim Tebow.

    At least Jamarcus Russell had 1st rd talent unlike #15.

  30. Russell’s talent was unmistakable

    Yeah if you call running 4 different Dunkin Donuts out of donuts in a single day a “talent”

    He had some physical skills, but his brainpower is simply not up to the NFL.

  31. I bet if you told Bears fans this time last year that, they would win 10 games and not make the postseason in 2012, fire Lovie, and bring in Jamarcus Russell, they’d probably punch you.

  32. The three things that are always over-emphasized when evaluating qbs: height, arm strength and what happened during his last game (Flacco!). Jamarcus hit the lottery after being Sugar Bowl MVP instead of being the third round, or lower, pick that he should have been. Having an owner who thought that qb hang time and fast wide receivers are all you need for a modern NFL offense didn’t help with the talent evaluation. Jamarcus isn’t a cautionary tale about squandering talent, he is a cautionary talent about wishcasting.

  33. So many comments for the Bears to take a look at someone. The Bears dont have a 3rd QB and backup who isnt that good. Thus bring in someone who has the talent but just didnt have his head on straight back when he was young. No risk but could be very beneficial. I really don’t understand why more teams don’t bring in more players, as you cant practice now so gives your coaches something to do and you have a 90 man roster.

  34. Worst case scenario, he doesn’t impress and tries out at some of Chicago’s fine eaterys

    Every day is your diet’s cheat day in the windy city

  35. Everyone, CALM DOWN.

    Russell hasn’t even worked out for the Bears yet. Hasn’t made it training camp. Hasn’t made it through rounds of cuts. Hasn’t made it on to the practice squad, much less the final roster.

    JaMarcus could very well be a “camp arm.” Kick the tires, what could it hurt? If he’s a schmoe, cut him.

  36. Great glad to see this guy get another shot. Put him in the QB spot and mix up the defense a bit and see if the can read the defense and avoid the pick.

    Your answer to that question will determine, regardless of how much weight he lost, as to whether he is NFL material.

  37. This isn’t an exact science. How long did it take Warren Moon and Kurt Warner to break into the NFL?

    Jim Plunkett was also a bust, but then he won a Superbowl and everyone remembers him for that.

    I’m not saying he’s going to wind up with the success of any of the aforementioned, but you never know.

  38. I had to laugh at this reports title. The picture of JR re-enforced my belief that he just wasn’t smart enough to play as an NFL QB.
    I did a web search for his Wonderlic scores and found that he did better on it than several current H of F’ers and a few currently active QB’s.
    So I think maybe he just got picked by the wrong team at the wrong time and lost interest and dedication to what the job requires.
    We’ll see.

  39. Bears must be great motivators, if true, this’ll be the first time Jamarcus Russell has ever worked out…

  40. As a bears fan I say F-it, ZERO risk, if this turd found his motivation win for us in a back up or trade material. If he is a turd flush him. Veteran minimum with cap deal.

  41. As a Bears fan, this is a bit enticing. If anything, he could be the 3rd stringer – he’s probably better than Blanchard or Haleb Canie or whatever other scrub is there now.

    Having said that, from what I know of Trestman’s QBs, he doesn’t seem to fit the mold. You take a guy like Rich Gannon, he was weak armed but very smart, accurate, and pretty mobile. Russell is none of those things. His main attributes are his size and a cannon arm, but from what I know of Trestman’s system, those two things aren’t as essential as smarts and accuracy.

  42. Some of you people have severe jealousy issues. Yes the man squandered his first opportunity in the NFL and was bounced out of the league. He decided he wanted another chance and put in the work, and is getting a tryout. You holier than thou types can sit here and act like you’ve lived a perfect life and have the right to cast stones at someone else, but here’s a sad little factoid for you to ponder. Even a bust like Russell has accomplished what you haven’t. He got drafted, suited up for a NFL team and started at QB. What have you haters done besides be Xbox hero’s?

  43. I hear the Bears are bringing in Maurice Clarett to replace Matt Forte along with the Greatness that is Jamarcus Russell. Is he really broke already?? Please, Please sign him!! Anyways, we should raise a toast, a grape weezy with a codine chaser!!

    all other 31 NFL teams

  44. This move makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons. First off, if Russell has been humbled by his previous experience, which he has by all accounts, then he should be willing to put in all the work learning the playbook and how to read a defense that he didn’t when everything was handed to him on a silver platter. Second, Trestman is known for his ability to correct a QB’s mechanics and maximize their potential and Russell is loaded with potential. Third, and I’m not sure why no one else is mentioning it, Cutler’s contract is up at the end of the season. If you can get Russell a year of intense tutoring and he looks good enough, then you have leverage in negotiations with Cutler, or a replacement, if he looks great, at a much lower price tag.

  45. hor2012 says:
    Jun 4, 2013 5:27 PM
    raideralex99 says:
    Jun 4, 2013 4:38 PM
    I did not know the Rooney applied for the QB position.

    Stupid Racist.
    Lighten up Francis.

  46. I am a Bears fan so I’ve never seen the guy play.
    I will say, it says alot that Jeff Garcia, who played with him thought enough of him to push him to make a comeback. He must have seen some talent in him. Garcia didn’t think he was worthless.
    He did state yesterday on ESPN 1000 that the Raiders made a mistake when initially starting Russell. Garcia felt he himself should have started and Russell should have learned by watching him.
    Anyways, on paper, it looks like his 2nd season was ok and his 3rd season was a disaster.
    Personally, I buy stocks that people have kicked to the curb, and many times, people are just one dimensional in their thinking….they make a decision about something and that is final. They never see the stock (a player) from all angles. Russell could be one of those people that turns it around and has a nice career.

  47. prmpft says: Jun 4, 2013 4:59 PM

    “they need as many backups as possible because they never know when cutler is just gonna quit on them again…”

    Again? When was the first time?

    (And before you bleat ‘NFC Championship Game, allow me to point out that Jay did not quit in that game, he wanted to stay in despite a serious knee injury, but the Bears said no…And Lovie was wrong not to immediately tell the media what the injury was, and its severity.’)

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